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Guest chapter 9 . 4/14
please please please update...i love this fic!
Elise chapter 9 . 4/12
Hi! You write so beautifully. You make shallow things deeper; sometimes complicated, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I like it, the depth. I hope you didn't abandon this fic! :-) However long you take, please back soon!
ellociin chapter 9 . 4/13
love this story!
UniKitty chapter 9 . 3/22
Someone with great articulation finally writes a fic, that I stumble upon, and it hasn't updated since when? Please update soon. Loving this whole Grey's meets Brittana, in your own way.
Lane chapter 9 . 3/18
Damn! Update soon.
lgreer5262 chapter 9 . 3/19
First of all, do you have a background in medicine or are you just really adept at getting "close enough" on the details that we'd never know the difference? I'm pleasantly surprised at how well you wrote those parts. Usually I spend 75% of my time bitching about willing suspension of disbelief (or lack thereof) when reading fics with technical content. Or laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of some - and not because I'm a mean person, but because it's totally obvious that the author just didn't do any research. Granted, I get that the creative drive often trumps reality and the need to pump the brakes in order to educate one's self. However, I'm of the ilk that thinks if you're gonna write a highly technical fic, it probably wouldn't hurt to do a little fact checking here and there. That sounds a lot more snobbish than I wanted, but whatever. Point being, you don't have that issue. I wanted you to know it's well appreciated. I was able to enjoy the story without being distracted by all the stupid crap my head likes to do sometimes. :-)

Also worth noting, I've never been a huge Brittana shipper. I was grateful for finally having a same-sex female couple on the show, but I wasn't real enthused about those two together. I could go off on a tangent about my reasoning, but my point in saying that is that you were actually able to make me like them together. You somehow made them make perfect sense, but still kept them pretty well IC. I can't pinpoint how you pulled that off, but hats off to you. It surprised the hell out of me!

Thanks for being cognizant of the responsibility you have as a fic author, and for so beautifully pointing out our responsibility as readers. I wish more fan fic authors gave a damn like that. Oh, and if you're still in the market for a beta, I'm in possession of more free time than I've been used to lately, and I read more than any sane human being ought to. I wouldn't mind giving you a hand if you have the need.
r e l chapter 9 . 2/22
Damn didnt see that one coming! But please let it be positive from now on! Brittana couple all the way!
HyperActiveMonkey chapter 9 . 2/17
i apologise for not reviewing before, because i think your writing is beautiful. sometimes its a bit of a sucker punch to the feels, but your story is awesome and im so looking forward to the rest.

K311yS chapter 9 . 1/29
I know I haven’t yet found the time to review the last chapter, but we’re gonna forget that, for now, because I’m reviewing this chapter, and I had a lot of thoughts and feelings when reading this chapter, so…

It was nice seeing Quinn back in the mix. Not only because I love the way you write their back and forth and interactions, but because we get to uncover so much more of Santana here, and boy do I want that woman uncovered. You’re doing such a great job of developing the many levels and layers to her character and this top part to the chapter just added to that.

We know San has issues, we know she has guards and distances and places she wishes to stay away from, and a lot of the time, we’re left asking WHY? What in life has taken this beautiful and strong woman and twisted her into believing that her self-worth isn’t worthy enough? And through the use of Quinn you offer us clues – more ideas to play with. The first of many being:

“Normal people have family and friends, who, unlike you, they actually want to see; but you still can’t bring yourself to fathom such a feeling.”

She ties her worth instead to the feeling she gets from being successful in her career, as opposed to seeking that fulfilment on a deep and personal level. It’s as if the numbness she finds in her occupational excellence is another layer of protection. But, again, from what and from whom?

I want to know who hurt her and I want to know why. I want to know, even as she’s sitting with her best friend – someone who obviously knows her well enough to call bullshit when necessary, why she still feels that need to taste the lies on the tip of her tongue. It’s like there’s no one she can just be herself with… ( *whispers* well, ya know, except that certain blonde she also tasted on the tip of her tongue, but we’ll come back to that later)… No one she can just expose herself to with the surety that she won’t be rejected nor hurt nor made to feel less.

She really does exist within a constant state of embattlement. Life is hostile; life is out to get you.

It’s apparent within her self-awareness… That need to know everything, to understand everything, to be prepared for everything. On guard, on point – ready to defend. It’s as if she believes her self-awareness will in some way protect her from life itself. Bless her.

In terms of words and actual writing, I loved, “Your mistakes with Brittany rise before you like a deep rooted fallacy climbing limb to limb…” and then through to the imagery of trees in the closing paragraph. It’s a lovely touch, all delicate and such, and “You just want to made of the same bravery.”

I got hope for her. Mostly because you keep forcing her to confront the issues. Again, through Quinn here, with the allusion to the family stuff – and I really look forward to finding out what within her family makes her not want to see them. I mean, she says ‘normal’ people want to see their families… Maybe she should be questioning whether her family meet the requirements of ‘normal’ first. Do they deserve her attention? Are they the ones that hurt her first? I WANT TO KNOW.

With Santana, in this story, there’s this incredible weight that bears down when reading, like, if you truly suspend yourself within the same space as the character, the weight she places upon herself is almost unbearable. It follows you through the interaction with Blaine, it’s so apparent during her talk with Emma… Just tension, constant building tension. You couple that with the way she views the world – the way she views Brittany, the way she thinks on Blaine, the way she measures herself, it reminds me of that Hemingway quote:

“The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed.”

