Reviews for Protective
wanderlustnyc chapter 12 . 6/29
Great set of one shots here. A few minor errors (that didn't really take away from the writing) but overall well written pieces of work. Kudos to you! Thank for sharing and posting.
katielove82 chapter 9 . 8/20/2014
Love how you turned that list line around. It could have been taken as a competition but instead comes across as a promise. Beautiful!
little miss michelle chapter 5 . 4/25/2014
Love this
fantasia-49 chapter 12 . 3/26/2014
oh excellent really! I love this one shot of how they are so protective!
Harm Marie chapter 12 . 1/30/2014
Liked this.
MERYLAstreep chapter 12 . 1/21/2014
That was very sweet! Thank you for sharing your talent! :D
Tracy chapter 12 . 1/5/2014
My god I love your OS! They're great! And so true! Tony and Pepper are really acting like I thought the would! please keep it up! :)
best regards :)
cascia chapter 12 . 1/5/2014
So cute! Update soon please
Doomedphsyx2030 chapter 12 . 1/4/2014
I love how protective pepper and tony are of each other in the movies. This fanfic is great because now there's more moments!
Hope there are more coming up :)
katarina97 chapter 12 . 1/4/2014
Loved it.
moonserenity089 chapter 12 . 1/3/2014
I'm glad that you wrote this. I'm really enjoy reading this series :)
LesleyS11 chapter 12 . 1/3/2014
great job, loved it :D
Avalon West chapter 11 . 1/1/2014
This is such a great story! I love all of the fantastic one-shots about this! Iron Man 3 had a lot of those moments and I was glad to see that you used them. Thanks so much. I hope you update soon! :)
LesleyS11 chapter 11 . 12/29/2013
That was definitely worth the wait, I loved it! great one-shot. I hope you write more soon, Great job hun! :D
Hammie2931 chapter 11 . 12/28/2013
I love these stories, and I really liked how you expanded on these IM3 moments. I'm still mad that they don 't have novelizations of these movies anymore. I really enjoy this story!
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