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buffylove22 chapter 20 . 8/21/2016
I started reading this yesterday and haven't been able to stop. I normally onlu reaf completed fics but after reading your other works I couldnt stop myself from starting this one. This story has me crying and having to explain to my husband thays its because of a fanfiction. This is such an emotional chapter for me due to personal reasons. I just wanted to thank you for writing this these last few years and to beg you to finish it.
J.DRAST chapter 20 . 8/10/2016
Hello. I've been reading this amazing story the past few days now. I am just in awe of the story in it's entirety...the plot, the characters, your writing and story-telling skills, all the linguistic details, etc...amazing! I am a big fan of this story. I am wondering if you are planning on anymore chapters or is this the end? Thank you so much for entertaining me! Suzan Noerr
Guest chapter 6 . 8/10/2016
Why does Bella question how Edward knows where she lives? Was it not last chapter that the Cullen family picked her up from her house to drive her to Seattle?
Costa Fanficfan chapter 20 . 8/3/2016
Blessed be Rosalie and her peculiar form of diplomacy. Her arguments pushed Bella in the right direction like nothing else.

One of the parts I liked more was how both Rosalie and Edward pointed out how, be you human or Cullen, all you could do is to TRY not to harm others. But the chance is always there.

Aaand I should have guessed it was Rose last chapter. I was too slow._:-P

Coach Clapp and Sharon Stanley's plight. So gratifying...

I have ambivalente feelings about Bella giving her car to Sharon. On the one hand, she doesn't deserve it! Especially after unrepentantly trying to pull that one on Bella. On the other, it shows how generous Bella is, making me like her even more. Oh, well...

Sly, sly Jake! At least, the lands he... extorted out of the Cullens were Quileute before. Blessed be Raquel and Seth, for pestering him to accept the negotiation.

You know, I could never tell for sure... Does Jake have a crush on Bella? Even without the shared childhood, or the lack of a "New Moon"(thank you for that!) to bring them closer? Or is his attitude all about his hatred for vampires? He seems to, at least, care for her...

It's easier to understand Charlie, after his story with his father. Good to see Bella parting ways with him in more or less good terms. But I still think he followed the easier path on that mess with Renee and Bella.

Uh-oh! Here we go. She better make it...

Thank you for another very well written chapter, Eiluned. Give Mr. Price my late congratulations, and I hope your two dear ones are on the Hit side of things. Till next!
fatpotatoe chapter 20 . 7/24/2016
Excellent chapter
Guest chapter 20 . 7/22/2016
Great chapter. Update soon
Once Upon A Midnight Dreary11 chapter 20 . 7/18/2016
Wow, this story is on a whole other level. The thought and effort you put into it...just amazing. Thank you.
xXMoonlitSorrowsXx chapter 20 . 7/13/2016
I am hooked! Such a great story. I look forward to seeing what's next!
drul chapter 20 . 7/10/2016
Great chapter! It got really intense, especially their discussion with Charlie. The whole chapter makes you get a sense of closure and peace about her life and choices... I can't wait to read more! Thank you :)
borialis chapter 20 . 7/8/2016
The "what do the families feel?" brought to mind a game called "That Dragon Cancer" quite possibly the the most beautiful yet sad game I have ever seen! Note do not flame the author for this because they have no control over my review. Don't flame me for this until you have at least played a demo of That Dragon Cancer because this is based on real life. The demo I played had a box of tissues next to it- they were needed.
borialis chapter 15 . 7/7/2016
I loved the PNW JanuaryF*ing hate places with sun part of this chapter. I have a anecdote from this March being in the Seattle Ferry Terminal while it was plastered with murals of visit Arizona all with and just thinking "Oh! Piss! Off!"
Nissa-Cullen chapter 20 . 7/1/2016
Im glad she got to see her father and second mom. That will help alleviate some of the guilt she may feel later. She's changing now so we won't have to worry about death for awhile. I can't believe the wolves would bargain in land just to allow Bella to change. It's like it's some type of dowry.
Lizzard43 chapter 20 . 6/29/2016
I'm just going to say it Cancer Sucks!

I'm glad Bella got closure on all her relationships. Especially Charlie. So sad. I know that when I lost my mom to ovarian cancer and her brother to stomach cancer a month later, I couldn't go visit my grandmother in the hospital when she was near the end. I tried but I couldn't do it. ( She passed 6 months after my mom).
I can relate to Bella in this story. I had a complete hysterectomy done when I started having trouble with cysts. They found my uterus was riddled with fibroids when they took it out. Living in fear is not a way to live.

You were able to capture all of these emotions and portray them beautifully in your story. Thank you.
Renee Aubin chapter 20 . 6/29/2016
Loved this: ‘So instead of following Rosalie's orders, I carried my bags to the kitchen and started loading milk and eggs into the refrigerator.’
I like that other Cullens get to experience Bella’s resistance to both bullying and lures.

