Reviews for The True Zero
Guest chapter 12 . 8/27
ok can you please at least finish the first season of the familiar of zero series with this fic because this divergence is an extremely interesting turning point for this series
sephchipmunk chapter 12 . 8/17
Guest chapter 12 . 7/18
interesting story, I look forward to more
BiQly chapter 12 . 7/11
This type of fic are the one that made my day. Overpowered,calm af mc;that's good. Just hoping if there are pairing he will not get weak by factor that i don't have to describe.

Anyway,keep up the good work.*thumbs up*
ZERO chapter 11 . 7/4
Still no chapter 13 yet?
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 12 . 6/18
i dont see why he should interfere in the Albion civil war... so, im kinda hoping he doesn't help because well it would be different
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 10 . 6/18
haha, yup gotta love Armageddon...
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 9 . 6/18
i really am loving this, 1 of the best Zero cross overs i have found
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 6 . 6/18
damn, so he has access to all the Persona but they are all in there base form... im so sad
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 5 . 6/18
hmm, well he could certainly teach basics and what you would learn through primary and high school but he would be able to teach much past that
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 4 . 6/18
Helel makes his appearance and leaves his audience stunned
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 3 . 6/18
hahaha, i love his trolling... it will be interesting to see what he makes of Henrietta...
Vice the Virtuous chapter 1 . 6/18
I have P3 and the fact you put Byakko just made me love this story
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 2 . 6/18
this is great... glad that Minato is his blunt, apathetic self, especially since he doesn't need to be nice as he put it for social links
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 1 . 6/18
hahaha, an end game Minato will trash this world... hmm, does he have access to more Persona's? because i really want Alice to come out to play
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