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averageschmoe chapter 1 . 10/10
You gave up on it 2015.
Teresa chapter 38 . 10/8
Will you please finish this story it is a very good story.
IShouldBeStudyingNow chapter 38 . 10/4
Loved this whole story so much! I'm a slut for super powerful Harry, and you write that so well! Worldbuilding, characters and story are all on point in this fic. I really hope you write more:)
nils123 chapter 38 . 10/4
when will be next chapter post
sondrex76 chapter 38 . 9/30
I loved this fanfic, your descriptions, characterisations, how you switch between perspectives.
I especially loved the part with the muggle, I think you have just shown me what kind of fanfic I should search for next.

Your portrayal of the origins, how the gods in this fanfic is, is simply fantastic I must say.

I really like your works in general, I have read Blindness too and likes it quite a lot, though not as much as this one(though that is probably just personal preference)

Some of my thoughts during reading on specific chapters:
In chapter 13, while he did react pretty strongly initially, he seemed to be very calm afterwards about his father figure having his memory erased.
Then again, him having his memory erased were probably expected.

I am a bit saddened that it took him so long before contacting his friends again around chapter 20.

In chapter 24 it says muggles outnumber magicals a hundred thousand to one, that would mean that, in the entire world, there are at most 70 000 magicals, which seems like a lower number then it should be, though then again, if Hogwarts is the only school in Britain I guess it makes sense