She has the virtues, so much so, yet coupled with her headspace, she really is open to destruction. Sadly, it’s mostly on a self-destruct kind of level. I’m exhausted by her need to classify every action and to balance the weight of every second… Throw in these next lines…

“In the world that’s never failed to let you down.”

“What if you were to destroy humanity the same way it’s destroying you…”

“Everything is better when it’s broken.”

And I mean, truly… “…It’s such a heavy reality.”

I want respite for her. I want…

Oh look, here comes that certain blonde!

It’s the funny thing about Brittany, because as much as Santana’s inner monologue carries on around her, as much as her thoughts still trip into darkness and want to sway towards this messed up idea of self-preservation – there’s something about B that just continues to curveball that notion.

Blaine’s death was quite mean of you, by the way :) I liked the three line of prayer to deliver the blow. It made me go ouch. It was sudden and succinct and kind of like death. And the reaction was everything I’ve felt San building towards. BIG ouch. On a smashing scale. Awesome.

Back to Britt. And this thought:

“…Like maybe it’s the place you’d go when you just want to be yourself and nothing more, nothing less.”

That was the part I was referring to up top. This is the beauty in their relationship that San hasn’t yet embraced, but that is gonna be the pathway to a happy ending for her, if you deign as the author to take that path. Santana has such a soft and gentle heart – something which was evident with Blaine, that is evident with the way she’s been oft times with Kurt, and that is so fucking evident when she’s with Britt – and you get a real sense of that warring against every bad thought and heart-hardened notion. And Brittany’s space is a really good place to go to war. Duke it out where you can be yourself – nothing more and nothing less.

I also wanted to make the point that I find Brittany’s astuteness just as important as San’s self-awareness. We’re not in B’s head, we don’t get the luxury of hearing her inner hopes and dreams. But – we see them reflected in what she does, how she holds herself, how she gives of herself, and most importantly, in the things she says to Santana. She has gifts and she wishes to share them… And maybe San is just the right person to share them with?

Like, it’s easy to say – I’d have walked away, San’s being a dick, what’s B getting out of it?
To my mind, I feel like maybe the challenge that is Santana is perhaps the challenge B seeks or needs to discover her own depths. I mean, Britt appears ‘perfect’ – why isn’t she already snapped up and in love and being perfect with another perfect person? Why isn’t she shitting hearts and flowers in a forest full of hearts and flowers?

People fit for a reason. And I’ve always loved the way you make them fit. Their give and take is actually quite beautiful; that ease they so easily achieve with each other. Santana is someone who is determined to drown in her own depths; Brittany is someone who swims up close to the surface and breathes in the sweet air. They need the balance to find the middle. Brittany lifts San out of herself – quite easily, I’d say. And San gives levels to Britt that a lot of people like to assume she doesn’t need. People that paint the world pretty are usually painting that way for a reason – they’ve been through the bad and they’ve now mixed their own palette with which to paint good. It’s naive to assume that Britt isn’t gaining from this relationship.

Even within the way they made the love. Which was entirely hot, and extremely well written – thank you. There was still those layered levels of give and take. San says no, Britt insists yes. San says fast and rough and forgetful, Britt says no and slow and feel this.

I felt a lot from this. I feel like out of all the fic written and all the fic I’ve read, this is the one that really captures, quite truly, both the pain and the beauty of life, love and everything.

“…Like the world is expanding from the darkness you’ve created, and her cracks of perfection are the only means of giving you light.”

Because light needs dark, and dark needs light, because without the other the one doesn’t exist and. Yeah. You’re continuing to nail this story. As a story, as an example of some really beautiful writing, and as a reflection on what it is to be imperfectly perfect and human.

I love you. I mean it. I love it. Please continue.
Eshpe chapter 9 . 1/27
I Love this story! I like when santana plays a surgeon its the best. But it really got me aswell when she got close to Blaine and he died.. I cryed. I really hope you continue the storry i can't wait to see There relationship grow!
extendedmetaphors chapter 9 . 1/24
It always takes me ages to review your fic, because I have to think about it and sort my feelings out. It never ends in the same place it started, if it starts out as kinda hopeful then it ends on a sadder note or vice versa (which is fairly obvious since you're telling a story and there's supposed to be some progression), but sometimes it's all mixed up and I don't even know, which is what happened in this chapter.
We're always bouncing off the same two walls (with some changes but still), which is basically Santana going back and forth with the possibilities in her mind, that i'm kinda used to it by now and i barely believe we could go bounce somewhere else. But i really really hope this a step forward.

On that note, I'm so glad Quinn said the things she did about Brittany, because Santana gets so stuck in her head sometimes that she doesn't get it, and the fact that Brittany knows what she's doing was one of the "its". Sad about Blaine :/ but it was realistic. The fact that Santana ended up liking something in a situation she was so opposed to is a good thing, she'll make it work, it's a nice little parallel in a way.

One thing I've noticed while reading your fic (not just this update) is that every chapter feels like it's the best that it could be, it's (for the lack of a better word) tight. And your metaphors, it's like they go through this curating process and are carefully picked to not only fit what is going on the chapter but the story as a whole.
In the end it all comes together really nicely. Thank you for a lovely chapter. (oh my god this is long sorry!)
JustLiv28 chapter 1 . 1/23
This story is just fucking amazing!
i love it so much! I couldn't stop reading it caaaan't wait for the next chapter! 3
tuk1917 chapter 9 . 1/19
I love the physics in the last scene. Quite perfect really.
Munchkin licker chapter 9 . 1/19
This story is so awesome.
lemon-rind chapter 3 . 1/17
I was supposed to be studying but I got sucked in so hard. Great story!
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