Reviews for Zoids: Fuzors Recombined
pointytilly chapter 1 . 4/10/2013
Aaah, fic for Sweet _ . Awesome. Almost nobody writes Fuzors, much less her, and I like that she wanted a flying Zoid, not just the most powerful one or whatever. It fits her.
Requiem17 chapter 1 . 3/23/2013
Preview chapters are always short and make me want more, and huge thanks for the shout out! (I'm a female though hahahaha)

As I don't know the Fuzors characters, this causes me to want to find out who these people are, and I'll probably head over to Zoids Wiki after this. My initial interpretation is that Sweet is a nice girl, Helmut is a gruff Brad type character, and RD is the star of the show? I'm thankful that you're being careful in your introduction of characters instead of throwing them all in at once-it's going to allow me to get them solidly in my mind. I'm interested in seeing this girl come into her own and become the awesome warrior she was always meant to be. A Storm Sworder is going to be a difficult starting Zoid!

My crit is to look up a good grammar site and brush up on where to put punctuation when writing dialogue. It's something I'm still getting the hang of, and I still debate myself on certain commas hahha. For example:

Original: "You'll see" he replied gruffly "just you wait."

Option 1: "You'll see," he replied gruffly. "Just you wait."
Option 2: "You'll see," he replied gruffly, "just you wait."

A little bit of grammar will go a long way, I promise! Oh, and I like your title, it's punny and made me chuckle. I had no idea you posted this almost a month ago, honestly, what's wrong with my brain?