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Guest chapter 65 . 4/14
It's amazing!
laurenroxbrough chapter 22 . 3/29
by the way to answer your AN in this chapter, I've read somewhere that when the author starting writing it was originally about edward and bella but changed the names.
Amu4ever chapter 68 . 3/24
Okay, seriously three ANs as chapters? Well, I didn't even realize the story was over until you spoke about a sequel.

how sudden...
Amu4ever chapter 66 . 3/24
You are not supposed to post ANs as chapters...
Amu4ever chapter 65 . 3/24
*sigh* Okay, it was rushed again. Not as much as the ones before, but still...
Amu4ever chapter 64 . 3/24
I hope you don't rush through the angst again. You did it the last two times. At first you build the tension up - perfectly made - but then suddenly you save Bella before the tension is fully build.

Let things get a bit more tense before saving her. It would make it way more interesting and way easier to not only feel the tension build up, but also for us to sit at the edge of our seat and wait for what happens next with halted breath.

Really, don't rush it so much.
Amu4ever chapter 63 . 3/24
Shouldn't Stefan have known, that Elena wasn't the right one in the first place? I mean according to you they can feel the mating pool to their destined mate.

So, why didn't he break up with her as soon as he realized she wans't his mate? And he got together with her in the first place, because she looked like Katherine. Maybe that was the reason he stayed with her too?
Amu4ever chapter 62 . 3/24
I really don't like, how you always go against Elena.

To be honest I never liked Stefan. Ok, maybe at first..., but not after reading for a bit. I stopped liking him in the series too.

I don't understand why you have such a problem with Elena. I mean she only had feelings for Damon. Yeah, he was Stefan's brother, but she didn't act on it or anything.

It's very unfair of Stefan (and you) to judge her for something she couldn't control. And yes she is together with Damon now. And?

I mean Stefan broke up with her and she loved Damon anyway.

Why is it so wrong for her to be together with the one she loves?

She didn't lie to Stefan. She probably just didn't know about her feelings for Damon/was in denial when Stefan found out.

Anyway why is it so unbelievable for everyone, that Elena wants to be a vampire with Damon and not with Stefan? Isn't it only natural? I mean who wants to be together with someone for eternity, who hates the very thing you have to become to be with him in the first place?

I never liked people, who can't appricate the life they are gifted with. Stefan (alias Stefano) was tricked into becoming a vampire by Katherine. Yeah, so that was cruel for her and a shock for him.

But is that a reason for him to go around sulking for hundreds of years? No wonder he has no control over hsi vampire side when he just REFUSES to accept it.

It's called jo-jo effect you know. It's like when someone deprives themselves/ or is deprieved by someone else of food for a while. Once they get food again their body will automatically store as much fate as possible, because it wants to be prepared for a case when that may happen again.

It is not much different with Stefan(o)s reaper problem. Probably he wouldn't have the problem, if he took just a normal dose regulary like Damon.

He doesn't have to kill for heavens sake! Why can't he just regularly consume blood from blood bags? But then again it would probably be too late now. Not accepting his very being does really bad things with his instinct.

It's like his vampire side wants to catch up to all it missed while so tightly leashed by Stefan, that it just goes wild. In my opinion he probably could have prevented many deaths, if he wasn't so stubborn!

Okay, sorry for the rant, but I can't stand Stefan. He is maybe even worse then Edward to me. Stupid controlling, lying, hypocrytic annoying whining little brat!
Amu4ever chapter 61 . 3/24
Ok, so the paper cut I can understand. She probably had no problem with it, because Klaus gave her his blood immediatelly.

But a tatoo? How the heck could Bella get a tatoo? How can she get a tatoo when she can't see blood without wanting to puke? Or having to lie down on the ground?

Also, doesn't a tatoo take more than one season, if its bigger? And somethink like a vikking text would be more complicated and so take several hours. The others wouldn't have just waited outside all this time. I mean they would have probably gone inside.

While I am not an expert on tatoos or anything I was there when my friend got one and we were waiting for er for a while before she was finished. Definitely to long to just stand outside. And the tatoo of my friend wasn't (and still isn't) all that big...

Not very complicated to draw either.
Amu4ever chapter 60 . 3/24
Okay, so you wrote "your" instead of "his" and "who" instead of "which". I am not sure, if you missed some ",", but I think you did.

(The reason why I write "," instead of the term for it is, because I tend to write it wrong and wanted to make sure you understand, what I mean)

Except for that nice chapter :)

Oh and I googled waterbeds, because of you
Amu4ever chapter 58 . 3/24
What about the sire bond? Doesn't Tyler have one with Klaus?
Amu4ever chapter 57 . 3/24
Why do you have a problem with Elena like that? I mean she didn't do anything.

Nobody can control their feelings. Why judge them for something they have no control over?

That's like racism. Racism is nothing else, but to judge someone for their skin color. Or having a longer nose or shorter legs then the average person. People can't control that either. But would you judge them for that?

It would be different, if Elena actually betrayed Stefan. With making out with damon or sleeping with him, but just for they way she feels? That's just unfair and irrational.
Amu4ever chapter 56 . 3/24
I am kinda disappointed, that you decided to let Edward try and force himself on Bella. I hoped for something for him trying and her refusing and her then getting lost in the forest and ending in the same position as in cannon.

Would have been way more dramatic.

You let her get rescued a bit too fast. I was looking forward for a bit more tension building before -BOOM- someone appears to save her.
Amu4ever chapter 54 . 3/24
Wow! You have outdone yourself with the chapter! It's the perfect mix of angst and devious plotting!

You are so great and I am still amazed, that you even remembered to let Bella cut herself on paper for her birthday! I adore your love for detail! You are sooo great as an author :)

Thanks for sharing this with us
Amu4ever chapter 29 . 3/24
Didn't Bella even find it strange, that he offered he blood? How can she do it anyway? Doesn't she faint/feel faint while seeing blood?
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