Reviews for The New Circle
Guest chapter 136 . 7/22
Well two weeks... And I finally came to the last chapter... Will you update the story... Maybe? Anyway, thank you for the great story so far!
bronson.simmerman chapter 136 . 7/11
I have two questions first one is when will u updated this story and u feel like she will have 5 people as her mates and I think they are Jason Whitney zod lex Adam t
Tracey C chapter 136 . 5/29
Hi, I love your writing. And this story is one of my absolute favorites. You’ve given the characters and each relationship so much depth! I still get all the feels when I read it, especially with Gabe’s and Jordan’s deaths. I’m so sorry you got so much negativity in the comments! Please know there are lots of others who truly appreciate your creativity and work! :D
Guest chapter 51 . 3/3
And you PLACE/PAIR Chloe with Whitney when WHITNEY is BASICALLY JASON. The same situation..You did WRONG on the pairing in this story! But whatever..You've abandoned it already..Pity.
iHateHotWeather123 chapter 135 . 3/2
You also need to do something about giving other characters more interaction and scene time in this story..A bit more would help..You're TOO focused on Whitney..Where are the rest of the MAIN family of the WITCHS.. Lex etc and Oliver and that whore , her and her father needs to die..

Also, why not add SCHOOL into the chapters too..Yes, I get that she and the rest of Smallville/The world is at war but something as original as a chapter on School life etc wouldn't hurt.

Also, what is happening OUTSIDE of Smallville would help too..What is the WORLDS or what's "left" of the world's government thinking or doing?
iHateHotWeather123 chapter 134 . 3/2
Pete I can understand and forgive BUT Lana really NEEDS to go and die!
iHateHotWeather123 chapter 131 . 3/2
Wrong choice of it being Whitney..He will ALWAYS "follow/listen/SLAVE" for Chloe..Their relationship doesn't work..I don't get why you don't see since YOU WROTE IT THAT WAY! I guess, you just FAVOR him and overall, it's a mistake. The pairing of Whitney and Chloe is THIS stories BIGGEST FLAW and MISTAKE! You much be so bias as to not see your own mistake and writing..Too just ignore it all..

Lex and Zod is the best choices.
Guest chapter 136 . 2/15
Let me tell u something, I'm speechless. This was amazing!
Hope u keep going sometime.

sobreyra274 chapter 1 . 1/28
I love this story it’s so amazing! I love the sibling relationships and friendships I absolutely love Chloe and Whitney so cute! Hope they get together soon can’t wait to read more hope you update soon best story ever!
Guest chapter 136 . 11/25/2017
Damn, I wish you would update this story. I know that there were bad trolls that made writing this story a burden, but please come back.
Alice chapter 136 . 9/2/2017
There are no words for how much I adore this story. I've actually read it four times completely through. I've never done that before. I hope that your muse inspires you to continue writing this! It is truly a pleasure to read, and honestly, I like it more than almost all the stories out there, original or fanfiction. In fact, if you made this an actual book, changing the names and the places, I would buy it. That's how much this inspires my imagination. You make me wish I was there and I feel the emotions of every character. In fact, I've teared up quite a few times while reading this. Even after reading it four times, I am still affected by some of these events. Gabe Sullivan's death, Chloe's first triumph over Rao's forces, Moira's betrayal and the Darkseid/Balcoin Circles tribulations. The unknowing of who would be claimed next. You've made them a true family, with faults and all. You've made them real. There are few authors that can do that. Congratulations, you're one of them. Can't wait to read the next chapter (if you decide to post one).
Alsc Petrelli Winchester Stark chapter 1 . 9/3/2017
Guys! There's a Wiki for this story! Check it out!

Guest chapter 136 . 5/20/2017
Still adore this story beyond words - Zoe/Chloe/Whitney for the win! But I'd love to see an update on this -specifically what/who is Whitney - I'm dying to know
Peace2276 chapter 136 . 3/26/2017
I love all of the stories you write. This series has to be one of my favorites though. I am astonished by how good of a writer you are. I hope you will be able to update soon because I am just one of many who want to see more of this masterpiece unfold.
The Last Happy Song chapter 136 . 3/4/2017
Do you plan on continuing this story? I really love it, and I would like to see it through to the end, but it's been a while since you've updated...
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