While reading I found a few potential minor things I thought to comment on such as missing spaces between words, possible missing apostrophes and other potential minor things.
"in an muggle suit and tie" - "in a muggle suit and tie"
"older than the all the others" - "older than all the others"
" his eyes,lightly shoving" - " his eyes, lightly shoving"
"best friends son was " - "best friend's son was "
"Severus' abrupt outburst" - "Severus abrupt outburst"
"at a wizards" - "at a wizard's"
" of the wizards life." - " of the wizard's life."
"and the tourist were always gullible " - "and the tourists were always gullible "
"For the better, and for the worst." could be "For better, and for worse."
"hat his had to do with thoughts." - "hat this had to do with thoughts."
"eep it save within. Ankh." - "eep it safe within. Ankh."
" left out the since moving to the cottage," - " left out since moving to the cottage,"
"nd punished the sphere" - "nd pushed the sphere"
" It's almost super, actually." - " It's almost supper, actually."
"time flights took him over the space, " - "time flights took him over this space, "
" be there eyes and ears into" - " be their eyes and ears into"
"hey entered the through the back" - "hey entered through the back"
"picking up detail he would not of thought " - "picking up detail he would not have thought "
"anded on roof nearby, " - "anded on a roof nearby, "
"else then had it been for, all the pain, " - "else had it been for, all the pain, "
" of his wings existence." - " of his wings' existence."
"xperienced he might me, if Harry " - "xperienced he might be, if Harry "
"he boys own doing." - "he boy's own doing."
"t was room Mr. Steel could" - "t was a room Mr. Steel could"
" instruments malfunction," - " instruments to malfunction,"
"out quite, matter of fact." - "out quiet, matter of fact."
"he might of given aw" - "he might have given aw"
"the mystery's it explained that" - "the mysteries it explained that"
"themuggle monarch to set " - "the muggle monarch to set "
"tones and voiced." - "tones and voices."
" the goblins face, " - " the goblin's face, "
"hich it total bollocks" - "hich is total bollocks"
" to heart of the matter," - " to the heart of the matter,"
" it because of a rare" - " it is because of a rare"
" would rather of not lost " - " would rather have not lost "
"of Fawkes donated energy" - "of Fawkes' donated energy"
"unable to breath or speak." - "unable to breathe or speak."
"many of its inhabitants memories wipe" - "many of its inhabitants' memories wipe"
" were no longer criminal." - " were no longer criminals."
"with the Professors" - "with the Professor's"
" as very few wizard were " - " as very few wizards were "
"from other his runes" - "from others his runes"
" in the boys bag," - " in the boy's bag,"
"Professor was pureblood or" - "Professor was a pureblood or" or(probably not) "Professor was pureblooded or"
"imself nodding agreement as " - "imself nodding in agreement as "
" He found d himself grinning" - " He found himself grinning"
"He began to question until he noticed " - "He began to question it until he noticed "
"hadn't of mentally froze at the mention " - "hadn't mentally froze at the mention "
" The Hermione reached for he" - " Then Hermione reached for he"
"olding on to sides of him, and" - "olding on both sides of him, and"
"think of way to keep track of his" - "think of a way to keep track of his"
"hould've been his friends, was evil" - "hould've been his friend, was evil"
"all the nasty pranks that Slytherin's they played on other students" - "all the nasty pranks that the Slytherins played on other students"
"Every wizards magic is different" - "Every wizard's magic is different"
"it as too great of a risk." - "it was too great of a risk."
"was the Headmasters phoenix, " - "was the Headmaster's phoenix, "
"a unicorns pure righteous fury," - "a unicorn's pure righteous fury,"
" ready before hand." - " ready beforehand."
"it very shape and form" - "its very shape and form"
"It's my fathers, which I " - "It's my father's, which I "
"the dragons heaving side" - "the dragon's heaving side"
"Hagrids hold and launching" - "Hagrid's hold and launching"
"to Hermiones questions and" - "to Hermione's questions and"
"as the unicorns body burst into flame" - "as the unicorn's body burst into flame"
" And the unicorns magic " - " And the unicorn's magic "
"grasp Fawkes featherless " - "grasp Fawkes' featherless "
"nterfere with Stone and the" - "nterfere with the Stone and the"
"up the cauldron on Potions" - "up the cauldron in Potions"
"brightest sun he had ever saw" - "brightest sun he had ever seen"
"the unicorn presence" could be "the unicorn's presence"
"but not after commanding the " - "but not before commanding the "
" the healers magic," - " the healer's magic,"
" seeing the boys eyes open in pain," - " seeing the boy's eyes open in pain,"
"The boys magic was" - "The boy's magic was"
"g like the Headmasters," - "g like the Headmaster's,"
" How where her healing" - " How were her healing"
"from the boys hand, " - "from the boy's hand, "
"to the Headmasters attention." - "to the Headmaster's attention."
"by the boys side," - "by the boy's side,"
"The boys hand moved slightly," - "The boy's hand moved slightly,"
"him as he remember the fragmented jewel" - "him as he remembered the fragmented jewel"
"You're friends are alright" - "Your friends are alright"
"You're friends were most anxious." - "Your friends were most anxious."
"wizards blue eyes. When" - "wizard's blue eyes. When"
"are but a days time, and a days " - "are but a day's time, and a day's "
" an echo to the centaurs words." - " an echo to the centaur's words."
" on the centaurs words" - " on the centaur's words"
"by Fawkes own." - "by Fawkes' own."
"d and Dreads was raised against " - "d and Dread's was raised against "
"Sun as it's magic forced" - "Sun as its magic forced"
"been for the Suns intervention" - "been for the Sun's intervention"
"omorrow and my mums on" - "omorrow and my mum is on" or possibly "omorrow and my mum's on"
"wonder at their leisure as" could be "wander at their leisure as"
"Mikes voice continued above him." - "Mike's voice continued above him."
