Reviews for With Strength of Steel Wings
Apsire chapter 38 . 11/25
Hey. So you have completely eaten my life and (much to my girlfriend's displeasure) my time. This is one of the best stories I've ever seen, with a strong premise that allows the story to still be good and hold much of its original virtue that even as it strays from the original premise that attracted me, holds me in its grasp. I love this. Coincidentally, I've also read your other story, blindness, and personally like this one more. Something about that story just kind of derailed. I know you said this was on temporary hiatus, but I really hope you update soon. Like I was saying earlier, this is one of the best stories I've read here, if not the best. Some others have caught interest, such as God's Amongst Men, but they all kind of lose purpose or direction I feel. Please finish this story, but whatever you do, good luck
Psychedude chapter 38 . 11/23
I know you have been busy and that you're still writing Blindness but you also said that you have a weakness for guilt trips so here it is. I've been reading this story since you started chapter 4 or 5 I think and it has been top 5 of all the fanfictions I've ever read if not my very favorite. Unfortunately for me it is coming up on a year and a half since an update. I don't know if you even still get these but if you do I could definitely use an update sometime soon, I'll not go into specifics but times have been rough. Donald Trump is our president after all, what is the world coming too? I hope he can hack it for all our sakes but my doubts won't be easily assuaged.
chocolatebrownie12 chapter 38 . 11/23
Wow. 2 days of my life eaten by this story. This has me so impressed that you bothered to have so much original content - it's a pleasure to not know what is coming while still loving all the Harry potter awesomeness. Thank you for respecting the characters that we love and for working so hard to keep everyone's motives and beliefs straight. Thought your characterisation of Dumbledore was possibly the best I have ever read - compassionate and intelligent but capable of ruthlessness for his perceived greater good - constantly trying to help harry even as he tries to keep him under control. Enjoyed your glimpses into the wizarding communities across the globe as well. 10 gold stars my friend - I now think that I need to cull my favourites list - only about 3 stories on it could possibly compare to this one - thanks for sharing!
The Lady Rogue chapter 38 . 11/21
Wow. This is brilliantly written and a plot unlike any other. I hope you finish this one day. Fantastic.
GNcat chapter 38 . 11/20
This one is as excellent as Blindness. I'm enjoying it very much. The only thing that would make it better is if the last chapters were ready to read. Thanks so much for writing.
antoninjohn chapter 38 . 11/16
More please
WhiteWolfie3000 chapter 38 . 11/13
Dude! I just finished this masterpiece and you MUST UPDATE LIKE YESTERDAY! I'm having withdrawal symptoms! Your judgment is as painful as that of the Sun and I hope for the blessing of another chapter...gasp... PLEASE!
Jatok chapter 19 . 11/5
I forget, sometimes, that they're twelve and this isn't a naruto fic where they're expected to be killers before puberty. Ah well, looks like he's well on his way!
Jatok chapter 18 . 11/4
Bleh, I really hope this doesn't become about love and all that bullshit
Jatok chapter 17 . 11/4
I wonder if the stone is bonded to him now or something.
Also, I have to say I'm dissapointed Hermiomr found out so soon.
I hope Harry doesn't go on a spree of allowing things like the troll to live, and follows the mind of his Quetzalcoatl
Jatok chapter 15 . 11/4
I hope there aren't too many fluffy parts
Jatok chapter 13 . 11/4
More runes! Although I was hoping Harry to be a creature of the night. Alas, perhaps another time.
Jatok chapter 12 . 11/3
I like that the piece of Voldemort in Harry wasn't immediately destroyed
Jatok chapter 11 . 11/3
Haha, yes! I like that rune except for the whole protection requirement
Jatok chapter 10 . 11/3
I'm interested to see not only the last rune, but if and how he will go about more rituals, especially once Hogwarts begins
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