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kitcat12 chapter 23 . 8/3/2016
Hmmm, I don't know of any plot twists, but I like the character interactyions a lot. I would love to see interactions between the dwarves more, maybe some arguments between the Ri bros, I also loved seeing Bombur's point of view, I would love to see more of that. What is Alicia got sick, and the dwarves had to take care of her, that would be a good bonding moment.
I would also love to see some of her trauma more, maybe she starts havinh flash backs, or panick attacks, and the dwarves have to help her through them, that could set off her C virus if she ever got it. I would also love to see more of Gandalf and what he thinks of everything. I would also love some more Nori/Alicia interactions.
Missreadstoomuch chapter 22 . 7/25/2016
Great chapter. You have so many great things in here. I love how you seem to be giving some more character development to the dwarves that weren't necisarily so much in the forefront of the movies or books. I loved Bombur in here and how you portrayed him. He's so sweet. He's also very observant and perceptive. It was nice reading parts of it from his point of view.
I also loved the end part with her and Bifur becoming better friends. It was very sweet. I admit you've kind of got me curious if to some extent some of the other dwarves feel a bit guilty about what happened in witch town considering most of them attacked her or tried to under the witches influence. I guess i'll have to see. And I love the banter that's starting to develop between her and Bofur. It's very amusing.
You've also got me a bit curious about Nori. I'm curious why he reacted so much to being caught with that book. I admit i'm kind of wondering if he was reading her journal or some other book she may have with her. I guess i'll have to see.
And you've really got me curious about what you're going to do if you decide to have her be more than friends with someone because if that does happen in here that could definitely be interesting considering there is definitely more than one guy in this story I can see her with. Although from what i'm seeing at this point if that happens I definitely see her with either Nori or Thorin.
And just letting you know you've done a really good job with how you've written Nori's character. In Hobbit stories that have oc's I tend to like the girl with Thorin. But the way you've written Nori and this story has me torn. I love the current relationship Alicia has with Nori and I love the relationship that kind of seems to be developing between her and Thorin. I just can't bring myself to choose which one I like better. I guess i'll have to wait and see what you do in that area. But regardless of what you have planned i imagin the story will continue to be as amazing as it is.
Truthfully i love all the relationships that Alicia has in this story. Alicia may be far from home but i'm starting to think she may slowly but surely be acquiring more framily. Also i thought that it was kind of interesting and amusing that in this chapter it seemed like letting go of things seemed to come up several times and seemed to be something a few of the characters were struggling with. It seems Alicia's struggling with letting go when it comes to things people in the company have previously said to her which may potentially be clouding her current perception of the company. Thorin's struggling with letting go of his self blaming issues and Bifur was having problems with letting go of his guilt. It was just interesting seeing that come up so much.
I'm curious was there a particular reason you chose the Bible verse you did for this chapter. But altogether this was a wonderful chapter. Keep up the great job and i look forward to your next chapter. Have a great week.:)
kitcat12 chapter 22 . 7/15/2016
HI there, this was a very very very good chapter.
I like that there is still tention between her, and the dwarves. I was scared right along with them when she was telling them about the early days of the zombies, I want to be scared more offen, bring on the horror.
The make up scene with Bifur was a very good one as well, and so was her tentions with Balin. You did a very good job, and I can't wait to see what happens next. I think I will read it a second time.
Guest chapter 7 . 4/17/2016
Your Kili and Fili are total assholes. Like really, they weren't that mean to Bilbo and he isn't as helpful/nice as Alicia. Seems a bit too OOC.
Guest chapter 3 . 4/17/2016
German word for shit is schei├če not shiza.
Missreadstoomuch chapter 21 . 4/10/2016
Great chapter. I'm glad to see that the company's back to normal. But I did think the monsters they were turned into were interesting. In a few cases I had difficulties figuring out who was who but for the most part what they were turned into was very fitting for each dwarf. Although I kind of felt sorry for Balin and Ori mainly cause it seems like they were turned into the cute and cuddly monsters while the other ones got turned into the cool ones. Not that it would be fun to be turned into one period but I imagine it was embarrassing cause the equivalent of a giant teddy bear isn't the most masculine to be turned into.
I'm sad to see Sudryl go. He was pretty cool. And I thought the destruction of the town was interesting. It was an unexpected but nice surprise to see Radagast come help Gandalf. And it was particularly interesting when everyone was starting to get turned into monsters. When everyone started changing into them it was starting to become tricky telling who was part of the company and who wasn't. But it was cool.
And I loved how Ori and Nori helped Alecia stay safe. It was cool seeing Ori using SOS to let her know it was them. And I admit I liked the part where Thorin was trying to be helpful to Alecia before he changed back into a dwarf. It was actually quite sweet. Even as a monster he tries to be a gentleman and seems to want to treat her like a lady. Also it seemed to me that that section showed he was definitely paying attention to her. It was nice.
