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Illuviar chapter 8 . 16h ago
Great story! Well written characters and dialogue! I have the feeling that much hilarity will ensure in the next chapter!:D
Apocalypse Legionaire 117 chapter 8 . 4/9
Never watch FoZ before, but I gotta admit, I'm enjoying what I've read so far. Especially since this is the first fic I've read that uses a scrapped character as the protagonist. In any case, looking forward to your next update and keep up the good work!
Zarbapha chapter 8 . 3/25
Derf's last phrasee sounded a bit awkward.
But that's irrelevant-Fouqet is running straight towards St. George!
Akuma-Heika chapter 8 . 2/24
Cattleya were HERE

Savior you mixed the I and o

In this case Heaven is a place and proper noun.

Checked the wiki and he was a good character. They even had his skills and NP leveled. He would be great on the front lines with his A plus Guardian ability. Ascalon just increases that even further.

His Abyss Dragon NP will be fun. Are you going to make it so he becomes a dragon or turns other people/objects into them? Will they be the Nasuverse dragons (which are far stronger than Zero dragons)? Will the dragons be under his control or will they be berserk? Can he reverse it?

Can the Dragon Slayer be used on non-draconian targets? The long range blasts of light would help his standing.

How will Bayard work? The description says the rider is impervious to harm but can only neutralize one fatal attack.

Just realized he is a Magus Killer…this will be good lol

Most, if not all, of his skills are designed to make him a tank (regardless of his stats) Immunity to mental attacks, immunity to most magics, able to boost his defense to immense levels if defending others, and can fight even under extreme conditions/injuries along with instincts honed to protect himself from attacks with a touch of divinity. On that matter what are his stats?

When he activates the Gandalfr runes will his abilities than be superhuman?

The removal of his NP is a good move and as I stated with his skills and abilities he is a tank so it is not a big deal.

A Void Dispel effect? From memory magic resistance would not actively disrupt magic wide spread like that. Ah she absorbed the magic around her to create George’s body.

DO the Romans HAVE knights? The closest I can think of for Roman Knights are Centurions…and that is a bit different. What does George consider to be a knight?

I have EVER seen

She is a mage as well though so does she include the fact she and the elf girl at her orphanage are not worth mercy either?

More to point he is a GOOD Christian.

Lol on the knight ebfore it was cool comment.

And what is a eques etc?

WOuldn’t this worlds knights be the Arthurian model of Knights based off himself?

Is his MR causing the rock to collapse?

Matilda’s actions would absolutely disgust Tiffa if she knew of them.

Prayer had been answered

Actually the wiki has his story, legend, skills, and NP that’s it. They do rank his skills though (Most are B or higher. Instinct and Divinity are C though.

You made him more of a tank lol. A plus endurance added to the list of defensive passive and active abilities he has. With luck that high he probably could go into a battle drunk and blind folded and have a solid victory lol. Agility is pretty good as well with that double plus added on. That makes it better stat wise to a B plus.

Ah Guardian Knight boosts more than his endurance.

Is part of the reason Louise passed out from his use of Ascalon?

E is also the pinnacle of human ability so Olympic levels for easier comprehension.

What do you classify as normal humans? That changes from country and even towns. Considering the verse while it is a magical society it is middle ages so the physical ability is higher at least for soldiers.

If that is the case than he has the agility rating that is 9 times that of a human at his base speed…he makes Olympian runners look like paraplegics. His endurance is 10 times human standards…his bones are as hard as steel lol.

George is going to be a favorite of the staff at least.

Best OF plans

Hope Mott dies!

PEJP Bengtzone V2 chapter 8 . 2/23
1. Say, if you were to have Georgius develop an enhanced affinity for sorcery, which method would you have most like chosen, out of following:
1-1. Swallowing a Spirit's Tear, a vapor-like fragment of the Water Spirit's liquid body, and have the Water Spirit spread her spirit magic's influence throughout Georgius' body via the swallowed Spirit's Tear, so that the Water Spirit's essence flows through his veins, as well as perhaps his bodily fluids, causing him to achieve an affinity for Spirit Magic, as well as perhaps Hydrokinesis?

1-2. Swallow a Windstone crystal shard, to gain an affinity for Wind Magic?

1-3. Have him become an Avatar, or a Shamanic host, for the spirit of the elf Sasha, who'll grant him an affinity for Firstborn magic, and causes him to develop internal Mana supply?
2. If you were to have Georgius gain multiple Spirit's Tears from the Water Spirit, and have someone swallow a Spirit's Tear in its pure (non-manipulated) state, which would have been the most likely event, out of following:
2-1. Having Georgius himself swallow a Spirit's Tear, and have the Water Spirit use to grant him an affinity for Spirit Magic and/or Hydrokinesis?

2-2. Having Louise's older sister Cattleya swallow one, only for the Water Spirit to use her internal influence over Cattleya's body via the Spirit's Tear, to magically encourage (enhance/amplify) Cattleya's antibodies, so she develops an enhanced immunity system, by causing her to gain a Healing Factor, that provides her with (at least near-)instantaneous healing and recovery?
The reason behind this, is that she suffers from a seemingly incurable disease, that is resistant towards healing magic, and its anti-magic resistance can only be overruled through either surgery, or by having the Water Spirit using spirit magic through her Spirit's Tear-based influence over Cattleya's body, to perform a healing spell that is directed towards her antibodies, to have Cattleya's immunity system magically maximized.
The only side-effect is that she'll become a sorcery-based meta-human (a human mutant, who has gone through a magic-based metamorphosis), as well as perhaps a minor affinity for Spirit Magic.