I did not see that coming – Rosalie of all people arguing for Bella to be changed. Her narrative of how things would fall apart after Bella’s death was excellent.
"The way I see it, Edward will rush to Italy, reveal all, and bring the wrath of Volturi on Cullen and Quileute alike.”
Eye-opening for Bella.

Great line:
"Why hasn't Edward told me this?"
"Because he thinks it's emotional blackmail," [Rosalie] said. "Which it is, but I don't care."

Ooh, this blow had to land hard:
"You see, it's not all about you. … Just as when your mother decided to go through treatment, it was about her family, not just herself."

Both Rosalie and Edward make good points about how humans accidentally cause deaths all the time. And how vampires are so much less likely to do that.

This is just the kind of insight into social issues and evolution that I so value in this story:
"But that's not your fault," I protested.
"Thank you, child of the 21st century. That wasn't what we said about rape victims in 1933."

Terrific, Rosalie re her attackers: "…if I was never going to grow old, neither were they.”
Sad and so true: "But getting over my own sense of unworthiness – well, that'll be an eternal journey.”

“And the truth is that there is nothing special about you … except to Edward.”
I imagine Bella would react better to this dispassionate, straightforward talk than to all the sentimental sniffling in the world.

A wonderfully imagined scene:
‘A second later, my back door opened, and Edward and his beautiful sister were hissing at each other like a pair of big cats – a jaguar versus a mountain lion.’

Wow, when she demands he promise not to seek death:
"You're asking me to linger on, perhaps for centuries, always alone, after experiencing for a very brief time what it is like to have a lover. If I thought I was lonely sometimes before you – it will be nothing compared to how I will feel after."

“You safe and changed is the most wonderful gift that I can imagine, but it wrecks me that you have to go through all this."
In this case, the suffering of transformation is at least a bit balanced by ending what she’s already going through, let alone what her human near future holds.

‘He took another inhalation, my wrist against his face. "I can smell the malignancy now."’

Wow, your description of how Bella’s health has deteriorated in another two weeks is sobering.

Wonderful: “I guess I do have one piece of advice: to appreciate the beauty that's here and to strive to keep it. If you do just that, you'll have gone a long way to making the world a better place.
So true that kids often take for granted the specialness and value of the place they grow up.

I loved Raquel’s line about why Dr. Cullen was so helpful to Bella:
"Yeah, because Bella's been the only teacher his weird, asocial son has ever talked to.”
Raquel has really been a fun and intriguing OC.

There was something so touching about Edward’s care for Bella – and Bella’s acceptance of it - when the pain struck her after graduation.

Oh, I did not expect this, re the wolves:
"They can smell the cancer too."

Interesting, re negotiating Bella’s change:
‘Was [Jacob] delaying to get his head around the idea, or to consult with the Quileute elders, or to put us at a disadvantage? We didn't know, because he'd forbidden Seth to talk to us about it … Seth's mind was murky when he was with us, as if his brain language center had a wall around it on the subject.’

Creepy: ‘…the family would always have to be on alert for a lupine assassination team showing up when, say, one of us was out hunting solo or doing the graveyard shift at the hospital, and Alice wouldn't be able to see it coming.’

This makes so much sense: … "this is what we want: a guarantee that there won't be another generation like this one. So many lives ruined by your presence."
Control over big chunks of the Pacific NW Trust’s land, too, ‘as long as land remained wild’. I'm glad the Cullens are so savvy about property law.

Raquel, again:
"See you on the other side," she whispered, then eyed Edward. "You better not fuck this up.”

Oh my gosh, what a thought: ‘What if the matrix of genes that destined my cells to go haywire included ones that made my mind impenetrable? What if the same things that made it possible for us to be together were the same ones conspiring to make it impossible for us to stay together?’

Very interesting visit with Charlie – it takes some surprising directions, as when Charlie offers to step up to the plate. And his midnight conversation with Edward: “I'm more irate about your sins than she is." Edward even brings up Dartmouth – which he has every right to, since it affected him as much as Bella.
It was amazing that Edward found a way for Bella to hear the explanation that Charlie couldn’t bring himself to say to her directly.

Charming: ‘"El es más guapo que Fernando Colunga," she whispered to me.’
The whole conversation with Yolanda got me right in the heart. Wow: “Forgive [Charlie] before you go back to Seattle." This woman truly lives from her faith.

What a wrapup! I can only think of one other story where Edward literally changes her just before she dies – this was very well done. There’s something so … symbolic? about administering the fatal bite on a plane.

This chapter was so worth the wait!
Guest chapter 20 . 6/29/2016
Although it's very hard to read about cancer, this is such an amazing story, looking forward to the next chapter.
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