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Bronze chapter 10 . 3/8
I hope Snape truly enjoys his new tenants as he's made some troll somewhere very happy. I wonder if he took a hot bath and used a snorkel if the lice would die? Though there's no way I'd suggest he do such ever! It'd be quite interesting if the New Marauders created a spell, charm, hex, jinx or even a curse that made it impossible for Snape to ever get rid of his new little friends. Only increase their numbers and make them much hungrier. And that'll give Snape something to really be grumpy about! I've never understood what Good Ole Fumblemort was thinking when he hired that man. He knew that Snape was a Death Eater before he was hired. He also knew he was the one who told Vulturewurst about that so-called prophecy. And as I've stated before the prophecy was a set up from the get-go. In the entire time Vulturewurst was traveling the world learning the Darkest of Dark Magics nobody else anywhere ever defied him. I take that with a grain of salt the size of the world's largest salt mine! As was said in cartoon many, many years ago, "Don't you believe it!"
Bronze chapter 9 . 3/6
How, oh how could they even think Ron had betrayed his supposed best friends?! Maybe because he's done it so many times before? Open mouth, insert foot and just continue! If Ron ever has to face Scorch oh what a lovely mess there shall be! And it'll be some shade of brown as well as very likely running down the legs of his pants. Yeah know, this reminds me of possibly another story where something similar happens to Ron. In the end he winds up with a name as well as a sex change. Because of his betrayal of his former best friends, SHE now attends a different school in a different country in it. I had no sympathy for her in that other story either. A fair-weather friend he never was. AS he was never truly a friend to begin with.
Bronze chapter 8 . 3/6
Naughty. naughty Fleur! I'm not at all happy with Ms. Cho Chang. She thinks much too highly of herself and the moronic concept of Blood Purity. They way they go on and on about it makes me think of dog, cat as well as other animal breeders. Bloodlines are so important! In my lifetime I've had one Purebred dog but never any cats. My cats where all VERY mixed breed! My last one came from a female that actually HUNTED dogs! She'd cross a very busy street just to attack one even! But my little kitten got along great with my big Rotti male. She teased him so badly almost everyday. So, the idea of blood purity means nothing to me. Anyhoo, I've read this before and still can't help laughing at what I've read! The part with Harry and Dobby in the forest makes me all but fall out of my chair laughing! Whatever happens to the poor little brainless Death Munchers by the end of this will be just fine with me. I'll enjoy reading them getting everything they've got coming to them! Especially their mega moronic leader Vulturewurst! Thanks so much for all the laughs you've packed into this!
Rori Potter chapter 12 . 2/17
Oh my! Update soon.
Angelique-Amanda chapter 12 . 12/31/2023
please update this awesome funny story
Shaq chapter 12 . 12/22/2023
Just wondering if you are going to update this story I know real life can and will get in the way but it has been over a year if not more just wondering if you had abandoned this or not thanks for the story so far be safe
Bronze chapter 7 . 11/17/2023
This just gets better and better!
Bronze chapter 6 . 11/17/2023
Regardless of what happens next the new Marauders are not to blame for what Babbling requested. I can see Neville have the Animagus form of an Ent. Neville in at least one other fic I've read was called a Green Mage because of his love and ability with plants. So, for him to be an Ent makes perfect sense. Not to mention Neville is strong regardless of what the other students think. Luna the ditzy blond is actually quite intelligent and vastly underestimated. Though until I read this fic I've never heard of a Vabbit. It sounds like something out of a Loonytoons cartoon. And it wouldn't surprise me in the least bit if that WAS where it came from. To have Hermione as a giant purebred Kneezle makes perfect sense. Had she been given the form of some bird that really would've worked as she's usually written as having a fear of heights. The added ability of becoming partially or wholly invisible is an added bonus that I'm sure she'll take full advantage of in the future. Now the twins becoming identical Chaos Monkeys is an absolute perfect fit! They love causing chaos. It's rather fortunate that because of that everybody underestimates them. They're both very intelligent. Maybe not as intelligent as Hermione or possibly Luna but they're always underestimated. Even their mother doesn't see it! If they had followed their mother's wishes and gone to work in the Ministry, I think either they'd've gone mad or the Ministry workers would've run screaming out of the building sooner rather than later. I can easily see them working as secret Unsppeakables running their joke shop while also doing very secret research. I've read a couple where they did just that. They were also working for Harry who was both an independent mercenary as well as also working secretly for some branch of the British Muggle Government. That story states that Harry walked away from Hogwash after four or five years with a very humanoid snake like head on a stick. I take that to mean he kill poor ole Vulturewurst with little to no help from the great fraud Good Ole Fumblemort. But getting back to the twins. They're very loyal to those who truly deserve it. To those who don't, better watch their backs! Cause they won't see it coming! And Harry more than Fumblemort deserves it. After this year Harry and friends really should get out of Hogwash and get privet tutoring in just about every subject. Hogwash teaches to the lowest common dominator in all subjects with Potions and DADA being the worst taught ones in the entire school.
Bronze chapter 5 . 11/16/2023
YES! I was hoping that potion came from this story! I remembered it but again not where I'd read it.
Bronze chapter 4 . 11/16/2023
Maybe it's a good thing Harry wasn't close enough to set Fumblemort's book on fire, but I really hope Fawks forgives him for that smell. I know that Phoenixes are supposed to be immortal but I'm not too sure if they can survive when Harry farts after eating wheat. That might be asking too much of even them.
Bronze chapter 3 . 11/16/2023
" They're all suffering from penis envy. " Absolutely priceless! And just think, as Harry gets older and grows more so will his penis. Making Hermione so much happier during sex. And all those other witches and a few wizards as well very envious of her.
Bronze chapter 2 . 11/16/2023
I know I've read this several times before, but it just never gets old! As many times as I've read this, I still get lots of laughs.
Bronze chapter 1 . 11/16/2023
Just a little FYI, there's a Harry Potter fic out there using a death challenge. Harry dies, goes to his Grim Reaper gets told he's already died X number of times, that's up to the author, gets told Molly potioned him and Hermione since fourth or fifth year vie Ron and Ginny, gets sent back to fulfill his destiny and live to whatever age the author wants with his soul mate Hermione. Now that's the basic challenge. In one I read after Harry left his Grim Reaper is thinking back to another client who was told he was buggered to death by a dragon. I knew it was familiar but couldn't remember where I'd read that from. Now I know!
kirahunter chapter 6 . 11/11/2023
OK this is flipping hilarious!
m2kdaredevil24 chapter 8 . 11/1/2023
You truly have a gift for making me laugh!
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