Reviews for High Riders: Scott's Story
Luvreading67 chapter 1 . 4/27
I’ve always loved this particular Lancer episode, and I also love reading, putting feelings into words too,,I enjoyed your telling of Scott’s side of the story,,
I am going to watch the episode
Maureen O chapter 1 . 3/5/2018
I found this after reading Johnny's Story. I must say I really enjoyed it, but the evening meal dialogue is just brilliant.
gail chapter 1 . 9/1/2016
Liked this story very much and the other one of Murdoch's view as well but is there one for Johnny I would like to know what he was thinking about his new family and home but I can't find it here.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/3/2016
Scott's letter to his grandson, "Murdo", (loved the name and the nod, to Murdoch) - was a clever draw into "High Riders", as seen from Scott's POV.
This "looking back at the past", is a wonderful refresher course of the beginning - complete with televised dialogue; established facts; and expanded scenes. With one major difference.
What makes, "Scott's Story", the gem that it is - there is no doubt that it is Scott telling the tale. Rarely, does one get to crawl, so realistically, inside Scott's mind. Acerbic wit; keen observations; and multifaceted answers are gratefully revealed.
After visiting the past, is a glimpse of the future. (And with a fifty plus years between the two, leaves room for many more of "Scott's Stories" to fill in those missing years).
August 3, 2016
Cristy W-S chapter 1 . 2/12/2016
I didn't mean to read this all in one go as I had to get up early today, but once I started I had to finish it. It was so awesomely good! :) I so enjoyed seeing the pilot from Scott’s POV. It answered some niggling questions I had with intriguing possibilities I hadn't even thought of, as well as gave me insight into Scott's thoughts. Love it!

This line made me stop and think: 'I thought to myself that after a year in a Confederate prisoner-of-war camp, the words "dirty" and "primitive" could hold no terrors for me…' I immediately realised this could be why Scott gave that knowing wee smirk when Johnny finished talking about 'ants crawling across your eyeballs'. He'd been through more than his family could know, but Johnny thought him a pampered, soft Easterner he thought he could shock with his 'ants' scenario. Cool!

Their first dinner together was an absolute treat to read. It shed some light on how they came to call their father 'Murdoch', how Teresa fit into Murdoch's affections, and how Scott and Teresa found out about Johnny Madrid. Oh, and you captured Johnny's testiness and classic sense of humour perfectly. Some of his remarks really made me laugh, like the quip about Scott's ruffled shirt and him (Johnny) possibly calling Murdoch 'old man' every now and then. :)

When Scott found out that his father had been at his birthday party, I'm curious as to why he didn't immediately wonder why his grandfather had kept that information from him. It seems logical he would wonder given that his grandfather had maintained Murdoch had never been in touch.

But the killer-line at the dinner came from Murdoch: 'His fame hasn't reached Boston yet, apparently.' OMG! I literally lol'd when I read that!

I liked how you had Scott explain why Murdoch could have hired two-dozen Johnny Madrids, but he instead sent for his sons. I had the same question as to why didn't hire guns, but your explanation makes good sense. I hadn't thought of that - that fighting for something that's yours is totally different than fighting for what you're paid to protect. He wanted them to become a part of Lancer, and that meant fighting for it.

Scott admitting he was showing off with the horse - yeah! I definitely got that feeling too, but I also thought he would be ashamed of his actions later. But it did show that Johnny was gracious in his praise. I liked Scott recognised that. In the pilot it wasn't clear if he did.

I had wondered why Scott had not fully shared his plan for Pardee with Johnny as he was getting ready to ride out with Cipriano and the others, but would 'tell him on the way'. Now I see why. I sorta thought it was a lack of trust thing, but it didn't cross my mind that he thought Johnny an 'arrogant kid' and he'd had enough of him. Interesting.

Loved this line: 'With the signing of the paper my father had given me Lancer. With the look that passed between the two of us, I realised that Lancer had given me my father'. Oh, yes! Yes, yes, YES!


Thanks so much for posting this, Polly V. It was a wonderful read. :)
twobrothers chapter 1 . 3/20/2015
Nice to her this from Scott's perspective.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/26/2013
"I kept my temper" "I lost my temper" Love your writing and the authentic voice you have given Scott.
derrx004 chapter 1 . 5/7/2013
Polly, I'm glad you've posted this story here, and glad I came across it again.

It so perfectly captures Scott's inner thoughts about the beginning of the Lancer saga-and also reassures us that both Johnny and Scott survive and thrive together at Lancer.

I admire your writing, especially the occasional ironic turn of phrase ("I was popular, I was admired, I was miserable," for example).

Looking forward to reading and rereading all your further explorations of the Lancer family dynamic!