Reviews for Vaster Than Empires
Kinsutenekochan chapter 1 . 3/25
Very well done! I really enjoyed how you captured the (forgive my rudeness) absolutely droll amout of ceremony and careful wording that made up the court of ancient japan. The manga fanatic in me would like to see the traditional titles they used as well (such as -san instead of mr. And -Sama instead of lord) but I know that not everone is familiar with them or would know what they mean. (-_-); you have created a rich world to step into while still managing to give Kenshin his sense of humor and Karou her inner strength. I look forward to the rest! Keep it up and Thank you!
Jileel chapter 17 . 3/15
This is a masterpiece, if ive ever seen any.
orchid14 chapter 17 . 3/5
Congratulations, you've written a fantastic piece of work! It is magnificent and it brought me great delight reading it. The plot is thick and well-written, original characters were well designed, intimacy is depicted in good taste. I'm more than happy to see Kaoru as an "iron lady" type of woman here, and it makes sense in this context for her to have a soul and mind of a samurai's daughter. Kenshin was devoted and very caring, just the sweet, good-hearted person he always is. I'm delighted to see your alteration of Tomoe in here. You gave her personality more grace and sense than that of Watsuki-sensei's (because I hated the real canon Tomoe). Here, Tomoe died like a samurai and at least her death wasn't senseless, as she chose to tell Kenshin the truth about her predicament. You are a great RK fanfiction writer and we're lucky to have you! Please write more when possible. Thank youu!
Guest chapter 17 . 2/28
This is a really really great story even if it's deep and too serious. I can feel the sincerity, honesty and love of kenshin for kaoru. Though it's hard to read whenever sano's the one talking but amazing story nonetheless. I so love kenshin and kaoru's character here. It so like kenshin to be submissive to kaoru, however i didn't anticipate kaoru's personality here. It felt like she's the husband, after all, all the authority rests on her hands. But i actually prefered her personality in this fic instead in the anime/manga. It's refreshing!
Guest chapter 10 . 2/28
Woah i never expected a lemon in this chapter
dor chapter 17 . 2/19
I LOVED your story! The intelligence behind it was smoothly written! Your writing is amazing :) I was completely wrapped up in its realm without feeling uncomfortable! The way you portray the character's hesitations, thoughts and personality was amazing! HRGH I couldn't put the story down! I also loved how kaoru such a strong individual here but she still kept her feminine touch. I may find myself reading this story again in future because i liked it so much. Thank you for the story!
Kintora chapter 17 . 2/8
This story has vividly captured my imagination like none other in a long while. I'm just sorry I had not stumbled upon it sooner! Your ability to twine fact and fiction together was not only clever, but impressive. Your accurate knowledge in Japanese history and culture really shine through - you show a very deep understanding of what the life was like during those tumultuous times. A lot of what happened then is not not always comprehensible to our society in today's culture, but your prose and ability to depict that understanding throughout the story allows the readers to sympathize with the characters and understand their decisions, when we could have easily dismissed it all as uneccessarily cruel.

I have to say that chapter 15 really blew me away. I knew Kaoru wasn't a strong character in the canon, but here in this fanfic, she couldn't prove to be any stronger or braver. And Kenshin's humble character is far more progressive than his canon self. It's something I found refreshing to follow as the plot unfolded. Although I love his canon self, this story only makes me appreciate him even more (or at least this particular portrayal of him). Here, he treats Kaoru as his equal in every way instead of always sheltering her without truly consulting her first (canon - May 14th departure scene... seriously?)

There are parts I wish were elaborated more on or were given scenes to. For instance, I would have liked to see Kaoru finally receiving Kenshin's true bridal gift. And while I found myself plowing through the chapters after Kaoru was taken by Enishi, there wasn't really a chance to focus on the absence/sacrifice of Tae and Shirojo. They were very important characters to Kaoru for much of the story, so it was tragic to see them go. I know the story pace after that really sped up and they were lost to the chaos, but I had hoped there would be more acknowledgement there for them.

Overall, your story was concise and beautifully crafted - truly brilliant piece of work! I'm shelving this bright gem under my favorites and revisiting it often.
mdman1 chapter 17 . 2/4
Excellent story, not much more to say.
xXTheCrypticCrayonXx chapter 17 . 2/4
This was so beautifully written! I've been reading this all day! Even though I should have been studying... . Absolutely fantastic! :)
Preier chapter 17 . 1/12
splendid story. i'll have to dive back in the manga (and japanese history) to see the divergence points.

thank you for sharing your tales
zoldyckgirl404 chapter 17 . 1/6
this was so beautiful
you have become one of my favourite authors of all times
thank you for this
succubus1024 chapter 17 . 12/28/2014
i greatly enjoyed reading your story. very well written. thank you very much. Keep writing! Thank you again :)
Chrisfragger chapter 1 . 12/6/2014
Extremely well written fic. I applaud your work.
PaC chapter 17 . 12/4/2014
Escaping life, too much time on the internet.
Probate deadlines await for dead family to do, procrastination is my middle name.

And the damn cpu fan bearings are squawking to burn up soon on this PC's motherboard.

But I review, came on a lark from someone on a profile praising this story, don't play computer games, only know in general terms Japanese Manga. Know but bits and pieces of Japanese history. Yes I'm writing in sentence fragments, I'm not actually illiterate, just being efficient.

