Reviews for Mistaken Identity
TMart37 chapter 35 . 6/30
Tara is fired! LOL
Claire chapter 35 . 6/16
Awesome story ! And really interesting chapter ! Eric's personality is different from the other stories and it's actually nice :)
I love the end, I'm eager to read the next chapter !
ashmo2000 chapter 35 . 6/15
Sookie and Eric need to just talk, privately of course. Eric needs to realize it's Sookie and if they can talk about the weird shit that comes out of his mouth then they can talk about anything. Sookie needs to understand feelings aren't something Eric's used to, so she needs to be patient. Having a serious talk when it's just them at home should help. However, we know it won't be that easy because nothing is ever easy with them.
Andrew chapter 35 . 6/15
Ohh crap cant wait for next chapter .. Loved this chapter .. They are so silly in this fic love it...
MsNorthman chapter 35 . 6/15
Lol that was hilarious! That poor kid, he must be pissing his pants! Can't wait for the next update.
mindy781 chapter 35 . 6/14
You had me laughing like crazy in the end, of that was funny. Both of these two are completely clueless about relationships. I'm still laughing while typing, thank you. Eric holding her hair back was so sweet and Sookie didn't even understand why. I have to admit Eric sends mix signals. I enjoyed the chapter.
GoodTimeCookie chapter 35 . 6/14
Your Sookie is pretty dumb... Actually, both she and Eric are silly. It's fun to read this :)
nedbella chapter 35 . 6/14
Yes, immature is right. NEVER try and make a vampire jealous...LOL, especially Eric. Safety tip number 1. Never listen to Tara. LOL. Great chapter. I really appreciate long chapters because it gives us something to really get into. Short chapters make it hard to hang on to the story. Can't wait for more.
Perfecta999 chapter 35 . 6/14
Argh! What a cliffy!
E. B. Rhome chapter 35 . 6/13
That poor young buck won't know what hit him. Sookie has set herself up for one hell of a claiming though. Thanks for the update.
Guest chapter 35 . 6/13
Is Sookie twelve?
Misspetarcade chapter 35 . 6/13
Hehehe... Oops!
Millarca666 chapter 35 . 6/13
Oh, that was not a good idea, Sookie! *slaps Sookie*
jackie69 chapter 35 . 6/13
Oh Sookie what have you done?
I really don't want to be in the boy's shoes right now
...who wants to confront a pissed off Viking?
ciasteczko chapter 35 . 6/13
I just love this chapter so much.
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