Reviews for A Time of Mourning, A Time of Peace
Alibi Nonsense chapter 3 . 6/27/2015
I love the way you haven't made this too soppy, nor too stoic. It's just the right kind of tone that you can take seriously. I like the way you do that: you're very good at doing that. I especially like the bit where you describe how Kankuro and Temari accept Gaara and tell Gaara how much he is loved at their father's funeral. That bit's really hard-hitting and emotional. TwT
Black' Victor Cachat chapter 3 . 1/4/2015
Taking the fallen one's dream and moving forward.
Guest chapter 3 . 11/20/2014
this stuff man
TheAngelofFate chapter 3 . 10/9/2014
I swear to all that is holy and awesome: Don't you ever stop writing Gaara and Kankuro hurt/comfort stories!


*points at you*

You understand?


Do you know how much I love these adorable brothers and these fics!? I. Need. More.

I think I'm obsessed! :P.

Don't. Stop! Continue! Write more about them! Continue making short three-shots or making series, or both! *hint hint*

I need my Gaara and Kankuro brotherly hugging, protective, frightened-with-worry-one-of-them-got-hurt, fanfics.
Anastasia chapter 3 . 9/10/2013
I loved the ending so much. How sweet it would be to get a hug between these brothers in the manga. Or something like Sakuke and Itachi's last moments together. I think it's a little sad. In a series emphasizing sibling and family love right now, Gaara doesn't seem to think of his brother or sister at all. It's always Naruto or his/their mother. He's always talking about Naruto and now forming the sand in his mother's image but always forgets the two siblings who have been around in the flesh protecting him or putting up with him for so long.

It is so very satisfying for Gaara to admit he needs an older brother (Kankuro) even if it can only happen in fan fiction. He can come off as a bit of a jerk at times. Not here but in the manga. He has two siblings and a village full of people who heap loads of affection, admiration, and concern on him. But he doesn't return it at all, ever. I'd write it off as years of practice of keeping his emotions under control as a jinchuriki except that he does show bursts of emotion for his mother and Naruto. As you said in chapter one:

"So far, Naruto was the only one from whom Gaara had accepted physical comfort and the only one to whom Gaara had shown it. Had he not seen Gaara clasp Naruto's shoulder in an attempt to reassure him, Kankuro wouldn't have believed his brother capable of it."

The part about their father's spirit was nice but I can't figure out why he would stay with Kankuro instead of Gaara. Gaara was his big failure and success. They'd been trying to get a child who could host Shukaku and the first two were failed attempts. For all we know of their personalities Gaara's birth was the first time Karura fell in love with any of her children. Seeing a premature baby could have evoked feelings of protectiveness she just didn't feel for the others. Yashamaru said he considered Gaara his only link to his late sister not the other two. I think Temari and Kankuro were created because Gaara had to be on a three person team for the chunin exams. In everything else they don't matter except to each other. Temari is indifferent to her father's presence of the battlefield. Kankuro is on another one all together. The late Kazekage even in his whisperings to Karura is really only talking about Gaara except to give his wife credit for Gaara's apparently having siblings now which doesn't seem fair to Temari/Kankuro or Gaara. He doesn't ask how the older two are doing or even if they're still alive, so I can't believe he cares too much about them. And Temari at least isn't shown to care too much about him. It was nice to see him and Karura mentioned as their parents and not just Gaara's but in the series Gaara is the only one any of them seems to care about. How ironic.

I really did enjoy Gaara's character arc in this story. With the series winding down I don't think there's much hope of Gaara growing into anything other than Naruto's blind fan boy who became Kazekage and stopped killing because Naruto told him it was a good idea. You made a good point about Gaara missing his point about building bonds with the people closest to him. His character growth has stalled in the manga with his life still revolving around Naruto and a dead mother, but you have taken the natural next steps towards him becoming a better person.
InoShikaChou chapter 3 . 4/29/2013
It's nice to see Gaara's character grow like this. He's becoming more aware of the importance of the other people in his life besides Naruto, and he's finally taking a good look at what that friendship with Naruto really is. Tea table relationship is the perfect description for it. I like how he realized he's not as special as he may have thought. They may share a bond as jinchuuriki, but Naruto is the kind of person who will try to save and befriend almost anyone. Plus, Naruto's most important people will always be Sasuke, Iruka, and the other leaf ninja who are always around him. I especially loved Gaara's apology and how he thanked his brother for being there for him. It was sweet that he understood how much Kankuro hates funerals. Gaara is finally giving something back and admitting how important his siblings are to him. This all feels like something Kankuro has long deserved.

