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hobbes319 chapter 11 . 10/28
bit interesting that these random aurors are capable of legimency when there were only 3 known in actual canon. is this an au factor? or just something that’s never been really considered.
Melpomene chapter 38 . 10/24
What a story what a ride of madness.
Seeing that your last update for this story has been a long time ago, i can only say thank you for thepart you wereable to share.
I hated and loved every part of it, like any good story should.
You have taken a world and truly made it your own.
MadMax93 chapter 17 . 10/23
that scene with the mirror was absolutely brutal. ive never encountered another story with so much wisdom and depth applied to that 'simple' mirror. you gave it a soul and it was beautiful and terrifying
derkhj chapter 38 . 10/21
I was just thinking about your fic again and pulled it up to see if there had been any updates. I'm not one to remember story titles years after reading it, but yours was so good and unique that I haven't forgotten it. I hope to see you finish it some day. or at least pop by and say you're ok!
sagnik1saha chapter 38 . 10/21
I've greatly enjoyed both this story and Blindness. I just finished my fourth re-read of WSOSW. You haven't posted any new content in almost 2 years, and I'm hoping you and your family are doing alright. Do you still plan on finishing this story? If not, perhaps you could share your notes with a fellow author (GJMEGA did a great job as a beta in Blindness) and have them finish it, if they are interested?

In any case, thank you for producing such awesome work.
marissa2020 chapter 1 . 10/21
Is this Dramione? If Dramione, I want to read
chaotix1 chapter 38 . 10/4
wish you would finish this
Tauan Henrique chapter 37 . 9/29
Waiting for the 39th for many years now, i'm still as eager as the first day
greatfornowlol chapter 38 . 9/29
I’ve got to say, that last update date is rather disheartening, but I’ll hold on to hope. It’s 2020 after all, anything is possible. I haven’t been so invested in a story in a while, and I’m in awe of how well you built up the characters to be believable. In any other story, having Harry make a human sacrifice would be so far off from canon Harry (and my view of him) that I’d immediately be put off the story. However, you really took the time to show how events and people change him and make him who he turns out to be. It’s great and I’m gonna hope that this story, someday, gets a fitting end.
Lilyngwie chapter 38 . 9/23
Wish you finish. I enjoyed this
Ppsh chapter 38 . 9/22
Well, that was magnificent. Much like Blindness this is without question one of the very best HP fanfics out there. It is very unique, maybe even more so than Blindness was, given the sheer scope of things. I do think you probably dragged things on too long, I'm not sure we needed such detailed scenes for side-events for example, but at the same time it did really flesh out the world you've created. In fact there's probably a lot more world building here than there is in canon, at least on the muggle side of things. You have a real talent for bringing OCs to life in a way that feels authentic and effortless, they just slip right in there as if they belong.

Things I really liked; Harry/Hermione, Dread, and the runic magic / sacrifices / the idea of natural forces being entities of magic. In the end I also liked the study group you made for Harry, it was a bit different really. Remus and the werewolves sanctuary were done really well too, and I almost feel like that section deserved its own spinoff story (though you wrote so much about it that it feels that way already). I also liked Zach, Dilon and the American Magical Academy, though I didn't at first. They turned out to be good characters. What you did with the other 'Steels' with the Australian house also felt really good. At first I really disliked Mike but he redeemed himself quite a lot, though I do feel he came on a bit too harsh early on in the story.

I didn't really like the way Draco was handled throughout the story, but I personally loathe the character, and in hindsight the way you've taken things was very satisfactory. I suppose were it not for him and Fleur, Harry and Hermione would have taken ages to realize they liked each other.

I also didn't love James and the Hounds. They were written well, but I could never really understand Harry's motivations for working with James. I get that he also wanted to reveal magic to the world, however it was very obvious a while ago that James group wasn't the only part of the Hounds, and James had already by that point well and truly squandered any reason to believe him or trust him. The entire debacle with Sirius showing them how magic worked just felt a little unjustified, I find it hard to believe Sirius would have done that, or that Harry would have let him, or that Harry would have just done nothing to James after being betrayed by him for the umpteenth time. Just them killing Mr. Steel alone feels like it ought to have destroyed any cooperation they could have had. There was also hints that James kills people who try to leave his organisation.

Probably a lot of other details I'm forgetting now, but it was a monster of a story. I really hope you will continue on with it at some point, though seeing the last update be 5 years past doesn't leave one feeling too hopeful. In any case, thank you for a great story.
Ppsh chapter 36 . 9/22
Wow, I've gotta say this was probably by far the most enjoyable chapter in the story so far. You wrapped up and resolved so many things, and magnificently at that. Draco, finally kicked away like a whimpering dog, thank **** for that. Harry and Hermione finally realizing their feelings for one another. Harry making contact with both Voldemort and the Void for the first time, which was very cool and scary. And then revealing himself, his runes, everything really, to everyone, after hiding for so long. A big reveal that has been a long time coming. And why not indeed? He was hiding because he used to be too weak; but he no longer is. The only sad part is knowing there's only two more chapters after this.
Ppsh chapter 29 . 9/20
Good chapters. Interesting to see Voldemort becoming so much stronger and more intelligent. Hermione being in the tournament doesn't make much sense to me, not sure I get that.

Unfortunately the forced Draco-Hermione relationship is still like the boil on otherwise flawless skin in this story, unwelcome, ugly and nauseating to look upon. In particular I cannot fathom why Hermione, nay, why everyone gives Malfoy so many second chances in this story. It comes across as big author bias rather than a natural conclusion.
First it started with Harry meeting Malfoy, where the arrogant brat acted, like, well, an arrogant brat, only for Harry to make excuses *for* him, saying he sounded like someone who was repeating someone else's words. Only for Harry to then turn around and deny Ron that same consideration when he said all Slytherins were bad, which is really the same kind of broad-brush prejudice Malfoy has always been guilty of.

And now instead it is Hermione, who says that the attempted violation of her mind rape by what she considered a trusted friend - in her own bedroom no less - is merely "childish and stupid" incident and won't tell Harry, her closest friend, about it. I find that this does not make sense. What Malfoy did was highly illegal, a major betrayal, and could even be argued to be as bad as an actual rape attempt. After all, one should surely consider their mind even more sacrosanct than their body, no? She also has absolutely no reason to feel guilty about keeping secret what she did with Harry; it is literally none of Malfoy's business, not even remotely. It's not as Malfoy wouldn't hesitate to keep secrets from her.
Even more mystifying, or at least it would be mystifying if Malfoy hadn't forever been an arrogant, shit of a person with few redeeming qualities, is that he isn't even apologetic for it and even seems more insulted by her not opening up every secret to him willy nilly than she is about his vicious, unprovoked attack. He is preposterously stupid and if Hermione and Malfoy ever do so much as kiss in this story I will without hesitation drop-kick this story into the far reaches of my mind in an attempt to forget it ever existed.
Which is a shame, because most other aspects of this story are done masterfully.
Ppsh chapter 27 . 9/19
I hope dearly that after this savage betrayal of trust on Malfoy's part, this crappy pairing is well and truly dead.
Ppsh chapter 25 . 9/18
As much as I like this story, I'm really going to have to stop reading it if, as I suspect, you are pushing a Malfoy/Hermione pairing here. That is simply too gross for words, especially after Harry and Hermione already have such a close bond. And it's really past time that Harry took more interest in girls, as well. He is well into puberty, but hasn't seemed to notice. As little sense as Ron/Hermione made in canon, Malfoy/Hermione is just intolerable.
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