Reviews for Skyfall- The 125th Hunger Games
Guest chapter 1 . 2/17
So can the pairs win together
President Snowflake chapter 1 . 9/21/2014
Wow! Tributes aged 4-10? This is going to be a very different Hunger Games! I can't wait to see what you do with this twist though! I know I'm going to feel so bad for all these tributes though, your story is definitely going to break my heart! Can't wait to read more though!
PhoenixGrace chapter 1 . 7/30/2013
Ember Crane
You can choose
Red hair, green eyes, extremely skinny, quiet and shy
Parents died in cattle stampede, raised by grandparents, always shy
Mother (Leah Crane) and father (Sam Crane), both died in a cow stampede, grandparents Aggie and Luther, and little sister Bianca, 10 yrs old
Friends Emmie Scott, same age as Ember, red hair and blue eyes, very outgoing. Also, Ember had a crush on a boy named Griffin, but he only liked her as a friend (or so she thinks). He has dirty blond hair and blue eyes.
Enemies: None because nobody talks to her except for Emmie,her family, and sometimes Griffin.
Not very social
Very quiet, but warm and welcoming
Her grandparents, her sister
On the outside, she is shy and quiet, but inside, she's brave, protective, smart, and Happy
Ember thinks she's unlikeable,and nobody would ever love her, and that she is a social freak.
Ellie thinks Ember is a nice person on the inside, Griffin thinks she's sweet and kinda cute, her family thinks she's loyal and caring, random people think she's a mute weirdo
Whoever accepts her as who she is.
She thinks the Capitol is too fancy and convenient
She thinks the Games are terrible. No child should be torn away from their family to possibly be killed.
For the readings, she wears a short-sleeved knee-length grey dress and a blue Jay necklace
Since she is reaped,she is devastated and shaky, but she tries to be calm and brave
Her grandparents, her sister, Emmie, and Griffin
She loves the mashed potatoes
She thinks the train is sleek and too enclosed (she's claustrophobic)
Ember thinks the chariot will be embarrassing
Wears a cowgirl outfit
Practice knife throwing when no one is watching and pick up advice
No alliances, she doesn't trust anyone
She visitsn the knot tying station, the trap building station, the plants station, and the knife throwing station
A black and white layered short-sleeved dress
Charming but sly and manipulative
Last thoughts for the day: I wish Emmie and Griffin were here.
Talks to nobody
Thinks in the tube: This is it. Life or death.
Thinks during count down: This is for Bianca... and my grandparents... and Emmie... and Griffin. This is my time. I've got to survive.
Ember grabs a blue backpack, a knife, and a loaf of bread
Stay away from the tributes and wait until everyone has died.
Has 3 sponsors
Dying thoughts: I'm already dead... I wish I was home...
Winning thoughts: I won... I'm going home!
Training to run and use quick thinking
Can sing beautifully and is very sly.

Thanks, and PM me if you have any questions for me. :)
Dolphin4444wssc chapter 1 . 2/27/2013
Name: willow star

Age: 7

Gender: female

Preferred District: 11

Secondary Districts: 7,6,8 (in that order)

Appearance: small, looks about five, weak, brown skin, black frizzy hair

History (Remember, nine out of ten people will have average upbringings. Please, not too many orphans, that plot device gets old pretty quickly): working class family,
Family (Mother, father, aunt, siblings, cousin, etc. Please give names, ages, appearances and how well they get along with the character):1 older sister, 1 older brother, 1 younger sister, mother died of disesae. 1 aunt and uncle 2 cousins about the same age as her. all of them really close

Friends (The same criteria as for family): 3 friends, quite close but really close with one of the friends

Enemies (Not other tributes, but is there anyone back home who dislikes them?): no. family quite friendly with the neighbourhood

Social Status: in the middle

What's Their House Like: a big shack with 7 different rooms.

Who Lives With Them: dad, sisters and brother

What's It Like At Home: quite relaxed but siblings sometimes fight

Personality (What are they like? Are they sweet and funny? Naive and innocent? Cold and sarcastic?): funny, naive, short temper but usually calm and relaxed about life

What's Their Favourite Colour: autumn colours like red, orang and yellow

What's Their Favourite Food: chicken

What Do They Think of Themselves: not highly. can only see what is wrong with themselves in life.

What Do Other People Think of Them: nice but sometimes self-conscious.

How Do They Choose Their Friends: go up to someone who is alone and find out what their personality is like

What Do They Think of the Capitol: worlds most stupid fashion sense

What Do They Think of the Games: evil and uneccessary


Reapings Outfit: dress with aytumn leaves on

What Do They Think: terrified

Justice Building Visits:crying and dad tries to stay longer but gets dragged out by peacekeepers

In the Capitol

What Food Do They Fall In Love With:chicken stew

What Do They Think of The Train: fast with every food that there is

Ideas For A Chariot: gold corn on it

Chariot Outfit: gold with corn patterns on it

Training Strategy: learn as many new skills as possible

Who Do They Eat Lunch With: their partner

Do They Form Alliances: yes

With Whom Do They Form Alliances: district partner

Which Training stations do They Visit: survival and knives

Training Score: 6

Interview Outfit: orange red and yellow with leaves on

Interview Angles: naive

What Are Their Last Thoughts That Night: im going to die my own way

In the Arena

Who Do They Talk To on the Way: no one

What Do They Think In The Tubes: help

What Do They Think During The Countdown: run away from the cornucopia

What Do They Do At The Cornucopia: run away

Do They Die In The Bloodbath (Someone has to, I need at least six): yes killed by career with spear

What's Their Strategy:

How Many Sponsors Do They Have:

What're Their Dying Thoughts: i hope that my family manage withuot me

What Do They Think When They Win:

Careers Only ( 1, 2 and 4 are Career Districts.)

When Did They Start Training:

What Did They Train with:


Why Did They Become A Career:

Non-Careers Only

What're They Training To Do:

What Useful Skills Do They Have:

Any 'Weapon' Training:
xxJokoxx chapter 1 . 2/25/2013
Oh boy this looks exciting Ill send in a tribute or 2.
li'l fat necrosis chapter 1 . 2/25/2013
Reserve me D4 male!