No idea what "Anime/MangaRurouni Kenshin " is, this fic the first time ever heard of "Kenshin".

I read when that 50 shades of grey was getting popular, besides the BDSM crowd finding it crap and laughable, that the story had been a fanfic of one of those Romantic Vampire or other story genres. And that the fic was deleted and the author rewrote it to "be original", copyright-able and all that, before or after or upon the suggestion of a publisher, to de-fanfic it to make ir "original enough" to copyright. From those making fun, I did read a few quotes of the "bad writing" in "50 shades of grey".

I found NOTHING in this fic laughable, like various quotes of bad writing that are laughable, and though I stopped paying attention, I believe the author was making a bundle on that 50 shades of crap fiction.

I just wanted to say, it's a big unknown how much the author is depending on the manga this fic is based, since I know what manga is, but never read it or researched or learned about any of the manga works. But I'd assume most of the writing in this fanfic was probably fairly original content. The emotions, the feelings, especially sections of Kenshin's strong feelings of affection, the affection a man can feel for a woman, read true, read poetic, read powerful and real. The writing is TOP NOTCH professional. Here and there, among the chapters, I might make small suggestions, a paragraph here or there that was a bit hard to follow. SPaG was at extremely high levels with most fanfics but a shadow in literacy, spelling, grammar, if they were compared to this fanfic. Write what you like, but IMO, if you can, try your hand at attempting an original copyright-able novel. If you doubt your ability, I assure you, you have the ability, and why not make a pile of cash for your effort if you can. The writing here is both professional and better than many published works by "professional" authors.
If there were some sort of Fanfiction Hall of Fame or review by professionals and not just the average idiot clicking through this website clicking and adding counts to favs and follows, this work would indeed be in a "Don't Miss / Must Read" Fanfic Hall of Fame among the very top, creme de la creme examples of good writing. A truly excellent professional level of craftmanship.

The fic has reminded me of some gaps in my education I had thought many years ago to fill in with some reading, such as ages and ages ago, I knew I knew very little of the Portuguese Empire. Really, the most mention actually was it being used as an example for those trying to lobby to "save" the U.S. Space program as it slowly began to wither and decline, the all eggs in one basket Shuttle was what followed was actually a DECLINE in previous goals and plans for space exploration and permanent outposts, in orbit, on the moon, and elsewhere. I recall again and again, arguments about the decline of the Portugese nation mirrored by them pulling back and not being world explorers any more. I expect a BAD and not fully logical example for "saving NASA" from the decline. But I've forgotten, holes like that, in the U.S.A. centric History of both primary, and secondanry schools, focusing most on British and American History, from 1492, but mostly from Civil War to present really. I think of Jesuits as the "educated" and not anti-science flavor of Christian denominations. I'd forgotten about their role as France, Britain, Spain, and Portugal sailing ships and colonization ran amok around the world. Americans tend to lump all south of the U.S. as Mexicans and speaking Spanish. But there is some french and Portuguese among popular native languages in various countries South of the U.S.A. I believe Brazil is one, with many Portuguese speakers. I barely recall some sort of "monopoly" Portugal had in trade with Japan. Though maybe some of that was temporary due to some having "the maps" and the navigation skills to find their way, and including when ships began to replace the famous LONG overland trade routes. So much I'd forgotten I was ignorant of and so many years later and still didn't read up on World History a good bit, as this fic reminds me, MANY years since I had a thought about Portuguese influence in Japan, Christianizing various countries, the Boxer Rebellion, the Opium Wars[NEVER even discussed in anywhere, from grade-school through college.
Well, ignorant as I am of World History, I do know the writing of this fic was superb, truly professional quality work.
PaC chapter 1 . 11/30/2014
I "think" I ended up here, curious from some dude's review for some fic, with the profile name Mr. Crimson Fucker, surely likely a "bannable" profile name with this websites MollyW-content reforms. I "think" the dude lauded this story. I clicked it, because eventually many years ago, I figured out why so many Potter fanfics read like cartoons, because Japanese anime and manga shit had become very popular instead of a fringe thing like in my day, so the last few generations are highly influenced, growing up with mangan, anime, and ALSO of course, computer game background "stories". NEVER ever SEEING or reading for example, "Naruto", other than it being USED out the wazoo for Harry Potter fanfics... well, after YEARS and YEARS of still not knowing manga or Japanese anime from a hole in the ground, I decided to read this recommended fiic.

Whether I continue or NOT, your writing quality is VERY GOOD. With the average story on this website being not too far above semi-illiterate, you're probably in the top three percentile or something...
I don't know ANY manga or Japanese anime, though I'm a bit familiar with the culture, the American post WWII occupation I always wondered, if was perhaps a major reason for the WEIRD contradiction of past completely uninhibited attitudes regarding sex, to a culture "regulated" with highly sexually inhibited laws, into to a weird censored "official" government standard, creating hilarious stuff, like the many centuries old tentacle monster story [think ancient tale is "the fisherman's wife" ]making a comeback because for example, sex from a penis was banned and censured, but being raped by a tentacle monster or sex with non-humans was not, giving manga a "loophole" around government sex censors.

Completely ignorant of what Japanese shit this is based, I still find the story compelling and the writing interesting and somewhat captivating. As someone who is ignorant of this sort of "story", you might take it as a compliment that I have not been ho hum and walked away, it was so far, an interesting "read" and I'm surprised I might continue reading the story.
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