Reviews for Saint of Zero
TorstenL chapter 18 . 6/17
good story!

please update it soon.
Guest chapter 18 . 6/11
What is this? Two chapters I have never read before!
and Saint George
Guest chapter 9 . 6/11
Keep your SJW bullshit to yourself, who gives a shit if they found her sexuality more important than her shitty backstory.
V. G chapter 18 . 6/5
I really like the story you've woven up until this point. Not many people take a "minor" character from the Nasuverse Fandom, and develop them so faithfully as you have (as far as I can tell). That's what's drawn me in thus far to your story.

Just some words of encouragement from a reader.
OverlordMetatron chapter 2 . 6/2
so is this Saint George the dragonslayer if so i am excited to see what happens next
Captain Wallace chapter 18 . 6/2
I love this story. I've not actually watched Familiar of Zero myself but I have read other crossover fanfictions of it (Like Hill of Swords), so my knowledge of it is limited to what comes through that. Regardless, I have greatly enjoyed how you have side-stepped or altered several "stations of canon" for this story through George's presence, and the character moments are all very intriguing.

I think the religious aspect of the story may be my favourite part. I gathered from other stories that FoZ has a strong religious element to its setting, but writing a crossover where the introduced character doesn't just shrug and either ignore or just play along with that is refreshing. George and Louise both thinking that each other have good qualities in their faith but that their religious interpretations are mixed up is how a lot of religious people really behave, and it's engaging to read it play out. The presence and power of the Spear of Longinus (I loved that twist, btw) and the Water Spirit's words in this chapter make it clear that there's more to George's claims than just magic resistance, but obviously Brimir has plenty of evidence for his own works lying around this world as well. All in all I think you've set a lot of things up for some intriguing drama for a lot of characters in this world.

However long it takes, I eagerly await more.
dreaddragonknight chapter 18 . 5/13
ok i am hyped for this
dreaddragonknight chapter 17 . 5/13
i like what you are doing here, it really expands on the lore in a way that cannon just made really stupid
dreaddragonknight chapter 16 . 5/13
huh, didn't think Tabitha's Uncle would give a shit about her screwing over Albion, until he needed her to do something related
dreaddragonknight chapter 15 . 5/13
things are going to interesting places, well done
dreaddragonknight chapter 14 . 5/12
yeah i can see Georgius going about this in the way he is, with only a little righteous fury at the stupidity that is Founderism
dreaddragonknight chapter 13 . 5/12
huh... so that happened, i guess you really nerfed the guy... interesting chapter though
dreaddragonknight chapter 12 . 5/12
i am indifferent to this chapter
dreaddragonknight chapter 11 . 5/12
ok so things are different then in cannon beyond the usual stuff from someone else being summoned and i am intrigued
dreaddragonknight chapter 10 . 5/11
interesting progression
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