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Trife chapter 7 . 5/30/2013
Great story and I like how you are not doing a canon repeat so I am enjoying this story even more! Keep up the great work!

Uchiha Rai chapter 7 . 5/27/2013
looking forward to seeing who ends up as ichigo's next sekirei.
DragonBlade00 chapter 7 . 5/20/2013
good story
javichuelas chapter 7 . 5/14/2013
Bobboky chapter 7 . 5/10/2013
Very good
A simple fool chapter 7 . 5/4/2013
Your story is my third favorite bleach/sekirei story. Keep writing awesomely and I'll keep reading.
Zaralann chapter 7 . 5/4/2013
Nice chapter!
Guest chapter 7 . 5/4/2013
Now, how are those Seikirei knowing the Shinigami trademark Shunpo ability, I realize this is some form of making the Shinigami and the Seikirei on somewhat equal grounds and when in full reality the shinigami is more powerful than the Seikirei. That is the difference between the two franchises.

I would wish that Ichigo don't turn into a Ignorant Ashikabe and it appears he does not even know what an Ashikabe is, the way he thinks is like, the more he wings the more he protects and in reality they will be with him for lifetime and wherever he goes. So If by chance he has to settle down and he has about FOUR to FIVE Seikirei, will he be living with them like a huge Harem and what would his sisters think of their big brother and despite Isshin being a Perv he doesn't seem the type to approve of Harem considering how faithful he is with his "Late" wife Masaki and never Marrying another.

I would opt for Ichigo to have just two Seikirei and its a big downer that you made Orihime into somewhat of Lesbo and she is straight in Manga, why isn't she awkward of Akitsu giving a kiss Mouth to Mouth?.

Is Ichigo ignoring Orihime or is he waiting for her to proclaim to him out loud?.

There is no Progress or hint of a relationship, all Matsu does is tease Ichigo and he flusters, but he does not know much about her and him too, so its really not much of a relationship.

Karasuba with Ichigo pretty much will not make sense and she has no moral codes and picks on the weak, she is nothing like Kenpachi who has honour and dont pick on the weak.

Did Miya get the "feeling" with Urahara ?

I would like a Seikirei getting an accidental feel with Ichigo's pure blood father Isshin, just because he had a wife doesn't mean the seikirei wont feel for him and he can be a charismatic guy. Isshin has to check on his son and as a father he can be worried.

A Seikirei to be helplessly in love with Isshin like Miya or someone of your choosing.

The fic is great aside from the Seikirei having Shunpo.
Grinja chapter 7 . 5/4/2013
No reaction from Karasuba to Ichigo? I'm so disappointed. Maybe when she realizes Natsuo is a little boring for her tastes, she'll realize she already found something more interesting. Perhaps Urahara is going to do some scheming of his own, making Minaka a deal to approve Ichigo as Ashikabi of the Discipline Squad so he can oversee things.

Of course, thats just my own personal tastes speaking.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 7 . 5/3/2013
You know, it be awesome if Uryu would get involed in this, even if only to train the Ashikabi into a quasi quincy fella, you dont even have to get him in as an ashikabi although if the quince had kept some secret records of this and Uryu knew? Or as a human of sorts he understood more about the Ashikabi…. Well it would be interesting there, hell Uryus sourness to this situation if he accidently winged someone and all the in depth techniquall questions would be hilarious! and adding him would show of more of what the humans can do I admit...
Im a tad surprised Orohime didn’t feel frustration about the thought of Ichigo taking other ashikabis and being sorta of annoyed at ichigo you know? And Orohimes a ashikabi now as well shes got to think about her own senkai!
I hope that not to many non ashikabis get the ichigo bug as harems , especially in this situation can be reasonable! hes not the only person alive nor is he someone whos all the womans want should lean twords.
Well you haven’t been doing that and im happy there but there is some worrying potential and all, Ichigo has his own, there is orohime with her own witch is like an extendad four way If that actually evolves… and more and more ashikabi
so Ichigo with a 400 extended harem while hes being all celibate would get... well you know.

Also I really hope the other “bad guys” of the series get some help. Perhaps from a evil tricky hollow or something? Or a no name arranacar that trained itself up a bit?

And ahh you picked up on that did you? Bakyua, Soi fong, and Urhara are the speed demons of bleach so to speck, witch ichigo joingin them more from that’s what his bankai and other power ups do than just his pure base sate speed but still. Ichigo is less then three decades under his belt, hell he ashent even reached two decades in your story right? In a lot of ways he has a long ways to grow.
Well also probably the four elder ccaptains (Yammomto, Unohana Shunsui and maby Ukitake)

so anyway Im really curious about your spin on the bleach world take of with the senkais groups and what are they as well as in terms with the bleach world and what not.
and the evil plot!
Its nice to see that Kisuke is talking politics, that should be nice and fun and ill admit it shall be interesting to see what that will change up especially with plot and all
Orchamus chapter 7 . 5/3/2013
Awesome, the rescue went pretty well, as did the healing sessions for Chiho and Akitsu, and now Orihime has her own eventual lover so she's not jealin over Ichigo.
Meech Macko chapter 7 . 5/3/2013
It is still kind of weird that you gave of the Shunpo abilities of the shinigami to Seikirei to Balance them...I hope that's all coz the point of the crossover is to show the difference between Bleach and Seikirei ..not to equalise them...

Ichigo's shunpo become extreme when he is in Ban-kai and the ultimate shunpo users are Yoruichi and Byakuya...

I hope Ichigo only wings less number of Seikirei without making him look like a sleaze...too much will seem forced and while he is a closet perv ...he doesn't seek them out (the situation naturally presents itself) I don't think he will support a LARGE HAREM and he is quite a prude and strict guy...with honour codes

So, will Orihime give up on Ichigo or will she stay strong considering she was in love with him first and knows more about him?

I had hoped to see Ichigo considering Orhime, me being an Ichix Orhime shipper (but it seems he likes to be Ignorant or he knows...) . Ichigo x Rukia isn't exactly possible as Rukia cannot relinquish her duties as a Shinigami and freely go to the human world plus Soul Society is strict on Laws and Yamamoto isn't going to allow her to settle in human world just coz she or Ichigo is in love...that would question his leadership and other Shinigami can seek relationship in Human realm.

Minaka's plan seems very cruel and he is Human so killing him will need special sanction from Yamamoto as they cant just kill of Humans.

Wonder what Urahara is going to say to Minaka...?

Who will be Ichigo's second Seikirei...

Anyway the plots thickening and getting great...

Blinded in a bolthole chapter 7 . 5/3/2013
And what pray tell is idiotic about a frontal charge at a fortress in enemy dimension filled with ancient and crazy-powerful superhuman beings?

You know... there's actually a reason why flash-step is a Shinigami-only thing. Shinigami, being spiritual creatures don't have to deal with things that come with moving with high-speed in a physical body (the body would tear itself up).

The Quincy salved this problem by covering themselves in a cocoon of spiritual particles, while Fullbringers use their physical-world manipulation abilities to get around aerodynamic issues altogether (thus crating their own fast-moving technique).

You might want to fix this bit or giving the Sekirei their own fast-moving ability or something.

"Karasuba's peace" this is a very ironic typo...
Arai kaji chapter 7 . 5/3/2013
Will Ichigo still end up with Orihime(and by proxy Akitsu) in his harem, and do think it would be possinle to add Chiho(and by proxy Uzume) in as well? Still very nicely done on this chapter.
ultima-owner chapter 7 . 5/3/2013
Kisuke will have a "very nice talk"
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