Reviews for Operation Orpheus
narutonarutolove chapter 1 . 6/19
whats the theory?

And awesome for shipping Australia, its new! fresh. and considering its the summer, I could definitely read fresh new writing (its starting to get ******* hot over here)

All the other fics were America shipped, so I already am leaning towards liking this finally new story just for the characters being Australian.
Ana Blackstone chapter 5 . 3/24
I applaud you for your work. I am not new to this site but my account is. It was refreshing to come by a good Daryl fic. I admit I am a picky reader, but that is because I am a picky writer; I plow through tons of Daryl fics a day just to determine if they are worth reading. When I found this one I knew it would be worth while. Thank you for making such a great story, with such an unique and interesting plot. XD
celia azul chapter 7 . 3/4
I love your potrail of Daryl.
Guest chapter 32 . 3/2
2nd read through and enjoyed it as much as the 1st.
Love that Christine and Merle scene, cried...again.
cherryorpeach chapter 8 . 3/3
Holy shit, this chapter was intense! Can't wait to read the huge battle scene between the Gov's gang and Rick's.
cherryorpeach chapter 2 . 3/3
I picture Christine like Stephanie Jacobsen, she's so gorgeous! Anyway, I just found your story. Bummed that I didn't get to read it while you were writing, it'd have been cool to follow along!
BUTTTTT I'm going to favorite this story :D
WickedBlue chapter 32 . 1/18
Wow! That was so good and so much fun to read. I found the last chapter really sad, too. But the relationship between Daryl and Mara was really beautiful. I'm glad they had a happy end.
Agar Loki chapter 32 . 12/21/2014
This was really good. I really truly enjoyed it. I waited until the very end, but during the first attack on the prison Mara twists her ankle to the point she thinks it might be broken, and it's never addressed she seems to be walking normally by the end of the episode. I waited because last time I didn't wait long enough and it was addressed.

But other than that, it was really good!
Agar Loki chapter 16 . 12/19/2014
I love that you made Daryl the virgin! This made my day!
Agar Loki chapter 14 . 12/19/2014
If it's any consolation. I quite enjoyed the way you wrote the interrogation scene...
Agar Loki chapter 10 . 12/19/2014
Okay so I see it here. I was just overly concerned because you were saying that everyone's wounds weren't that bad, but she had been stabbed! Haha! I feel a bit better now.

I'm really liking this story! I'm loving Mara!
Agar Loki chapter 9 . 12/19/2014
So Mara had a stab to her side that she literally pulled the knife out of to help Carol and you didn't do anything about it... thought I'd point that out.
Comingsummers chapter 32 . 12/18/2014
Another lovely story. I think you did a really good job capturing Daryl again, and I really liked your OC. She was believable and tough, yet tender too. I especially liked how you revealed his scars and how she handled that. It was really beautiful. You also did an admirable job with Merle, which I don't think I've ever seen before. People either write him so off character that it's not even him, or I just hate him. You managed to keep him perfectly in character, and yet I cared about him in the end. This was really a great story, and I'm glad I found it. Keep up the good work!
Crys V chapter 32 . 11/23/2014
Stumbled across this fic after reading (and LOVING) your Bethyl fics. Well I LOVE this one too! Your writing is incredible, engaging and true to the characters. What I loved most about this fic: Daryl being a virgin and truly awkward, awesome plot, Martinez and Andrea redeemed, and Merle crying over Christine (I really believe that's totally in character and I could just picture Rooker doing this). Please keep your stories coming _
jwoo2525 chapter 9 . 10/25/2014
I'm loving this story! I'll admit, that I'm not a Caryl shipper either. While I do think they love each other, it's not romantic to me. Caryl lost a child and Daryl, for a long time, didn't have his older brother. Their relationship is a weird big sister/little brother, maternal type bond to me. Anyway, I love Mara and can't wait to read more!
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