Reviews for Redemption
Kino Ametsuchi chapter 1 . 1/21/2016
I have to agree with your view on Orihime (or whorihime as I call her due to the fanservice and guys drooling over her) and how her powers could have been a major plot device but got sidelined by stupid shit. If she used even half of the potential I would have liked her more than canon Samurai (another canon character I despise with the heat of a million supernovas). Izanagi certainly had nothing on this reset or modify.
Lady HawHaw chapter 1 . 6/12/2013
Why doesn't this have more reviews? More favs? More... EVERYTHING?
Once again, I feel myself being more and more like Tsubaki. It's pissing me off.

But enough of my rant, time for a review!

Honestly, I'm really disheartened at myself for not having a fully capable imagination of what Orihime's power could manifest into until I rad this fanfic. It almost makes me want to slap my forehead-no wait, I just did it.

Honestly, the manga and anime. Kubo HIMSELF; he just has to physically hold Orihime back from being a damn God. It's the one time I disagree with Urahara's assessment when he said she couldn't fight.

The chick can fight and she could be badass. But then Ichigo would get shoved in the background immediately. And I would simply laugh. It's always bugged me since I got the understanding from the episode with Aizen meeting her that I had to sit there and think even when I was a damn adolescent, 'THIS is what she's been doing? Why-what-why haven't they used this yet?!'

You're so damn right Kubo just slams all his damsel-in-distress ideals into a woman who could freaking reject her own mortality for God's sake. If anyone thinks about it, she can essentially become what Aizen has been striving for with just a whim of her WILL. It just simply amazes me; this untapped plot, story, potential-whatever you want to call it, just be shitted away. As a human who likes to think herself a good story-teller and imaginative person, it annoys me to my core.

This fanfic brings out my suppressed desire to see Inoue Orihime actually act as the Heroine she could be. She is pretty much a deity in human form. And you bring her out so well, I'm almost touched to the deepest emotions. I am an Orihime fan simply because she could be SO much more than she is. You just make her use her powers in a shounen way and it would fit! I would freaking save that episode!

But I've babbled and stroked my own need to get my frustrations and blissful praise out long enough. This is such a good fanfic, where is the damn rate button? Oh well, I guess Favorites will have to do.

Hopefully I haven't scared you horrendously with this long excuse to appease my inner fan-girl. I'll simply condense it to two simple words: Well Done.
bleachdalilah chapter 1 . 3/31/2013
I love this! Oh my gosh, when his head exploded i almost stopped reading because I am a HUGE UlquiHime fan and the thought of her doing that almost made me nausious... which is just stupid. I laughed through the Human Centipede! But whatever (: I loved the ending and the fact that you made her seem less useless (: Im gonna go see some more of your stories! (: I really hope there are more...
157yrs chapter 1 . 3/25/2013
What an incredibly creative and promising ending. I love the casualness that Ulquiorra exhibits towards Orihime when they battle and then afterwards when they meet again. Very enjoyable outcome.
Bleachhead88 chapter 1 . 2/28/2013
This was great. I totally agree that Inoue is not given the consideration she deserves. She annoys me to no end with how she just waits for everyone to do things for her or until someone needs some miraculous healing. It was great seeing her step up, realize her potential and actually do something. Also, nice work on the new powers and the terms.
Thanks for the great read!