Reviews for Vaster Than Empires
Paeng chapter 17 . 4/21
Godtier writing. A masterpiece.
hals179 chapter 17 . 10/16/2020
Amazing. 10/10. Loved it. I only wish everything I read was of this quality.
SesshaTetsuko chapter 17 . 8/13/2020
Thank you for sharing!
Ess V chapter 17 . 7/8/2020
This story is so good. This is the level of writing I aspire to achieve one day. The characters, the plot, the setting, everything! It all just flowed so perfectly. You had me enraptured with every word and I found it difficult to set my phone down with the end of every chapter. This is definitely one of my fave RuroKen fics, ten out of ten stars from me. 3
sun1995 chapter 17 . 4/6/2020
i like your story well done:)
Allie chapter 17 . 3/7/2020
You’re a wonderful writer! Glad to see Kenshin’s character so loving and see Kaoru still has a spirit and fight in her!

Thanks so much for sharing a wonderful story!
BUFBUODA chapter 17 . 1/29/2020
Amazing writing. Thank you very much.
baka-deshi chapter 17 . 10/17/2019
It’s been so long since I’ve read a fanfic masterpiece. Thank you for sharing us your talent! Superb writing and storytelling. It was a treasure to stumble upon this story since you’ve written this so long ago. I hope to read more of your stories if you decide to do more. Thank you again!
KC Evans chapter 17 . 8/24/2019
This was really a lovely story. I loved how you showed a strong Kaoru from the very beginning, and how much stronger she became at the end of the story. Kenshin was masterfully written with the guilt he carried and the ultimate redemption he found in Kaoru and Tomoe. Even Tokugawa was portrayed extremely well, not just the untouchable shogun, but a flesh and blood man. The plot was so intricate and engrossing and so well written. I admired how you didn’t flinch from showing us reality with the death of several characters and the political power plays that framed the setting of the story. It’s been a while since I’ve read such a satisfying story. Thanks for sharing it with us!
pisquenta chapter 17 . 8/6/2019
I read this in one go. I'm so sorry I couldn't find the right words to leave a comment in each of the chapters. thank you so much for giving your time and talent to write this amazing piece.
Guest chapter 17 . 4/16/2019
This is a masterpiece. Thank you very much for writing it.
SJEscape chapter 17 . 4/3/2019
This was good. REALLY good. I haven't read a novel in a long time and here I binge-read a quality book without even realizing it. THANK you for giving Kaoru depth. I am IN LOVE with what you've done with her character. You've explored her in ways that stay true to Watsuki's beginnings but also go so far beyond in the best possible way. IMO, you have truly exceeded him and done justice to a woman he was never really worthy of. Also, your lemons were fantastic and such a pleasant surprise for a story rated "T" ;) It's easy to see why this was the top-rated KK fiction on here. Well done. Imma go read all your other stuff now!
Anagennisi chapter 10 . 3/30/2019
WHY ARE WE NOT FUNDING (... or reviewing more often) THIS?!
sally b chapter 17 . 2/24/2019
Hi, is Sally B. again. I enjoyed every chapter of this and other works of yours to FF and other fandoms. Please keep them online so i can read again and again when i have time. Whem i feel a little sad your writtings make me feel better.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/4/2019
Your characterisation of Kaoru is so irritating. Making her some lady takes away the essential nature of the canon Kaoru as a down to earth and more importantly poor girl. It's her hardworking nature and willingness to overlook people's past that makes her an awesome heroine. And you can't take away Kenshin's one goddamn rule of not killing people. And he would never in a million years accept a Lordship position.
So disappointed by this story.
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