Reviews for Anything For Sammy
LeeMarieJack chapter 345 . 8/23
The big happy family is getting bigger and happier. I like the addition of Benny and Joe. It is time, though, to let them all go and carry on in their own little universe.
LyleRay chapter 345 . 8/23
Some distress in Loveland, is there? No matter which way you look, love is everywhere.
Tari4078 chapter 344 . 8/10
Thank you for the HUGE update, It will help going forward. I think that it is funny that some of the children that Alex and/or Wyatt wished to be older got older whereas others didn't, like Sky didn't age as much as her brother even though they weren't that far apart to begin with. I can't wait for school to start for all of them and see how they interact with "normal" kids. Boy, can I see some funny/sad/hard/happy/angry and what other else emotions you can think of happening! Love this fic and am always glad to see a new chapter has arrived in my inbox. You are great! Keep it up. :)
kobby76 chapter 344 . 8/10
This helps a lot! I knew there were a lot of characters in this story but to see them laid out like this is impressive. Not sure how you keep track of them all lol
LeeMarieJack chapter 344 . 8/9
What an excellent and charming list. Lots of characters here that will be missed. However, 343 chapters are a lot of chapters. Excellent work creating this world.
Tari4078 chapter 343 . 8/9
Alex is still a little kid and didn't realize that being bigger, doesn't mean things are better, or easier. Sometimes it gets harder, but his heart was in the right place. I need a new run down on all the kids' abilities and now ages. I forgot that Henry wasn't the "normal" one and that Nick was, but I thought he was able to do something, but OMG so many kids and not enough brain power. Can't help wonder what Joe's baby will be like and does he even know that he is pregnant yet? Kudos!
LeeMarieJack chapter 343 . 8/8
Thank you so much for this chapter. I love seeing them all getting older and moving into the big wide world. You are most likely correct. The world might not be really prepared for the invasion of the Winchesters. Everyone will just have to adjust to the new realities. Thank you especially for the brief peeks at my darling Rahmi.
teresa.posey.37 chapter 343 . 8/8
Love this story. I usually hate fics that stray to far from canon, but this one and songbird are great.
SmileBecauseYourBeautiful chapter 343 . 8/8
This is ending? I really enjoyed it! I'm kinda sad we didn't see the little kids grow up, but I think I know why you did it. :) Great chapter!
LeeMarieJack chapter 342 . 8/1
I am so pleased that the have Sam back safe. Castiel might have been just a little quick to burn Marko alive. He could have let Dean have a minute or two longer with his knife. I'm pretty sure that Cas was more worried about the effect on Dean than worrying about Marko o he was most likely right to finish it so quickly.

I love my Rahmi keeping watch. H's an excellent father and guardian.
Tari4078 chapter 341 . 6/27
What are the munchins going to do?! Dean will not go easy on his brother/husband's rapist, that's for sure. Fred got off way to easy in my opinion. I just want the family to be all together.
LeeMarieJack chapter 341 . 6/26
I loved my Rahmi as a father. I bet he'll be perfect and still be my bold Warrior. I liked May and August as the baby's names too.

Dean is going to be very unpleasant to Marko, I'm sure. Will you make his punishment quite original?

Just exactly what are the Winchester children up to now?
SmileBecauseYourBeautiful chapter 341 . 6/26
Little kids shouldn't go into the water! Save them!

They have Sam, and although he'll need some time to get over it, he's with his family :)
Kobby76 chapter 72 . 6/9
Dean! Again with the bad treatment of Cas, I understand after what he just learnt about his childhood but currently me no like this Dean! Which comes as a shock to me because I'm a total Deangirl!
Kobby76 chapter 67 . 6/9
Dean is such a dick to Cas it makes me cross! Please have him be nice to him soon, I'm still cross at him for letting Sam take his cherry the way he did so I need to see Dean in a good light again
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