But I was definitely glad to see you updated. I do hope we'll get to see another update soon but understand that the creative process can sometimes be tricky. Particularly when you have quite a few ideas and aren't sure which one's the best to go with. But so far this story is very good and I get the feeling that whichever direction you take it it'll be wonderful. Keep up the good job and I look forward to the next chapter. Have a good night.:)
Silversun XD chapter 21 . 4/9/2016
I was shocked that the "monsters" we're the dwarves! 0.o genius thinking! Loved the humor! Hilarious! Plus was the snowy white furry creature with the black eyes Balin?

I almost hope that Alicia won't be able to go back home, but home is where the heart is right? Will her sense of duty to her colony be that strong? What about her slowly accepted place in the company of dwarves?
xXxBadassAngelxXx chapter 20 . 4/2/2016
Love this so much~! Keep them chapters coming *-*
SunSetsOfAnotherWorld chapter 20 . 3/7/2016
3 Love dis story sofar. 3 And Really love the bits were she gets into fights when ppl start messin wit her. gret job so far! 3
Missreadstoomuch chapter 20 . 3/2/2016
Good chapter. Your story just keeps getting more interesting and amusing with each chapter. It's really amusing whenever he tells Alicia "no you can't keep him." He sounds like a dad. And I find the creatures she keeps meeting very interesting. Particularly since it looks like they're actually the members of the company. You did a good job with what creatures you had them turned into and in most cases what you turned them into was pretty fitting or at least reflected who they actually are pretty well. Like with Thorin, Fili, Nori and Bilbo. Did you get the idea for Bilbo from Beorn and what he called Bilbo or was there some other sort of inspiration. Although he also sounds a bit like the killer bunny from the monty python holly grail movie.
And I admit I find the fact that it looks like Balin was basically turned into a killer teddy bear amusing and quite fitting. Amusing cause last time I saw him I wasn't quite so fond of him but I'm hoping that after this chapter i'll be able to start liking him again. And fitting cause when you first see him you probably think grandpa or teddy bear but at the end of the day he's very intelligent and probably more capable at fighting then you'd expect if you base things off of his appearance. And last time we saw him, as a dwarf, he showed his words can definitely have some bite to them. But like I said I'm hopeful i'll be able to like him again. Also I kind of feel sorry for him. I mean I feel sorry for all of them but him especially. Cause I imagine he may be just a little bit more embarrassed then the others about what he was turned into.
I'm admit I'm kind of nervous for the current situation Alicia and the dwarves seem to be in and I'm hoping everyone'll be alright. But after that fight she had with Dwalin I'm definitely nervous for if she has to fight any of them. Also the longer they're in this city the more interesting I find it.
It's starting to feel like the middle earth equivalent of Sodom and Gomorah. Mainly cause it's reminding me of that part of the Bible. Like her conversation with Gandalf reflects Abraham's plea for Sodom and Gomorah and the answer he got back. Though seeing those similarities makes me hope Alicia, Sudryl, the company, and those few people who haven't been corrupted make it out of there quick.
I'm kind of curious, the Bible verses you put at the beginning of your chapters, is it cause that verse kind of fits with what's going on in the chapter or is it for other reasons. But altogether it was a wonderful chapter and I look forward to the next one. Keep up the great work.:)
Whoop chapter 20 . 3/2/2016
Great chapter! I have a feeling that our mutant furry friends are actually our short dwarf furry friends.
Lalaithiel chapter 20 . 3/2/2016
I was just a tad confused, maybe because I don't really understand everything yet? Eh... As always keep it up! Also, I love the Bible verse you chose. :)
Missreadstoomuch chapter 20 . 3/1/2016
Really good chapter. Sudryl's really starting to sound like a dad with the "no you can't keep it" remark. It's amusing. I'm kind of curious if all these interesting friends she's making are going to be with her long term. I admit I'm nervous for Alicia and these matches it looks like she may have to fight. Mainly cause I'm nervous who she may end up fighting.
I'm kind of wondering if the witch turned the company into some of the creatures being forced to fight. I guess i'll have to see. But the thing I found most interesting is the resemblance between this and when Sodom and Gomorah were destroyed and Abraham pleaded for the city. Is that what's inspiring this section? I guess i'll have to see. But keep up the good job.:)
Silversun XD chapter 20 . 3/2/2016
-wince- that is quite the predicament to be in. I wonder how her new furry companion is going to take this.

Awesome chapter!
xXxBadassAngelxXx chapter 19 . 2/28/2016
Can't wait for you to update soon! :3 -
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