Reviews for The Cruise
bluebird397 chapter 48 . 10/11
Edward, the little shit, has got to go.
andrewpine chapter 65 . 10/9
Sad to see this story end an overall fun to see you finishing the rest of your stories soon.
andrewpine chapter 64 . 10/9
Should have taken care of him and mommy is wonderful.
andrewpine chapter 63 . 10/9
Eddie's last gasp plan seemed kind of anti climatic.i think they need to contact Aro and every time one of Eddie's stupid plans pop up he LOSES a body part for good starting with a hand.
andrewpine chapter 61 . 10/9
She could have gotten a tat above her cooter saying this belongs to Klaus with an arrow pointing downwards. tacky i know , is Michaelson not Mickaelson. could have used a Beta for your i could be one.
andrewpine chapter 60 . 10/9
This is getting so sweet so when does the other shoe drop and they have to deal with Michael once and for all? since he isn't dead he just has to show up and cause some drama before everyone gets their HEA.
andrewpine chapter 55 . 10/8
The delusional little bitch was warned,but he was too stupid to just move Bekah lost some of Eddie's body part how careless of her,not! so i guess Esme will pull her crying thing over her could they do that to them. they just need to release them her and daddy will make sure they don't do anything anymore,idiots... It's Chills not cheels. sigh not sight,forced not forged,losing not loosing.
andrewpine chapter 50 . 10/8
Okay,it is ear not hear,lose not loose,Esme not Esmee... wonder how long he will be in Forks before he dies? will Klaus or the pack get him first?
andrewpine chapter 44 . 10/8
Now they are back in Forks will fairy boy and Mystic Meg be causing trouble again?
andrewpine chapter 35 . 10/8
''As they both lay on the bed''...It was fine for their first seem once Bella finally does LOSE her virginity she can't get enough sex. just a thought if his blood can cure her of any injuries wouldn't it repair her hymen after sex?
andrewpine chapter 34 . 10/8
Pretty much.i will be so glad when she is turned clumsy Bella is boring considering she wasn't that clumsy in the books or i remember her falling on the ice in the movie,but that was many people write her that she can't take three steps with out i said boring.
andrewpine chapter 33 . 10/8
It's lit not light... so she is working up to jumping his least she knows how to give good head,that will come in handy living for eternity.
I have never seen someone her age that can't seem to stay up late,if i didn't know better i would think she was anemic.
andrewpine chapter 31 . 10/8
Just had a light bulb go OFF over my are putting Rebecca and Charlie together.
Wonder if Klaus' warning finally sunk into fairy boys head?
andrewpine chapter 27 . 10/8
Can't wait to see if my theory about James knowing Jasper or we will also see fairy boy try to take care of Bella by running like the little bitch coward he is.
andrewpine chapter 26 . 10/8
I have a feeling that James knows Jasper and or Klaus, so there won't be the problems that mystic Meg was trying to get into the works.
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