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Skeleton chapter 10 . 5/17/2014
I was expecting spike sing some version of "Let it go" to Twilight, when I read this chapter.
Tails absolution chapter 10 . 5/13/2014
Hm Pinkie pie must be a succubus in pony form if she is that great. Twilight, you are truly one lucky mare. I read a few nickle and dime romance novels and I have to by the gods the books Rarity reads makes Fifty shades of gray look like Barney.

Spike its about damn time you put your foot down, you spoke your mind in a civilized way no in a foul mouthy way like most confessions go. You handled it like a adult I'm so happy. Now I was hoping Twilight would admit the truth to the four he seems like the right thing to do.

Good to see you passed but, I hope you didn't get a D, because the way it sounds its not high but decent.

Anyroad I enjoyed the story but I feel it wasn't completely third person limited, like HPV we heard everything from Twilights point of view, but in HVG we kind of got a mixture of Spikes view Twilights view and Pinkie Pie's view. But that's just a nit pick.

Angel is ironic name for a hell spawn.
Tails absolution chapter 9 . 1/2/2014
That was very skillfully played. Like always your plots are superb, beautiful sentence flows and paragraphs. The way you transitioned Twilight and Pinkies conversation was just flawless. I saw a few grammical errors mostly misplacements and that stray " really caused me to growl.

You showed me a side of Pinkie Pie I never would have thought of seeing, and I must say it was heart tugging. I wonder what the next chapter holds knowing your style I bet it would be really how would my dear Rarity say it. "The final act should be the most rewarding for your devoted fans" Fanservice is in order. Oh I wish to chat with to you, I hate to see a flame of passion for a fandom fizzle out. Message me as soon as your able.
HouseCity101 chapter 8 . 1/1/2014
Marah and Vinnie:
Marah: I can't believe it! Spike finally knows the secret and Twilight and Pinkie broke up so badly!
Vinnie: Don't worry, Marah! Spike is going to bring them back together!
Marah: Okay!
Well this is a great chapter! Continue soon :D!
MR Nuke chapter 8 . 12/20/2013
Why should Pinkie be pissed?! Playing with Twilights emotions like that, almost as bad as Rarity doing that to Spike. Love is a dangerous thing not to be trifled with. When you think about it, Pinkie was fueling Twilight's unhealthy obsession, like when Keebler Elf gave so much treats to the Cookie Monster that one time.
Tails absolution chapter 8 . 12/20/2013
Finally you dug this relic out of the ground and I must say the find is very gratifying. I must admit this chapter is a desert for the senses most sight and taste and not really for the ears. Spike's day was grand and Twilight's was all but the grand. I like Pinkie Pie's rant was spot on and from the heart. It does sum up well Pinkie Pie loves seeing others happy, everything was going according to plan until the hidden variables started to reveal themselves in Twilight's design. Spike's cirous nature and Twilight's desperation to keep her secret were the determining factors. If Twilight couldn't trust Spike with her secret her first friend, her step brother/son and number one assistant. Then Pinkie Pie figured Twilight would never tell anypony.

Your description of Pinkie's outfit was dazzling though I wish I could have had a more better description of Twilights dress, my memory has addle since then. My favorite parts are many but my best favorite was When Spike and Rarity went on a actually date, I would have excepted Rarity to wear a stunning formal dress through but that was just a bonus I must thank you made Pinkie Pie a pleasant character to read about it seems only a few writers have drawn the line between random and optimistic. Thank you
HouseCity101 chapter 7 . 8/14/2013
Marah: Alright, I'll go with this chapter, but Spike still doesn't know about the secret, makes me wanting to be mad at Twilight for treating to him like that.
Vinnie: Its okay! At the end of the story, we just hope he knows.
Marah: I hope so.
The chapter was okay, but I didn't like Twilight stopping Spike like that when he was going to ask Rarity about this. That was just...really mean. And Spike may be a baby dragon, but still, he's kinda acting like a teenager now. God, I just hope Spike knows already. Its bugging me now, but keep up the good work with this story or other authors be upset of Spike not knowing about the intense secret :D!
Tails absolution chapter 7 . 8/14/2013
Midnight binging is not good, you again amaze me with the writing style that invokes emotions. I liked the part when Shining armor came over. That was a load of wood Twilight did not want added to her fire place of problems. The love scene were brief but equally as rewarding as your other stories. I did feel you skipped over important details such as everyponie's reaction to Twilight snaring at Spike at the party that was a real cliffhanger that got me so fired up, ready to learn what happens.

