Reviews for The Hour of Seperation' - NaruSasuNaru
Lily chapter 1 . 4/18
tHat was amazing! But I'm confused did Naruto actually die
MimiMaku chapter 1 . 3/2/2013
This story had me trebling. Then it had me crying, and it's hard to find a story that can portray emotions as well as you did. It was dark and I like it. But the ending made me happy.
Sweetened-With-Love chapter 1 . 3/1/2013
Posted to: noonesignificant 3/1/13

Ouen arigatou!, Gomen- I did not realize I had not posted it as complete. You are correct it would ruin the whole punctuated point to what is being said.
I am really glad you liked this so much. I worked very hard one this In Universe story over a long period of time. Ah, yes yes very much in character I love it as well. This baby is my pride and joy for sure.

Posted to: Elune

Okotoba wa arigatai no desu ga . . . despite the fact Kohona had dealt with the matter of the Uchiha's in the wrong way that did not give Sasuke the right to do some of the things he did. I did not write this story to stomp on Sasuke and his feelings. I love Sasuke even to this day as character. The reason for Sasuke's jailing is for the crimes he committed as a S rank criminal. According to Nanja law for all villages abandonment of your country and your duties is punishable by death.

He's lucky he was given pardon for his crime because of little deeds he had done in good faith and because of Naruto's strong words to protect him. This has nothing to do with justice in the way your thinking. Sasuke in no way after the war would be allowed to be free in the village. He had to take some kind of punishment for the things he did, just like they had to pardon him despite the fact others would of been happy to see the last of his kind be killed. In 'Residence of the sun' he has his whole life's memories wiped by a nasty forbidden spell by the hands of Kakashi. In 'Remembrance' he was in jail for 6yr's before he was allowed out. Jail was simply a time out in a way to get him to think about all that he had done.

As for Naruto being Hokage he's almost 19 in this story, I believe since it is after the war. The story is taking place after everything you see in Naruto now except slight changes of who dies and who is actually Tobi. Naruto has done his due's and so much more for Konoha and the WHOLE ninja world . . he is the ONLY person suited for his job after Tsunade and she know that. Age in this world means nothing to them! It's simply a number counting from when you're born. Think of Kakashi and Itachi and how young they were when placed in ANBU killing S rank ninja's. He has all the experience he needed after the war and for 3 and half years he trained as Hokage under Tsunade.
Elune chapter 1 . 3/1/2013
IMO, Sasuke and his clan are victims of Kohona's cruelty and inhuman acts, and Sasuke hasn't done any crimes except leaving the place where he couldn't find any warmth, so why Sasuke has to be locked up in jail as a prisoner? This doesn't make sense, there is no justice in this. Also, Naruto hasn't done anything good or heroic in your story, so why is he Hokage? IMO, anyone who is same age as Naruto don't have what it takes to be Hokage yet because they're still too young and inexperienced to be up for the job.
noonesignificant chapter 1 . 3/1/2013
wow! this was awesome! I love the way Sasuke and Naruto interacted. Totally in character. Well done.
You didn't put this story as complete. Does that mean that there will be a squeal? Although I freaking loved this story, don't write an other chapter. I'm afraid it does more damage than good to this story
Anyway... Looking forward to other SasuNaru stories you might write in the future