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X chapter 42 . 9/24
Also you could've killed Kiba instead of Kakashi cause he would've served as Hana's grandpa!
X chapter 42 . 9/24

I like it.

I dislike that Sakura was weak the entire time though. Like always.
kisekiss chapter 30 . 9/24
Sasuke is weak in this story, i think?
X chapter 36 . 9/22
ranemone chapter 42 . 9/15
I read this a long time ago, but with an account I can review.
This is amazing. I remember almost crying when I read it.
yukishakura chapter 42 . 9/14
I gotta be honest in here that I can't stop reading your stories and I finished them in two days. I always had a soft spot for Sasuke and reading your story, how Sasuke struggled freeing himself from his hatred, and loving Sakura and Katahana so intensely and purely, really loved my heart. Despite I'm saying that Sasuke's insanity and bloodlust is because of Uchiha's curse of hatred, In truth I never like canon's Uchiha curse of hatred, it seems like it's a cheap way to make the Uchihas turned 180 degree evil, it will be better if the turned evil by itself or simply just having opposing ideology. I am in love how your Sasuke deal and free himself from his hatred and find peace, not forced by Naruto nor Sakura, he matured greatly here (even more than Sakura I think :p ). You also made me fall in love with Sasuke, the way he struggle with his feelings for Sakura, the way he loves Sakura and Hana purely. I hope you write more Sasuke centric fic hehe (it's so rare). Thank you for giving us a great read!
thepypops chapter 42 . 9/13
I know that you might read this a while after posting it, but I just discovered it a few days ago and haven't been able to put my phone down one second. I totally and completely loved it! was a little confused in the beginning because of the names (because I read it while knowing that in the manga Sasusaku's daughter is called Sarada, and Naruhina's son Boruto and stuff :) ) but the story is absolutly amazing, I try writing myself sometimes but I'm the one who feels like a kindergardenbook writer :) I'm sorry for al the bad things that happend to you while writing this and I' m really jappy for all the good things that happend too :) I hope you keep writing, you're amazing in that way ;)
yukishakura chapter 15 . 9/12
I knew that Sasuke had bloodlust after he went mad, but not before he killed Itachi and knew the uchiha massacre truth though. Prior to that, before team taka, he avoided killing people, and his attacks at team 7 on the first reunion were meant to scare rather than really killing them. Orochimaru even remarked why he still didn't kill people, only disabling them, with Sasuke answering they're not the people he wants to kill, he still had his consience. He lose it when he went mad after meeting Obito-Madara, and affected by curse of hatred. I just want to clarify that, thought it is probably too late XD. In canon after he was freed of his curse of hatred he got his conciense back, but in this story it is understandable that he still retain that bloodlust because he wasn't free from his hatred.
yukishakura chapter 11 . 9/12
The scene when Sasuke reminded of Sakura's smile seeing Hana's eyes is so touching.. I am was kind of worried why he didn't have high urgency to find Sakura, he did, he just needed a little push. And I just marvel how you can almost predict Naruto's ending, with Sasuke couldn't stay in the village and decided to travel (although in canon the purpose is to rid of world's threat) and them having a daughter who looks a lot like him in looks but has Sakura's personality (Katahana is the more bubbly version of Sarada though). I also felt that Sasuke leaving the village to travel though, either because of guilt or bad memories. And making Sasuke has a daughter would soften him more than if he had a son. Because only a daughter could act clingy and cute to Sasuke XD.
yukishakura chapter 3 . 9/12
Aah.. I always love the type of fic (especially SasuSaku) where Sasuke travels to find his own inner peace, both post canon or before canon (and Insuspect this was made before canon yes). I stumbled to this fic from reading sasusaku fanfic recs on tumblr, and I couldn't be more glad (and it is completed as well!). These first chapters already got me hooked, especially with Sasuke's characterization. And this chapter made me smile because it's funny how Sasuke was wrapped around the little girls' finger. And I have a rising suspicion that this child is actually his daughter (Sarada XD?) as she has dark hair and dark eyes. Well if I am mistaken at least she would be very important though. And I wonder why hadn't Sakura mentioned.. Hmm..
Gearhead Fenton chapter 42 . 8/19
Holy ANGST. This story had me so stressed out! I was practically begging for something GOOD to happen to these poor characters! Nonetheless, this was an incredibly enjoyable read for me! Well done!
vaneravi chapter 42 . 8/18
I loved it! It was amazing
jade diamond chapter 7 . 8/18
ahhhh sooo good this fanfiction is really good particularly this chapter, when hana hugged sasuke and he slowly hugged her back... that scene could melt anyones heart. love your work sooooo much tank you for sharing it with us keep up the good work XXX :)
lovethis chapter 42 . 8/14
hellooo, i'm not even sure if you see this but i LOVED this! Plot and characters are all just great.i cant tell how much i loved your expressing everyting in Sasuke's POV. thanks a lot for your hardwork and time. I really enjoyed myself while reading. thanks again, best wishes and loves .. :*
Guest chapter 42 . 7/26
THIS IS YOUR FIRST FANFIC. NO. WAY. I mean, I know I'm late reading this but OMFG UR AMAZING
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