Reviews for Ordinary Girl
QueenGB chapter 66 . 10/19
You should be proud of yourself for jumping in and making the commitment to the effort. No matter the time and no matter the mistakes it takes a thick skin, creativity and willingness to get it done. I enjoyed your Bella and Edwards journey. Bravo!
QueenGB chapter 61 . 10/19
You did well with this chapter. Tony being a high powered wealthy lawyer with access to information and dectetives would have gotten these answers leagally and illegally as he said. Cool you got through it!
QueenGB chapter 57 . 10/19
Our Bella is in massive need of therapy stat and is Bella's law partner Tony Masen Edward's bio dad?
ChristyWIX chapter 66 . 6/1
Wonderful ending. I really liked that she chose Tony to walk her down the aisle, as he was so much more to her, than a partner. Great wedding. Loved how quickly they got married. Who wouldn't live a month in France, right? Thank you for sharing your imagination with us here. ~Christy
ChristyWIX chapter 65 . 6/1
I had wondered if she was pregnant in the last chapter with her noticing little things. Figured she must be, as it was so close to the end of the story. Your bottom author note about Edward's home, had dawned on me at the time too. That he said he bought it at the beginning, yet it was willed to him at the end. Meh, simple mistake. You're right too, it was three years in the making, some things just slip through. I'm glad they chose his place, for that very reason, it was his grandfathers and it was willed to him. They could always move later, as there family expands, just keep his home and give it one of the children later in life.
ChristyWIX chapter 62 . 6/1
I thought for sure, with all the arrangements he'd made on that rooftop, along with the sunrise, that he was going to propose. It was simply just together time. Together time that they both needed. Wonderful chapter.
ChristyWIX chapter 60 . 6/1
I didn't want you to go down this route, poop. I'm sure Edward won't be thrilled at first but, will probably be very interested in the man that fathered him. Especially since Bella has such respect for him and how he runs the company. Mutual respect is there, too. He respects Bella and her work ethic. Tony has been very kind to Bella through this whole story. Very much the mentor. How would she even broach this subject with Edward? Eek.
ChristyWIX chapter 59 . 6/1
How dare Jacob manhandle Bella for saying what she did and walking away. He deserved far worse than that, as far as I am concerned. Her words were too nice. Even her dig at him, was nice. What troubled me most is, her being scared and angry with Edward. She went through some horrific shit when she was young, we know that. However, she KNOWS Edward. She knows he would NEVER hurt her. So, for her to be angry and scared of him was too far fetched. She's come a very long way in therapy but, she needs a serious amount more if she can think, for even a minute, that Edward would ever hurt her. His reaction to Jacob was just that, pure reaction. He saw Jacob manhandle Bella and jumped in to protect her. PROTECT her. The fact that she saw Phil in those actions, made me ill. The two are completely and totally different. That is why she needs more therapy, in my opinion. It is really sad, that she is so stuck in her own head, that she doesn't see the true Edward that is in her life. I wonder if Jacob was verbally abusive to Leah for not getting pregnant? If he was just as cruel to her, as he was to Bella? I'm glad he found out their son Jared, wasn't his. That had to be a giant blow. Good. They both, Leah and Jacob, deserve far worse though. And, I am very glad that Jacob feels remorse and guilt on Valentine's Day, because of Charlie. Still not enough.
ChristyWIX chapter 58 . 6/1
Oh wow, you are taking them both to Forks. Holy shit. With Edward by her side, she can and will do anything. He's got her and it is wonderful. I do think it is strange that they both love each other so much, and for so long, yet neither have said the words. I think they've loved each other since three weeks into their relationship. Back when they were just having sex and didn't want to scare themselves or the other away with feelings.
ChristyWIX chapter 57 . 6/1
I am so glad Edward yelled at Bella. Glad again when he toned it down. Sometimes it seems like there is no getting through to her and she needs to be yelled at to reach her. Alice biting her tongue a few chapters ago, was proof of that. She wanted to yell, yet knew Bella wouldn't hear it, no matter how many times Alice has said it. Edward is right and Bella knows it, she needs therapy and she needs to stick with it, until she can see what everyone else sees. On the one hand, I want Jacob and Leah to be one hundred percent out of this story from here on out. On the other hand, I want Edward and Bella to confront the assholes and put them solidly in their place. It would be wonderful if Leah was being cheated on by Jacob, in this scenario as well. Complete with the verbal abuse that he was giving Bella. Not that any woman deserves that, it just would prove to Leah that is certainly wasn't Bella, it was all Jacob and his asshole behaviors. Rant over.
ChristyWIX chapter 55 . 5/31
What a horrible thing to walk in and find that your mother aspirated. Poor Edward. However, Edward did get really lucky in the foster parents wanting to adopt him. I'm glad he got that and a brother. Sounds like Esme and Carlisle mad Edward's life wonderful. You're not planning on Edward's real father being Bella's Tony Masen, are you. I don't think that would be good at all. It would not be good for her partner to end up being Edward's biological father. The man that left his mother, broke her beyond repair and essentially died from that loss. No. Not good at all.
ChristyWIX chapter 54 . 5/31
So effing hot! Wowza! His need for her and his rush home to her was fantastic. That was really good.
ChristyWIX chapter 49 . 5/31
I hope she doesn't drink while he's gone for work this week. She seems to be okay with getting help and not drinking. Realizing that the drinking is a crutch. I don't think she is an alcoholic. Although, I'm sure there are plenty of alcoholics that would disagree with me. I even think if she seeks help, for the mental side of things, they can still enjoy wine with meals and get togethers with friends.
ChristyWIX chapter 46 . 5/31
Leah was way out of line considering she's the other woman in the relationship. She was probably more angry with Jacob for staying with Bella all that time, not divorcing, to be with her. Insecurities came flying out of Leah's mouth, that's for sure. Even though what she said to Bella was meant to crush her, and it did, she spewed out her very own issues with that statement. Everything that kept Bella with Jacob, pissed Leah off so badly, because Bella had what Leah wanted. Jacob was just enjoying having his cake and eating it too. Jacob cheating, was exactly what I'd expected. Wonder how neither Leah or Jacob realized it was his steroids that were causing issues with Bella not getting pregnant? Idiots. I'm more worried about Charlie's death. Thinking Bella may have witnessed that one too.
ChristyWIX chapter 39 . 5/31
Hmmm, I'd expected either Jacob or James so, not too shocked. Even thought maybe Mike or Tyler.
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