A part of their father staying with Kankuro is a very nice idea. It's a way to show that all of these people are a family instead of just individuals connected only to Gaara. I like that he corrected his brother on how he felt about not getting to talk to him. Gaara doesn't seem to understand his siblings' feelings at times or how deep they are. And the idea of both of their parents looking out for all three siblings was very sweet. I'm glad that Kankuro is secure in the knowledge that they're all loved by both their father and their mother.
Mystical Sand chapter 3 . 4/24/2013
I loved this chapter. It was pretty much everything I hoped for in the story. It was nice to see Gaara say that he loved Kankuro and that he needs an older brother. These two have come a long way. It's sad that it took Naruto's death to bring them to this point, but everything feels like a natural progression for their relationship.

I like how you included Kankuro's point of view on their father talking to Gaara on the battlefield. It's a nice touch that if their mother has been looking after Gaara, then their father is looking after him. And I really loved how Gaara finally thanked Kankuro for everything he's done for him and apologized for pushing him away.

This was a really wonderful story. It felt like Kankuro finally got all that he deserves for everything he's done for his brother.
Izzyaro chapter 3 . 4/23/2013
I love this. You really write these characters beautifully; Gaara isn't the easiest person to write, but this was spot-on, and I love Kankuro. The relationship between the two of hem was perfect, well done.
Tammy chapter 3 . 4/21/2013
I really want Gaara to have some of these realizations in the manga. He does seem to have missed Naruto's point about building bonds with the people closest to him. He's built a bond with Naruto and while he's now protecting his own people instead of threatening their lives, he hasn't put much emotional effort into any other relationships (except maybe with his mother's ghost). That's all left to other people to show that they care about him and trust him. Even during his speech to the united armies, his only two concerns were Naruto and everyone else. It's amazing that even Killer B's people were impressed by that when Gaara forgot that part of the war's purpose was to protect him too. His Suna fan girls like Matsuri and the rest of the villagers flock to him when he shows zero interpersonal skills and rarely speaks or changes facial expressions. It's almost as bad as 99% of all the girls Sasuke meets falling all over him at first sight. Maybe it just has something to do with the values of the ninja world.

The tea table relationship was a good way to describe this friendship, and it's about time Gaara actually counted the number of times he's interacted with Naruto. During his first real talk with Kankuro in the manga, Gaara spoke of Naruto always pushing him to redefine his ties to others. You'd think Naruto had made him his personal quest from the beginning when he really wasn't that concerned with Gaara or his pain (except to protect Lee and Sasuke from him) until after he attacked the village.

It's good that Kankuro brought up the fact that Gaara was the only one who got to talk to their father. It's typical for Gaara to overlook the idea that his siblings might want that closure too. When he talks to them, it's usually all about him (or Naruto), and Kankuro and Temari always let it be all about him. What's even sadder is that father and daughter were on the same battlefield and neither showed any effort or desire to get near or talk to each other except for Temari's concern for Gaara. It's another thing that makes Gaara look like the only one that matters to their father, their mother, and their uncle either because Temari and Kankuro couldn't host Shukaku, weren't born premature, or for whatever other reason.

The resolution here was nice and something that's long overdue in the manga even though I don't think Naruto's death or any other event could actually bring Gaara to this point. It still was good for Gaara to finally admit he needs an older brother. But was this the end of the story or will there be another chapter?
InoShikaChou chapter 2 . 3/22/2013
You do a really great job of showing Kankuro's pain, both for their father and in trying to get through to Gaara. I've always felt he deserved more from his little brother, some kind of payoff for when Gaara told him he didn't consider him his brother (or that he didn't consider him and Temari his siblings, depending on which translation you use). The apology after fighting Naruto didn't really cut it for me. Gaara treats his siblings better now and has given them positions of trust. Kankuro's role in the war especially seems to indicate his faith in his brother's abilities. But he has never actually acknowledged them as family, so calling Kankuro nii-san for the first time while drunk was interesting. I wonder if anything will become of it.

