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Legitteenager16 chapter 20 . 6/15/2015
That took forever...and I was freaking out over the new bella and when she got her memories back I was doing a happy dance I literally yelled "FINALLY!"
Your story is really well done. Thank you I love your stories about twilight
MyladyNancy chapter 20 . 3/29/2015
thank you for sharing your talent, a lovely story.
Debbie Hicks chapter 20 . 10/18/2014
her is a very monstrously sample yet ENJOY!

Chapter 1
oh god my mouth fills with my own implanted Crimson I must kill the Vulcans then Sped off lik then suddenly was Screaming bloody murder then suddenly Atttacked as a Vampire then Fully Drained their own blood and with a very strongest but shapest snapping noise then a sudden pop I had killed them the Cullens who followed my way of Murdering as all of oh my god you Killed your best friends what are you suddenly recated to sunlight and Suddenly Hissed for real and for good and herself had a vision feet lots of feet going to America then all of the sudden the Newspaper reported a unstable out of orbital vampire drank the blood of the Vulcan but Gave Knockout venom then Killed the Three Pack as well with their both the Seer suddenly gasped Volturi they know we have dfone then suddenlky myself was so frightened terrified of the sider affect couldf not take it no longer screamed she is unstable then suddenly feet Were were the Volturi guard So well again you there I heard you created a vampire it is illegal to create her FELIX DESTROY HER That was it Killed us/them with our progeny suddenly with the all of the Allies suddenly gave up but fled from our bodies but taken away our lives complexly then ourselves with them asll of the blood we ate was longest term our own Crimson eyes changed to Golden color but I Will make you Suffer here is my TRUEST GIFT OF ALL BETAZED CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! My scream of a War roared but screamed out flashing my planetary rod and Grabbed it With my each teammates and finally Ascended as a Sailor Guardian I am the pretty guardian in a sailor suit guarded by the GREAT FIRE I Right wrongs and triumph over Evil that's YOU I AM SUPER SAILOR BETAZED HAS FINALLY ASCENDED! What happened to us who are you my name is Luna you girls young men are the only ones I fear they took us as well but with them Broke the law they had you and them killed you are forever immortalized but undead you were murdered but had kids by the Volturi guard you were unastable have a sailor crystal now you finally awakened to your mission guard Neo-Queen Serenity Tsukino Endymion the 3rd the monarch of Crystal Tokyo I will do my best and your masjesties I am a Countess of Betazed your protector I swear ye my life my Lord as Super Sailor Betazed Guardian of the soul and Mind my mask turned into a Brilliant golden tiara stood coldly became a True Sailor Guardian in whiter bodysuit with three things and long flowing manga styled gloves blue-green skirt boots boots and earring my hand held a sword in case I attack but I had a daughter killed with me was Super Sailor Bajor with her mate with her kids were warrirs so my teammates I was a Battle harden but leaner but more Athletc but fit but lethal swordswoman but my human memories were from the 30th century after our murders and deaths we moved away to New York city it happened to us/them still unification from around the world it was a side affect made us married vampires infertile my daughter was infertile as well slipped away from the living realm but the bodies vanished but CRASH! Made us Cursed but Sailor Guardians in both forms were Freedom fighters but it made us Much older but Ancient myself never aged or died the world know our Secret we are Kindred but we are Ascended Vampires and they were Ascended Interplanetary Lycans but Werewolves stronger swifter more lethal and wild and fastest in Cursed forms and ourselves began Hunting and Slaying unable to rest and Attacking hunted as all of the Witnesses like Animals with the friends and Immortal children had them killed witgh the gardeners with Didyme who died in the Great Fire they had Suffered but the Bodies were as all of them blazed I was a Vampire Slaying Super Sailor Guardian fighting back leading the Crystal Millennium coven I was a strong but more Lethal Fighter fiercer but Deadliest the Volturi's scout reported they been Murdered but killed by them are the Crystal Millennium coven declared War onto our coven they are now the lethalist but more Deadlist Vampires and Werwolves united in combat and friendship banded together to Battle are the 30th century ancient royal nomadic but Wild coven Completely butstopped aging are Warriors in their right and followed Surak are Wild Vampires WHAT?! The bomb is set they are Killed but shutting down the Sailor crystals here comes the bodies that was it killed us/them but we now adapt both kept us young but able to transform differently but lost the ablity to die no longer became Immortal but ourselves moved again but to South Carolina ourselves were still Wild Vampires and Werewolves found ourselves our eyes were still Crimson wearing the clothes of targets prey killed people with movie styled blood walking without shoes were underneath the soles of our unification of our so elegant supermodel bodies of ours act wild Minna oh man they died and killed people it's Work you are our side Garrett yes we are mated lost Irina then Alice had a vision again she so weird having a psychic sister for a coven member oh my god everyone thinks we killed people yes to trick and to fool the humans Daddy you killed people icky Mommy sighted Rosie why that SHRIMP! cool