Reviews for The Summer Before Life Goes On
Twifanfictionrec chapter 1 . 9/29
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This fiction is about the summer before everyone leaves for college. Some relationships survive the summer, some break up. And some get married?! Sweet, no fuss, no angst or drama fiction. Definitely deserves more than 13 reviews. Rating M is not really required. All human.
Guest chapter 19 . 5/4/2015
Awesome story! Couldn't stop reading till it was all finished :)
Ellae02 chapter 11 . 11/5/2014
I must say, through out this story my opinion has stayed the same. I have enjoyed reading your story, but it is not twilight to me. This is something completley different from twilight. This is just another books with the same characters names. Stephanie would never write any of this, so I must say this is a very good story, but I don't view this as twilight, to me this is something all together different. I don't mean to offend you, I just want you to know, this is something different than twilight.
trixiecookie38 chapter 2 . 8/24/2014
Your translation bis incorrect purple is morado.
ChristianMom54 chapter 19 . 8/10/2014
Enjoyed thank you for sharing.
vampirekitty26 chapter 19 . 8/10/2014
Your story is a great piece of work and you should be proud of it. Thanks for sharing this with me. I wish you luck on future stories. :)
vampirekitty26 chapter 18 . 7/23/2014
Thanks for the story! Its a great read.
KittyClaws123 chapter 14 . 6/23/2014
Ughh come on bella women up! Im so excited for the wedding. And I think this story is so freaking awesome!im addicted to it. Ive just always been too shy to comment. Please update soon!
vampirekitty26 chapter 13 . 6/22/2014
Renee seems to be very mature compared to the usual thing. Its interesting. And you are doing great! Remember there are always bad critics and good critics. Don't ignore the bad critics but don't take their words too much to heart anyway. The grammar is great and I think the plot is moving along nicely. I'm enjoying your story. Besides, if the drama wasn't there then the story will be boring. That's worse, in my opinion. Thanks for the chapter!
Guest chapter 12 . 6/11/2014
She can be disappointed in Edward, but in my opinion Edwad can be disappointed in Bella too. If she thinks her relationship with Jacob, a guy whi is into her, is so inncoent, then she is to blame too. Hypocrite.
Guest chapter 12 . 6/10/2014
Blaaaah. Edward's excuses were pretty weak, come on. I think everyone will be disappointed if he starts something with another girl, especially Tanya. :( Don't have a lot of hope that it'll get better...
Guest chapter 10 . 5/29/2014
Ew his reaction to Tanya kissing him was fucking weird, he's so gonna cheat. This story had promise but is getting shit real fast.
Keem2129 chapter 11 . 5/30/2014
I know Edward didn't want tell her when she first came back but it's been a week now she just needs to ask him and get his side of the story.
gracefish21 chapter 3 . 4/27/2013
So good