Spike's limits are now broken. This whole game of secrets will be coming to a end soon, I wonder how he would react would he lash out for the taboo or will he lash out at the fact they kept a pity secret for so long.
MR Nuke chapter 7 . 8/13/2013
Ok, Twilight is totally obsessed with Pinkie which is really unsettling. Pinkie is having second thoughts on her relationship and by staying silent/ pretending everything is fine is not helping, and as for Spike I'm surprised he hasn't left town to get away from all this craziness. He can move to another(far away) city and I would not be shocked at all.
Pinkie is ruining her relationship with Twi as much as Twi is ruining her relationship with Spike. Won't be much longer be for the detonator is triggered for this time bomb.
Silent E chapter 7 . 8/13/2013
I would have expected spike to move out at this point science he's been through a lot of crap
Tails absolution chapter 6 . 7/30/2013
Not bad this was better then the last one. With Rainbow Dash's blunder all eyes are on them. Twilight made the greatest error and that was time and place. If she had been truthful about her relationship in the first place maybe Spike wouldn't have asked questions down the road. But she was too busy focusing on her and Pinkie Pie that she overlooked one key player. Spike already has a pretty good idea on what's going on he just needs Twilight to tell him the truth but alas the truth can be too painful
Tails absolution chapter 5 . 7/30/2013
How Rarity treated Spike with such venom, was a saddening to me. I mean it was accident but she was too harsh referring to him as a brute. Yes Sweetie Belle gave Spike some slack but Rarity was acting as though Spike had punched Sweetie Belle and broke her self esteem.

Twilight is now starting to fall apart, Pinkie wasn't gone from her side more then 10 minutes. I think this love, this obsession is too much for Twilight. To view Spike as a threat to her relationship with Pinkie Pie is a perfect example of her mental instability
HouseCity101 chapter 6 . 7/14/2013
Marah: *angry* Oh! Twilight! I have you now!
Vinnie: About what?
Spike: That I'm trying to know what's going on between Twilight and Pinkie, but there not telling the truth! I can't take it anymore! I WAN'T TO KNOW THE TRUTH! WHY ISN'T IT SO HARD FOR ANYONE TO ANSWER! WHAT IS GOING ON BETWEEN TWILIGHT AND PINKIE!?
Marah: *angry* Spike's right! Spike demands the truth author! He can't just asking anyone what's going on between the two ponies! Please make him know on the next chapter! PLEASE!?
Vinnie: Yeah! I agree with them!
Seriously!? I read all 6 chapters and still no confession from Twilight and Pinkie!? Come on, author! Other people want to know if Spike knows the secret! Can you please make him know in the next chapter!? PLEASE :(!? Sorry! I have a big temper! Anyway, please continue :D!
Tails absolution chapter 4 . 6/13/2013
I did like this one. It did not disappoint, Twilight's rage and Spike's fear were all on display. You showed every action from the dragon breath miracle to the ever so painful glass shards filling the air and falling like rain into Twilight's eyes. As Spike tried to hide, my heart raced, knowing the feeling of punishment all too well. How Pinkie Pie came was so upsetting as a cliffhanger but much needed. For her intervention if not sooner Spike would have most likely been maimed by that paddle. Alas if it was Rarity that held that paddle perhaps Spike would have yielded sooner. *chuckles* For that would have most likely be the case if he went to her. Ah it was worth the wait, though Spike been left out of the romantic world is a bit saddening.

As more begins to show between Twilight and Pinkie, I can't help but sigh at how Spike must feel
ShadedBeauty22 chapter 4 . 6/6/2013
I would like to say that i am new to fanfics! I was wondering if you might like the idea of applejack visiting for a book and to talk with twilight. and spike decides to talk with applejack about twi and pie, but has trouble talking to her about it and twilight comes back from doing something and it continues from there?

also, whos shadow hooves? i dont believe its a character and im confused about what your talking about in the bolded text... keep up the good work please! hopin for a new chapter soon! :)
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