"The boys eyes were wide open, " - "The boy's eyes were wide open, "
"understand the boys fear. If " - "understand the boy's fear. If "
"it was a treat to be give" - "it was a treat oppertunity to be give"
" into some idiots unprotected mind." _ " into some idiot's unprotected mind."
" in the Headmasters office." - " in the Headmaster's office."
"his pocket,reaching out a single" - "his pocket, reaching out a single"
"The boys dark eyes were wide and" - "The boy's dark eyes were wide and"
"snakes neck, sweeping" - "snake's neck, sweeping"
" behind another beings eyes?" - " behind another being's eyes?"
"the boys back, and finally decided" - "the boy's back, and finally decided"
" our contact when you allowed me t" - " our contract when you allowed me t"
"up wooden stave and make" - "up a wooden stave and make"
"wizards face? Flamel " - "wizard's face? Flamel "
"thousand of voices raised " - "thousands of voices raised "
"to breath, sucking " - "to breathe, sucking "
"knew of his was a hostage for good behavior,", I do not know
"a farmers crop nearly " - "a farmer's crop nearly "
"Its money" - "It's money"
" someone from Department of Housing," - " someone from the Department of Housing,"
"the boys spirits," - "the boy's spirits,"
"about the teenagers shoulder. " - "about the teenager's shoulder. "
"meeting the mans eyes." - "meeting the man's eyes."
"and in way " - "and in a way "
"in his friends faces." - "in his friends' faces."
"Harry for Ginny death" - "Harry for Ginny's death"
"Flamels smooth voice" - "Flamel's smooth voice"
"Would it's magic protect" - "Would its magic protect"
"threatening the boys family," - "threatening the boy's family,"
"thinking of the boys reaction to Harry's " - "thinking of the boys' reaction to Harry's "
" and she figured was an easy target." - " and she figured she was an easy target."
"that his fathers personal elf was no " - "that his father's personal elf was no "
" true of a wizards blood." - " true of a wizard's blood."
"over the girls face, one" - "over the girl's face, one"
"doubted the madmans ability" - "doubted the madman's ability"
"the snakes own," - "the snake's own,"
" the boys stance" - " the boy's stance"
" my mothers cousin, if you must " - " my mother's cousin, if you must "
"in the mans hands, and" - "in the man's hands, and"
"ble to breath, but " - "ble to breathe, but "
"hole left in ones life " - "hole left in one's life "
"Flamels breath stirred " - "Flamel's breath stirred "
"corners of Flamels face" - "corner's of Flamels face"
"in a days time" - "in a day's time"
" ancient philosophers, an" - " ancient philosopher's, an"
"he castors that taking" - "he castors than taking"
"Crookshanks behalf had faded" - "Crookshanks' behalf had faded"
"for his brothers sake. " - "for his brother's sake. "
"He's hasn't" - "He hasn't"
"And the voice" - " And the voice"
"but the boys skulking demeanor " - "but the boy's skulking demeanour "
"eyed the boys dark expression" - "eyed the boy's dark expression"
"Hes a year below me," - "He's a year below me,"
"one of his parents bes" - "one of his parents' bes"
"his pulled his magic " - "he pulled his magic "
"could of the mans relationship" - "could about the man's relationship" or "could of the man's relationship"
"the Headmasters office." - "the Headmaster's office."
"with superior number on his side" - "with superior numbers on his side"
"the two of the older students" - "two of the older students"
" tears,and she found " - " tears, and she found "
"alk out of doors" - "alk outdoors"
" in his parents death." could be " in his parents' deaths."
" meet anyones gaze" - " meet anyone's gaze"
"his friends eyes" - "his friends' eyes"
"hen ones wand mysteriously " - "hen one's wand mysteriously "
"mans mind grasped " - "man's mind grasped "
"has been a" - "had been a"
" aged philosophers pyre burning in Egypt," - " aged philosopher's pyre burning in Egypt,"
"Defense Professors had been, but" - "Defense Professor's had been, but"
"the professors part" - "the professors' part"
"the centaurs tail swishing" - "the centaur's tail swishing"
"He hating being here already," - "He hated being here already,"
"he boys mouth move but couldn'" - "he boy's mouth move but couldn'"
"he boys mind. His" - "he boy's mind. His"
"glimmers from their mind," - "glimmers from their minds,"
"Thats right. It was a form of " - "That's right. It was a form of "
"s to their being one," - "s to there being one,"
"His knew it wasn't the " - "He knew it wasn't the "
" meet his friends gaze" - " meet his friends' gaze"
"Harrys heart began to hammer" - "Harry's heart began to hammer"
"dogs tongue slid from" - "dog's tongue slid from"
"hey why did you criticize Severus, " - "hen why did you criticize Severus, "
"house else appeared, its bulbou" - "house elf appeared, its bulbou"
"he had saw, and " - "he had seen, and "
"his parents former friend" - "his parents' former friend"
"you're parent's " - "your parent's "
"I can't hardly think " - "I can hardly think "
"We would of heard if he" - "We would have heard if he"
" I still can't hardly " - " I still can hardly "
"goblins gaze flickered " - "goblin's gaze flickered "
" of sorts,when he allowed " - " of sorts, when he allowed "
"The Black's might" - "The Blacks might"
"get his Fathers wand" - "get his Father's wand"
"Griphooks eyes" - "Griphook's eyes"
"the girls cheeks. " - "the girl's cheeks. "
"Notts face" - "Nott's face"
"decided to take Black the wand" - "decided to take the wand to Black"
"with his fathers wand first," - "with his father's wand first,"
"thePrewitt twins" - "the Prewitt twins"
"would of suggested it before" - "would have suggested it before"
"It's history is " - "Its history is "
"his godfathers direction" - "his godfather's direction"
"his godfathers sanity. " - "his godfather's sanity. "
"ach others eyes" - "ach other's eyes"
"for their sisters death." - "for their sister's death."
"as the reached the portrait " - "as they reached the portrait "
"were his mothers." - "were his mother's."
" one could of been " - " one could have been "
"And each was as worse as" - "And each was as bad as"
"meet his friend's eyes, and saw " - "meet his friends' eyes, and saw "
