Reviews for La Tormenta
soledrive chapter 32 . 11/13
c'mon man, don't leave it like that... atleast you should get to the 7year timeskip, I really really wanna see how naruto handles the situation with Trinity raven dead, kurama dead and mira, cana, erza and markarov supposedly dead, how does naruto cope with it and powerful he becomes... please please just update it and if you're not gonna do that, atleast give a short summary of what you had planned on doing... please
Amargi'sNodachi chapter 32 . 10/24
So this is an interesting story where Naruto plays it smart, but the plot keeps shitting on him with the exception of his relationship with Mira
karadsumet chapter 13 . 4/27
Ignore my previous review as it was made in anger. This fic went way different in a disappointing direction than I thought. So I am mainly just disappointed for a good beginning to go this route. You do you. Good luck with your story.
karadsumet chapter 12 . 4/27
It is truly living up up to it's name. It's a torment to read. So much nerf. A pussy of a Naruto. Easily avoidable scenarios. It's like you are doing everything to make sure not to change canon and making Naruto a emo pussy. A post war Naruto as strong as jose only. Fuck that! If there was a rating system like webnovel, this would be below Chinese translation mtl.
soledrive chapter 7 . 4/17
thats like serious nerfing u did their , only with sagemode he is able to match ikaruga wtf
rosaurocunanan16 chapter 2 . 4/16
Icyryu chapter 8 . 4/15
honestly, this was one the worst chapters I had read so far cause if Naruto had the power to go to Edolas he would've gone there to save her cause all he knows is people turn into mana crystals after getting sucked in anima yet he is deciding the fate of Lisanna as if he knows the future.
anyway it just annoyed me how twisted the ending of the chapter was
Ame No Minakanushl chapter 12 . 3/29
kid final valley naruto would absolutely destroy jose with his speed alone, jose at his best would be mach 6.7 and tbm naruto is capable of moving 23522.2x faster than light which would be mach 5702206
Robbler chapter 9 . 1/7
Oh, sry. At this point Gildarts was actually weaker than Makarov, good research. :p
Robbler chapter 8 . 1/7
Also, there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that Gildarts has surpassed Makarov long ago. That man is an absolute Monster.
Robbler chapter 8 . 1/7
Sage Mode Naruto nearly took out Pain. This Naruto doesn't have Kurama anymore, I get that, but he had been fighting a one man battle against Madara, still has shadow clones (and there absolute hack power) and matured a lot.
You don't want to make him too strong too fast, but you clearly took a far too old Naruto for that. He has been in Earthland for some time now, not getting stronger at all doesn't really seem like him.

But I am still early into the story, and it's yours anyway, sooo... I guess I'll see what happens next xD
Username6166 chapter 19 . 1/3
Yet another generic nonsensical bashing fic...
Username6166 chapter 18 . 1/3
Once again, there is literally zero reason for him to be an asshole instead of just explaining things. This isn't the type of thing that needs to be hidden at all.
Username6166 chapter 15 . 1/3
As with literally any anime or fanfic in existence that makes the main character pretend to be a d*ck, it makes literally zero sense and only lasts like 1 chapter. Every single time this trope ever pops up in any piece of media in existence, it never makes any sense. There is literally no reason for why he needs to be an asshole instead of just going "bad stuff will happen if we don't stay away from each other for a bit, I hope you understand".
Username6166 chapter 14 . 1/3
I honestly now find it hilarious with how much mental gymnastics you force yourself to go through to make Naruto the most mentally disabled person in the world.
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