2-3. Having Flame the salamander swallow one, and goes through a bio-magical metamorphosis by the Water Spirit, who uses the Spirit's Tear within Flame, to have become biologically altered to gain an affinity for water, while becoming more of an amphibious reptile, resulting in Flame being able to breath/live underwater, just as well as on dry land?
In other words, Flame becomes more of a newt-like water lizard, and in the process gains a "dual affinity" for both water AND fire.

2-4. Having Mon-Mon (Monmorency), unless you would prefer Henrietta, become an amphibious human being, by swallowing a non-manipulated Spirit's Tear, and have the Water Spirit magically alter her physiology, so she grows gills on her neck, so she can breath, move and live underwater, while also gaining a non-magical affinity for Hydrokinesis?

2-5. Having Georgius, rather than swallowing it, pour a Spirit's Tear into an isolated water body, like a lake, a spring, a well, or a fountain, to provide a spiritual individual extension of width for the Water Spirit, without the need for her to flood lands?

2-6. Having Georgius, rather than swallowing it, use a Spirit's Tear as a material for reforging Derflinger, or to simply craft an additional sword?

2-7. Having Georgius use on Wales, by having the prince swallow it, and have the Water Spirit physically alter Wales' biology, with the use of the Spirit's Tear, to not only give him a Healing Factor of near-instantaneous healing and recovery, but also give him an affinity for Spirit Magic, as well as growing a pair of avian wings, to make him an angelic human for a winged humanoid?

2-8. Having Tiffania Westwood swallow a Spirit's Tear, and have the Water Spirit use the swallowed Spirit's Tear to grant Tiffania an affinity for Spirit Magic, as well as the ability to grow butterfly-themed fairy wings for the purpose of flight?
3. Do you have any plans on letting Tiffania Westwood get to meet her paternal cousin prince Wales Tudor of Albion?
4. Will you let Georgius befriend a humanoid entity, like a female 'troblin' (a troll/ goblin hybrid), a dwarf-gnome halfbreed, or a demi-ogress (a female ogre, who is part human, elf or some other sapient being)?
Sammy Holzbein chapter 7 . 2/22
Like it very much. Thanks a lot.
PEJP Bengtzone V2 chapter 7 . 2/21
I suppose you will not have Georgius swallow a Spirit's Tear, given to him by the Water Spirit, huh?
I think it could be interesting, if Georgius would get influenced by the Spirit Magic of the Water Spirit, by letting spirit magic flow through his veins upon (directly) swallowing a Spirit's Tear, due to the Spirit's Tear is a fragment of the Water Spirit in form of a tear-like cascade.

I mean, wouldn't it be awesome if Georgius would develop an affinity for spirit magic, upon having the Spirit's Tear spread itself through the bodily water (and perhaps other body fluids) of Georgius('s body).
PEJP Bengtzone V2 chapter 5 . 2/21
I thought Ascalon was some kind of "sword-lance".
BiblioMatsuri chapter 8 . 2/20
And cue Fouquet banging her head against a wall. Because there was no way her plan could hold up against protagonist trouble-magnet-ness. (Hm. I wonder what Georgius will make of Princess Henrietta?)
Vlagh chapter 4 . 2/20
This is a really good story and I'm enjoying it. I just have one nitpick. You say that Fouquet hates mages but she herself is one, I might be wrong but I think what she hates are nobles which is a small distinction but a distinction none the less.
Kage15oni chapter 8 . 2/20
Interesting, I like the fact you break canon here and there but still come of as recognise able.
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 8 . 2/18
ok thanks for handiling that bit of idiocy, and I love the flat what after a pause of hearing it for a bit... hehehe so is Deflinger just messing with them because hes been a sleep that long and needs some time organizing his memory? or is he just messing with em?

still love Georgius and that's AWESOME work right there and how you haddded in some hes a good guy and having that actually WORK witht he bits of him eing starteled by a woman soldier which HE only has seen signs of womon FIGHITNG as a time of HUGE upheveal and strees and his own military backing on why everoyn JOINED wasent because of service and all and him being flat CONFUSED with the soldiers and nobles way of doing stuff that is still from his perspective... more relaxed nature of SOLDIERS for just a start will CONFUSE HIM, hell the musketerres would probably completely confound him EPECIALLY as stuff like that was a BIG thing with the fall of Rome not that Georgius KNOWS intimately, but at least has some SUSPICIONS... .should be fun to see him adapt and his reservations about stuff and all...

should be fun. especially aobut the good points from everyones view on all sides and... hehehe. should be fun.
cj1of4 chapter 8 . 2/18
Well I bet that comment from Derf through Louise for a loop. Still I thought is was the Elf girl who was Brimir 'Right had of god' that created Derf? Either way I'm interested in seeing where this story goes.

P.S. It should like our little thief just isn't having much luck getting the staff away from George.
Chaoswind2 chapter 1 . 2/18
To elaborate SPIRIT magic is needed to give life/soul to objects, void magic is adverse towards spirit magic so they don't mix well.

The elves have a bunch of sacret sentient weapons including a dagger that can control its user, like derflinger.
Chaoswind2 chapter 8 . 2/18
Sasha the first Gandalf made derflinger not Brimir.
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