"be turned in,Harry" - "be turned in, Harry"
"his friends forehead" - "his friend's forehead"
"The Harry let a memory go" - "Then Harry let a memory go"
"mean he had" - "meant he had"
" I doubt, if we were to come into contact with anyone who was a Master at it, even occlumency wouldn't prevent" - " I doubt, if we were to come into contact with anyone who was a Master at it, even occlumency would prevent"
" Gryffindor/ Hufflepuff study" - " Gryffindor/Hufflepuff study"
"Its supposed to create " - "It's supposed to create "
" his freinds study sessions." - " his friends' study sessions."
" had the Ministers ear," - " had the Minister's ear,"
"Narcissa Malfoys elegantly " - "Narcissa Malfoy's elegantly "
" black-haired wizards face, " - " black-haired wizard's face, "
"his godfathers motion, l" - "his godfather's motion, l"
" his mistresses name, Crookshanks" - " his mistress' name, Crookshanks"
"watching has Sirius" - "watching as Sirius"
"He shouldnt of brought up" - "He shouldn't have brought up"
"of the mans mind." - "of the man's mind."
"the Ministers potential reaction" - "the Minister's potential reaction"
" on the leaders face," - " on the leader's face,"
"the wizards shield" - "the wizard's shield"
"looked like the weak " - "look like the weak "
"boys eyes flickered back" - "boy's eyes flickered back"
"is godfathers spell struck" - "is godfather's spell struck"
"had saw no reason to inform him" - "had seen no reason to inform him"
"Pettigrews terror bringing" - "Pettigrew's terror bringing"
" them in the floor and let " - " them on the floor and let "
"ornered by a cat with no where" - "ornered by a cat with nowhere"
" and his friends names" - " and his friends' names"
"as a phoenixes" - "as a phoenix's"
"behind his siblings eyes. And " - "behind his sibling's eyes. And "
"he went into his brothers " - "he went into his brother's "
"stare in his brothers eyes when" - "stare in his brother's eyes when"
"their youngest sons increasing " - "their youngest son's increasing "
"Fawkes gaze." - "Fawkes' gaze."
"broke anything" - "broken anything"
" shaking his head. She " - " shaking her head. She "
" Weasley parents eyes," - " Weasley parents' eyes,"
"looked across at the other Steel's" - "looked across at the other Steels"
"laid a gentling hand on her arm." - "laid a gentle hand on her arm."
" Professors frequent illnesses." - " Professor's frequent illnesses."
" away with shake of his head" - " away with a shake of his head"
"into the wizards hand" - "into the wizard's hand"
"the paper legend pasted" - "the paper leger pasted"
" Harry listed to the woman recite" - " Harry listened to the woman recite"
" an aurors name and rank," - " an auror's name and rank,"
"maps,each depicting" - "maps, each depicting"
"the wizards eyes" - "the wizard's eyes"
"godfathers mind." - "godfather's mind."
" his families other houses " - " his families' other houses "
" the properties small" - " the property's small"
"and it's educational" - "and its educational"
" his godfathers room," - " his godfather's room,"
" Remus a they followed " - " Remus as they followed "
"on his tutors face." - "on his tutor's face."
"my mothers little" - "my mother's little"
"o protec this mind" - "o protect his mind"
" protect her self " - " protect herself "
"Areyouone ofthem" - "Are you one of them"
"matter of time," - "matter of time, "
"had already throw the gauntlet" - "had already thrown the gauntlet"
"one thats effects" - "one whose effects"
"favorite godfathers " - "favourite godfather's "
" similar to one he had" - " similar to the one he had"
"continued walked, a boy " - "continued walking, a boy "
"or for your kinds" - "or for your kind's"
"the black dogs neck." - "the black dog's neck."
"the wizards hand, shaking" - "the wizard's hand, shaking"
" Is there no where else you can" - " Is there nowhere else you can"
" a wizards plain black" - " a wizard's plain black"
"Mike hadn't need anything of that" - "Mike wouldn't need anything of that"
"from the properties library," - "from the property's library,"
"newest recruits room, eve" - "newest recruit's room, eve"
"That is was charmed to " - "That it was charmed to "
"is odd by most wizards" - "is odd by most wizards'"
"She had know it was that " - "She had known it was that "
" from it's throat. If Harry " - " from its throat. If Harry "
"The words seemed to" - " The words seemed to"
"The girls eyes widened, " - "The girl's eyes widened, "
"e had no where near the skill or the time" - "e had nowhere near the skill or the time"
"around the werewolves neck" - "around the werewolves' necks"
"ace closer bringing gratification" - "ace closer to bringing gratification"
" cast off from Harrys form" - " cast off from Harry's form"
"on full moon's." - "on full moons."
"and the boys eyes" - "and the boy's eyes"
" terror that overtaken him afterwards. " - " terror that had overtaken him afterwards. "
"in his tutors eyes. He spoke," - "in his tutor's eyes. He spoke,"
"d his godfathers robed back disappear " - "d his godfather's robed back disappear "
"s the alphas job to teach" - "s the alpha's job to teach"
"group that to be assigned one." - "group than to be assigned one."
"met the serpents glowing eyes" - "met the serpent's glowing eyes"
"ls power and the moon's" - "l's power and the moon's"
" his godfathers dark eyes with" - " his godfather's dark eyes with"
"break in his godfathers" - "break in his godfather's"
"worse that a thousand barbs," - "worse than a thousand barbs,"
" but other countries too" - " but other countries' too"
"sed to the the elves " - "sed to the elves "
" our namesakes sign when" - " our namesake's sign when"
"had to keep the Crookshanks with me. " - "had to keep Crookshanks with me. "
"eceive both Dark Lord and " - "eceive both the Dark Lord and "
"once-loyal servants life " - "once-loyal servant's life "
"fellow enforcer's always " - "fellow enforcers always "
" whenever other's learned of it," - " whenever others learned of it,"
" in the wolves case, a fatal" - " in the wolf's case, a fatal"
" the neighbors as well." - " the ne
KaranaKilai chapter 1 . 9/25
Foremost, I hope your health is improving!

