Reviews for There's Always A Catch
knightessjg chapter 81 . 6/23
But Amora said that they were in a random order, so it may very well be Captain America next, just to startle everyone.
Guest chapter 45 . 6/4
I like it so far, but you're focusing way to much on Toni's storyline. I'm guessing your an iron man fan but remember we're talking about a TEAM of avengers watching their movies not one person. Oh and I noticed that your making Toni out to be like Pepper Potts and less like her male version, but you got to understand that's how Iron Man's personality is supposed to be. He's supposed to be a risk taking, stubborn, sarcastic, borderline arrogant but can back it up billionaire that likes to say things without thinking and jump into situations without really looking into it first in the heat of the moments, his battle with Thor is a good example of that. I know Toni's not going to be an exact replica of her male self but you've got to remember the key elements of Tony Stark's personality that makes Tony Stark and any versions of himself, well Tony Stark. Now that that rant is done just wanted to say that other than that your doing a fantastic job and you should continue this fanfic hope to read more from you soon~! Cheerio!
WinchesterGranger chapter 42 . 6/1
Aaaa i love this, everbody feels bad for not trusting tony seriusly you're story is making my brakes inbetween studing for exams the best moments.
IWantColoredRain chapter 81 . 5/26
Very good update soon if you can.
TheNinjaFromYesterday chapter 81 . 5/23
Rin-s666 chapter 81 . 5/19
Great fic!
I really want to read the next chapter! :)
icecatfire chapter 81 . 5/18
cute. we get to see them react to the movie without it being boring for those of us who have seen the movie already. :) loved this. :D
nisse chapter 81 . 5/18
And don't worry for soon updates, just keep those chapters long ;)
Nisse chapter 81 . 5/18
No problem :) and what happened? If I can ask of course. I've just finished reading, and I wanted to tell you that I love the way you portray fem Tony, it's so like her male counterpart, but also different, you are doing this so well. I hope we will see more captain/tony moments! I love those. So Thor's movie next? I didn't like it very much, but let's see how it goes. I hope you're having a nice week! See ya c:
FleurSuoh chapter 81 . 5/18
Loved the chapter
Morgana-Mikaelson chapter 81 . 5/18
Littlest1 chapter 81 . 5/18
Yay you have published a new chapter. It was fantastic and I am really enjoying the sensitive side to Tony.
Dreamer558750 chapter 81 . 5/18
Hope your feeling better and great chapter! Can't wait for next one :)
Zeldeza chapter 81 . 5/18
Ah, welcome back! It's so good to see an update for this story. So, Thor is next followed by Captain America? I can not wait for the Captain's movie. Though, I do have to ask.. How come you're not including The Incredible Hulk (2008). I'm pretty sure that's canon in the MCU considering Bruce's words in the Avengers about trying to shoot himself - said shooting being a deleted scene in the 2008 Hulk movie.
Lupinica friggasdoiter chapter 81 . 5/18
Yay! Oh definitely pre ship in here. Awesome!
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