Reviews for History Repeated, Lesson Learned
Divine Protector of Skyrim chapter 18 . 3/22
This is awesome. I hope you come back to this soon.
Perseus14 chapter 11 . 2/25
thou is an archaic form of you, what you have to use is though!
River Eridani chapter 18 . 2/19
I truly hope you decide to continue this one day! It is an awesome premise that needs to be fully realised!
GoldenKingOfUnlimitedBlades chapter 7 . 11/7/2017
All for The Greater Good...
Benthatguy chapter 18 . 9/6/2017
Good story sad that's it's probably dead
Admiral0mass chapter 18 . 7/29/2017
PLease keep this awesome Story alive!
Artyom-Dreizehn chapter 18 . 7/9/2017
Why do the good stories didn't last long?!
talon2007 chapter 18 . 6/16/2017
enjoyed while it lasted
Admiral0mass chapter 18 . 4/9/2017
Please keep this story alive! T_T
ExS-DrIfTeRr chapter 8 . 2/25/2017
Why bring the Rachni into this it normally doesn't work out it kind of ruins the story's iv read with the Rachni in them
belnonm chapter 18 . 2/16/2017
Didn't the project Spartan was stopped?
Your introduction of the Prothean seems off
You know the ammo isn't unlimited for ME weapons, it's just the ammo are as little as a grain of sand accelerated at high speed via electromagnetism... more or less a Railgun. The Eezo is only used to reduced the energy needed to accelerated the ammo as the wanted speed.
Why am I listing all of that? It's because you give too much advantage to Humanity (like eezo being a waste of another production) Show some moderation but it's your story
belnonm chapter 5 . 2/16/2017
I just discover your story and I'm surprised Humanity didn't try to make biotics with the information of the Prothean. There is other detail but I will read the next chapters to find the answers.
Guest chapter 18 . 2/15/2017
Your fucking right im upset you fucking turd. :) next time you make a story be sure you finish it on paper and then type it, a fucking 3rd grader mistake is what you are. Lol fucking dumbass.
chain.reader chapter 2 . 1/24/2017
sought, not sort.
also bad politics in this chapter, as in *extremely obvious* bad politics...
random123games chapter 18 . 12/18/2016
Pls update
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