However, this is my attempt at a guilt trip! I love this story! If I knew how to PM you I would to ask you to update the status of this story. Please, if you can, give some kind of update as to where you are on this amazing fic!
Anasazi Darkmoon chapter 38 . 9/24
I hope you're going to finish this one day, because it's freaking amazing!
Killerpickle chapter 38 . 9/21
Hi I love Strength of Steel Wings and all your other story’s.
I was wondering if or when is the next update for strength of steel wings. I know it’s been a few years since you last updated so it’s probably abandoned so if it is I was wondering what the reason for it was and if it’s not I can’t wait.
Waki Paki chapter 38 . 9/18
Now that I've reached the end, I just want more. So much yet to come for road story's universe I want to see.
Sadly it's likely abandoned after four years
1 love m4gic chapter 6 . 9/16
Hope there will not be some bullshit like, when Dumble and the others arrive they attack his friends etc. so Harry will start to hate everyone who just wanted to help him...that would be so lame!
Waki Paki chapter 1 . 9/11
Just me, I dislike flash forwards on principle. Reflects the author has no confidence in ensnaring their audience with good writing and an interesting premise, just jumps right to the part where the protagonist is all cool and powerful, gushing about them.
suziq968 chapter 38 . 9/8
So love this. Here's hoping your muse brings you back to this.
Roaming Wolf chapter 38 . 9/6
Fantastic story! I really like the role of muggles here!

But the years are a bit off. The first phone embedded with a camera was invented in 2003. The first popular instant messaging was invented in 1996. The first world wide web was made in 1991. No way there were forums online, or banner ads at that time.

Would have been better if the story was 15 years in the future.
suziq968 chapter 9 . 9/4
I'm reading this again, and so excited about the possibility of more! I just wanted to compliment you on your character development. Mr. Steel is so easy to like and despise at the same time. He obviously cares for these boys, but he also is obviously using them, especially Harry. Great job.
max ghe chapter 38 . 9/2
I really enjoyed this story. I hope to see more of it.
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