Reviews for Apprentice Meets Padawan
Guest chapter 20 . 7/28
Amazing story! Keep writing! I can't wait to see what happens. Good luck and work hard.
Tarix chapter 4 . 7/22
Absolutely no fusion between Ashoka and Starkiller story's so far. All are just looking at Starkiller and doing nothing. And Starkiller just stands around.
Guest chapter 20 . 7/19
Can't wait for the next update! I love how this is going! But what confuses me is does Galen/Starkiller like Ahsoka? And what does Ahsoka mean by "relationship"? Please make this more clear in the next chapters if you can. Thanks!
Blake2020 chapter 20 . 7/19
I like the chapter very much and please update soon in 2015? Good characters i like everything aboat this story so far and nice twisted too it as well and i like how the story is going so far?
Blake2020 chapter 19 . 7/19
I like all of it
Blake2020 chapter 18 . 7/19
Great chapter please update soon
Blake2020 chapter 17 . 7/19
It did and good chapter and please update soon for 2015
Blake2020 chapter 16 . 7/19
Great chapter and jedi talk between galen and his powers of the darkside?
Blake2020 chapter 15 . 7/19
Great chapter and Ahsoka growing love or concern for Starkiller sweet i like the action and all of it in this chapter?
Blake2020 chapter 14 . 7/19
Like the chapter both character of starkiller and ahsoka so in character good work and update soon
Blake2020 chapter 13 . 7/19
Great chapter and nice twist
Blake2020 chapter 12 . 7/19
Great twist with Galen and ahsoka fighting dooku this time?
Blake2020 chapter 11 . 7/19
great chapter nice trial starkiller went threw?
Blake2020 chapter 10 . 7/19
I understand im reading more please update soon for 2015
Blake2020 chapter 9 . 7/19
wow is all i can say
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