it Paul our families are retired we are allowed to travel Dawnie splashed us my nanny and babysitter hoo boy you hired us to babysitter oh gross you Baka eep groan how we go to school it was his daughter was so adorable but cute as a button Garrett was Vegetarian so the allies as well like the kids changed their ways became members it is the logical way to see us who we are Daughter you splashed onto the clothes it is the only logically way to trick them out of their hair and they reported a death the Volturi heard this they were furious but in a uproar since Didyme's death Marcus took a new wife again who was cold but unfeeling granted her new husband a secondary gift Animal sight was a survivor like him together they planned with them brained washed the very all of them made a lot changes after the families jailed killed but murdered them then suddenly Seth fled my mother killed I want is Vengeance but I to rip them apart he grieved of her death was orphaned what this a trust fund to live alone with her with your kids they miss their grandma in a somber but sorrowful voice Seth Clearwater I Grieve with thee for thy death of family then her powers was activated using her gift to remove his pain like T'Rea Sybok's mother had a gift as her had used High Golic Vulcan phrases and words they were grieved as well like Vulcans draw strength from the mind meld using her psionic abilities from her people the Vulcans were real Extraterrestrials suddenly he wept from my new best friend who was a gentle woman like her grandmother so her late mother in a teenage body of a girl so do I it was now 2014 we returned to see the homes merged but it was changed friends and loved ones then it happened slipped away but for one final last time but after turning as all of them now they chosen Immortality butr with hybrids as all of them, followed us into eternal rest but it had changed again the world changed again but lost the ablity to breed but a new age started here but the bodies as all of them found by them sided but killed them but reasing more of their people but all of the suden had all of the remains of cities above Earth to split our race as Kindred with Shifters as Interplanetary Shifters but merged but BLAST! With as all the remains of the with the White house vanished but with the Lew enforcement taking our law and order to Vulcan to create our own laws for us Vampires /Werewolves then it Fled but reached Vulcan but Crashed but gotten sucked into a Black Hole with each three and all of them suddenly Exploded but shattered here we are stranded on her planet after losing the bodies ourselves wore the worst sci-fi movie Planet of the Dinosaur's ending and caused the three Pack to chase Women caused Rachel to scream of her killed again her husband was furious he was a bad tempered Werewolf he sighted her his eyes were Desirous onto other Women herself was terrified of Spiders all her life with her twin sister and her husband met his brother in law with his eight kids ate again was taller and Muscular made Sonvok to run of his height he had a secret he was bitten by his other daughter became you guessed a Werewolf but Sonvok was a young Vulcan male terrified of people of his short height of 4.11 inches made him go pale in the face was nervous Black hair wild golden brown eyes pointed ears and upswept eyebrows looked human was a native of his world had to report Commander there are Werewolves eating our food What?! are hungry like Saiyans yes over here Strom oh Momma MIA! Quit it you both watch my kitten Abby and Shiloh with a mate sneezed but trumpeted their noses Oy it Cats your puppy is so cute it happened again it was gone trapped us/them but our battle had begun here and Now to fight them.
Jessica314 chapter 20 . 4/22/2014
Very sweet story :) I love the teddy bear part at the end.
Jessica314 chapter 10 . 4/22/2014
*hits head* Edward, when will you learn!
Jessica314 chapter 9 . 4/22/2014
Oh this is tragic! She finally woke up and now they have to start all over.
Jessica314 chapter 7 . 4/22/2014
The Jacob section was very sweet :) And I'm glad Esme snapped Edward out of being mad at Carlisle. He'll just feel guilty for it later, anyway.
Jessica314 chapter 5 . 4/22/2014
so sad :(
Jessica314 chapter 3 . 4/22/2014
scary... and he can't exactly change her with all the hospital staff buzzing in and out... what's going to happen!
Jessica314 chapter 2 . 4/22/2014
oh no! Bella!
Daslurker chapter 20 . 4/15/2014
Nice story. A bit rushed to get to the cure though.
Sparkly1 chapter 20 . 3/6/2014
Oh man this story made me cry cry cry. I'm so glad you hinted at the HEA in an earlier chapter. I would still have read the whole thing, HEA or not. I like your writing style and the story moved at a good pace. I try to only read completed stories because I have no patience for waiting. Hehehe! There was only one thing that bothered me toward the beginning of the story. When Carlisle's phone was turned off, why didn't they call the hospital and have him paged or something? They had somewhere around an hour to somehow contact him and they only tried to reach him on his cell? They could even have contacted Jacob. But I really REALLY liked this story. And I loved that Emmett kept the bear, and got all misty eyed at the last line.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of storytelling.
Guest chapter 13 . 2/18/2014
Gosh you better be right about a happy ending uhg I'm close to tears! It's really good though
Motherof8 chapter 20 . 1/21/2014
Interesting story. It was odd to see Bella OOC. You resolved it nicely. Thanks for writing it.
Motherof8 chapter 19 . 1/21/2014
Great reunion
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