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alinoe.kiara chapter 83 . 9/21
Could You please don't take down the old version? It always annoy me so much when I look for a story I remeber and instead of 50 chapter saga find a 3 chapter rewrite... that doesn't have the part I was looking for anymore because it was in chapter 48...

Piper hating got a little predictable, yes. He only spoke to make an ass of himself in the later parts. And I love the idea of Pepper / Tony romance cut out from the movies.

Pietro and Wanda: are we talking about them not being Jews or not being Hydra? If there may also not be a Vision I'm hoping for no Hydra and no Ultron. Cause that movie was a mess. But I'm not what are the doing in Avengers then?

Coulson Agents of Shield backstory is fine but I would prefer not to include any additional cast into the story. In "characters watch the movie" storyline there is not much space for character development and dividing it for more than a few characters make them completely flat one-liners. So I wouldn't bother with ANYONE not from Avengers movies.
xoxo chapter 83 . 9/21
Aside from Clint and the family plot, I'll be quite happy with the changes you've listed, especially the ones regarding Toni's characterization, and Piper/Pepper. I can recall several points I almost stopped reading in the past because of the way Toni was handled - too good, even before the turning point, and all of what you mentioned. I will be happy to see that overhauled!
Mystic 777 chapter 83 . 9/21
(nods slowly) Those sound like some good changes. I look forward to the rewrite. Normally I'd volunteer for the beta work but real life isn't giving me much time for my own writing much less editing. :( Good luck finding a good fit!
Phoenix Moon 00 chapter 83 . 9/21
Hi! First of all I'm so excited to see where this story goes as I love it the first time around and I know I'm going to love it the second. I would love to be a beta reader for you if you still need one! I'm really good with grammar and subject-verb agreement. If not, I'm still super excited to see where you go with this! Happy writing!
Star1X chapter 83 . 9/21
Have you considered having Toni being a mother figure to Peter?

Also would be interesting to see how the team could react to Wanda mindfucking Tony/Toni to make ultron.
SilverWolf1992 chapter 83 . 9/21
I would be sooo excited for a Toni/Bucky story!
tlowry1 chapter 83 . 9/21
I would be interested in beta reading your story as I'm writing a few Marvel movies myself and one of them also includes the team reacting to the a set of movies. I'm excited that Pepper is going to be female again as I think that she comes across better that way especially as it will be in a more friendship role. I love a good WinterIron pairing so I'm curious to see how you would introduce Bucky into the story and whether or not you would keep certain elements from films such as Steve and Nat finding out about Toni/y's parents or if you're going to tweak it. Either way I'm looking forward to what comes next!
Zeldeza chapter 83 . 9/21
I'm excited for the rewrite, only thing I'm not really in agreement with is the Bucky/Toni pairing - Not sure how you're going to be able to make it possible since you know.. He killed her parents. Brainwashing or not, I can't see her ever dating him. But I'll admit, I'm curious to see how you manage it.

Nothing new with Steve? Damn, I really want to see what you're going to do with him - He's my favourite.
Tiffany chapter 83 . 9/21
Reading the changes that you're planning on making for the new story, makes me really excited, especially as some of your points really capitalise some of my own views on the Marvel Universe. Especially the Wanda and Pietro situation! I would be interested in becoming a beta reader for your story as I've got a few stories of my own in the Marvel Universe so just putting it out there. Either way, really looking forward to reading what's to come!
Dymian chapter 59 . 9/19
You gendershifted Piper back to Pepper.
deathvalley101 chapter 82 . 7/25
This story is amazing, it's one of very few fem Toni fics that I actually like! Please update soon!
RingwraithYJLOVER chapter 81 . 7/20
Hey, it's me again. Quick question: are you going to write this post Civil War?

Also another amazing Fem!Tony story on Ao3: The Captain, the Sergeant, and Their Lieutenant. Have you read it?
RingwraithYJLOVER chapter 82 . 7/17
That's okay. Good luck!

Just out of curiously, have you ever heard of the Fem!Tony story called The Limitations of Wax? It's amazing! I definitely recommend it. It's on archiveofourown.
CrazyMichelle12 chapter 1 . 7/14
Please update i love this story.
Guest chapter 79 . 7/6
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