It was nice to see some vulnerability towards something besides Naruto, some indication that Gaara needs Kankuro at the end. Where will they go from here? How will Kankuro help him? Will Gaara push him away, perhaps without realizing it? Or will he open up more or just accept the help he's offered? How will their relationship progress? I'm looking forward to seeing where these two end up.
Tammy chapter 2 . 3/20/2013
I feel so sorry for Kankuro. A drunk Gaara is finally showing some signs of actually needing his brother but the normal Gaara seems so much more in character even down to not reacting to his siblings' efforts to comfort him or only speaking up about Naruto. Kankuro hoped in the first chapter that his bond with Gaara would be strong enough for him to help his brother through the tragedy. Sadly, I honestly think the answer is no. Naruto is the only person Gaara really seems to care about. Or actually him and his mother. It does feel like a partial failure. He took up Naruto's dream, and while he's very good at protecting his people, he's still missing something that Naruto has.

Naruto has personal connections and friendships with his people. You can see in his more serious moments and even in some of his bumbling ones that he really has come to care about the people of Konoha. Gaara is a good fighter and he can often say the right things. But it seems like he's just living Naruto's dream because it's Naruto's dream. He lacks real warmth when dealing with anything that doesn't involve Naruto or his mother. His manner is often dismissive even when others show concern or try to help him. He never speaks about anyone or to anyone else except to criticize or give orders. That's true of his attitude towards his siblings too. It's especially sad for Kankuro who has done so much and given so much for him when Gaara doesn't seem to care at all. With Temari, at least we know of her friendship with Shikamaru and a couple other things where her life doesn't completely revolve around Gaara the way Kankuro's seems to. Gaara is his purpose and has been since the big change.

Of course, in canon I don't think Kankuro is really bothered at all by his brother's complete devotion to his one friend. He feels nothing but gratitude towards Naruto like everyone else for saving his brother. He just doesn't seem to get much of a reward for his troubles. Coming in third at most seems very hard. I wonder how it will all work out here. It looks like he'll have a long and painful road ahead of him in helping Gaara. How much will Gaara open up to him and show any kind of appreciation or reciprocation? I do love your portrayal of Kankuro. His genuine, selfless love for his family is what makes him one of the best and most underrated characters in the series. You really bring that out and make me feel for him even more.
ncfan chapter 2 . 3/20/2013
I'm liking this story so far. I'm afraid that what I have to say isn't going to be very eloquent.

I'm with Kankuro when he feels like Gaara is obsessed with Naruto, that perhaps his "redemption" was just trading one obsession in for another. Kankuro and Temari both care so much for Gaara and they seem to have a close bond with each other, but Gaara always seems to think of Naruto that first. Given that they've barely had any interaction with each other, I suppose this just goes to show how big an impact Naruto had on Gaara, but I find it irritating sometimes-a gripe against the manga, not you.

I liked the fact that Gaara prayed at his father's funeral. It's just a little nod towards the fact that their relationship was a bit more complicated than than what Kankuro thought; I don't know if that was what you were aiming for, but that's what I took away from it.

I'm interested in seeing which way this story goes. My only point of criticism is this: It's something I've noticed with a lot of your works, that Gaara seems a bit... passive. Even after his redemption, he's quite a bit of a lone wolf, but in his interactions with Kankuro he seems, I don't know, clingy. He just seems like this wide-eyed innocent, almost, and in some cases a lot more touchy-feely than I would have pegged him. It's not a complaint; Gaara is a pretty complex character, and I guess we're just looking at him from different angles.
Mystical Sand chapter 2 . 3/16/2013
I love the ending. We're beginning to see that Gaara really does need his older brother even if he doesn't show it normally. But what will he be like when the effects of the sake wear off? Why did this make him call Kankuro "nii-san" for the first time? Was he always afraid to say it before, or was it more about keeping his distance? And will Kankuro learn where he stands in relation to their mother and Naruto?

The little glimpses of other friendships were very sweet, especially Kakashi and Gai. There are so many relationships and stories interwoven within the Naruto universe.

The flashback was wonderful also. It shows just how much the older two siblings care for each other and how hard Kankuro was trying to get through to Gaara. He took some very big risks. I wonder what would have happened if he had tried to hug him in that moment though. Would Gaara have pushed him away again or possibly done something worse this time?

I'm really looking forward to the next part.
Gaaras1Girl chapter 2 . 3/14/2013
"Gaara nodded; the motion was somewhat exaggerated. "Sake tastes like Temari's fingernail polish remover. Except hot."

A small smile lifted the corners of Kankuro's mouth. "And how do we know this?""

That's probably one of the best things I've read in FanFiction...ever. I seriously re-read it about four times before moving on. Loved this chapter as a whole, it was awesome.
SunaKunoichi18 chapter 1 . 3/3/2013
This was very well written even though I did spot a few very minor errors. Overall, even though it was just a tad AU it was still very emotional.
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