Reviews for Search, Seek & Destroy
DeDe324 chapter 1 . 8/28/2013
I just realized I never reviewed this and I feel like a terrible person...

This is great and I feel kinda sick saying that, ha. I always love a good villain. I think it's because if I were an actress, those would be the parts I'd hope to get. I just think it would be such a thrill to get inside someone's head like that that is clearly so opposite from the norm, I guess.

Sabretooth/Creed is definitely one of those characters, especially in this one shot of yours. I mean, if we're honest, there's absolutely nothing redeemable about him and he is a true to the core villain. I love how you let us get into his head and see how he plots what he's going to do to Hasina (even though it kinda terrifies me).

The torture scene... Christ... you wrote it so well... should I be concerned? Jk. Seriously though, I've said it before and I'll say it again... your ability to describe is seriously enviable. It's a shame that he killed Hasina. I would have been interested to see what could have happened. Not that this one shot isn't great because it is.

Excellent job, but I'd expect nothing less from you my dear.