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Drknite24 chapter 17 . 9/5
I'm not sure if you're still around, but I wanted to drop a line and tell you how much I've enjoying your writing while reading this story. You've captured the characters so well and the story-line itself was great; realistic yet staying true to the Rurouni Kenshin story. I loved it!
Nichole Booth chapter 9 . 3/20
This story is great! _
Anazarel chapter 1 . 3/12
A promising start! I hope Kaory also knows the Kamiya Kashinryuu swordstyle (I think it was called).
And why does Kenshin talk with "one" in 3rd person?
Silimaira chapter 8 . 3/6
So much drama!

I'm reluctantly curious about Kaoru's kidnapping. Was it just to get leverage over Kenshin? Is part of the purpose to recreate a sense of his first wife's death? Because that's just mean. Not that anything about it is "nice," though. . . .
Silimaira chapter 7 . 3/2
I thought I liked this story before. Then you introduced the horse, and - vastly more importantly - the children. I just know that I'm going to end up liking this story even more later, but let's just say that I'm politely dubious of that. On the other hand, the whole part with the girls, and all of that "my spouse looks so nice next to children aww" and I figure they'll stop suppressing those opinions at some point. . . .

Today's find: ...anger giving way to pure bewilderment as she backed out of the stall. (I'm pretty convinced that this sentence is meant to refer to Yahiko. Excuse me, I mean Yoshi.)
Silimaira chapter 6 . 3/2
Hee hee hee, get him, Kaoru. Make that husband of yours get better.

I didn't find any typos! Oh well, I had fun looking anyway. Not that I put much of my attention into looking for those things when I'm reading this story.

Well, I can't resist moving on to the next chapter already.
Silimaira chapter 5 . 3/2
Pfft. I'm not sure which I found more amusing - the garbled words or the earnest way Kenshin and Sano were having a serious conversation over them.

(Sano nudged on(e) of the women... If she's had any idea who he really was... He'd never seen in flush with pleasure... Also, I've only seen hair dye written as two words, but hey, this language has several variations. Hairdye is in your story. Were it a modern day AU, I'm sure a hairdryer would be in it somewhere, too. (: )
Silimaira chapter 4 . 3/2
Yikes, Tae can be scary! Good thing Kaoru is willing to give her husband more chances. Aw, Kenshin's the best.

Typo police: There was a bit of blood on his husband's hairline.

I'm just mentioning typos I see because I'm rather obsessive about removing them from my own works. So if pointing them out is any help at all, I'm glad to help.
Silimaira chapter 3 . 3/2
(First, two typos: "And she'd looked up at him, and for _ brief moment her serene mask had cracked, and she had smiled at shoji slid open.")

Grinning stupidly at the screen gets exhausting, but I'm working to increase my stamina. The swords-practicing together scene was very nice and I look forward to future recurrences of it. And bringing her sisters is wonderful, too - I suppose their aunt will be sad when Yahiko will probably come, too.
Silimaira chapter 2 . 3/2
Kenshin is the sweetest thing, that he is. :) His affection for her is so genuine and each little step that Kaoru makes towards seeing him for what he is (or at least how he views her) is so much to read.

Plus, the way you paint with words - especially descriptions. It's just so lovely.
Silimaira chapter 1 . 3/1
AAAA this is the cutest thing ever and I absolutely love it, thank you thank you thank you for writing it.

I love it, I love it, I love it.

(On formatting, the sentence just before the first line break in the story is missing a period. There's also a new word, "hadd," that should be easy to find with a word search. Those were the only ones I noticed in a very long, very beautiful chapter!)

I can't promise I'll review very quickly, but you've snagged me from the first chapter and I fully expect to grace each and every chapter with some sort of comment.

Hm, and to think I've only known about Rurouni Kenshin for about a week now. I'm glad I branched out.

Until next chapter!
Lavinia1 chapter 17 . 1/28
I just read this for the second time and came away even more impressed than the first. I don't think I've ever wanted to stand up and cheer while reading something on FF before... but that final confrontation with Enishi really did it for me. Loved it. Also really appreciated the seamless way in which you incorporated canon elements into your own world. Very creative and wonderfully done. I do hope you're still writingwould love to see you update here, but if not, I hope it's only because you're working on an original novel!
Stormravan chapter 17 . 1/23
Wow. Awesome story.
Ashel chapter 17 . 12/15/2017
You write like a river flowing — bending, dancing and jumping off the page! It was a pleasure to read. Good luck to you and all your future ventures for they are sure to be great!
Lady Krystalyn chapter 17 . 8/14/2017
I don't have words for how amazing this story was...Bravo!
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