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Guest chapter 27 . 10/15
I loved this sooo much! and when she road down on smaug (A FRICKIN DRAGON!) its was over, I was done :)
ps. every time myrtle was mentioned I couldn't help but think of bilbos pony...
Jesusfreak3791 chapter 1 . 9/8
oh. my. gosh. only veggietales kids get that one
SANDWICH! *dies laughing*
Yukiko78 chapter 25 . 7/22
Wrong guess! I should have know elves are healer after all.
So how many days or weeks did Billa passed in coma?
Yukiko78 chapter 24 . 7/22
Haaaan I get it! Bills is a dragonborn! A dovhakin (I'm pretty sure I spelled it wrong, sorry)!
The elves are a little late I think unless Smaug betrays Billa or an army of goblins land. Oh no! Maybe there're coming for the marriage!
Yukiko78 chapter 23 . 7/22
AND THE ELVES! AND THE DWARROWS! ARG YOU'RE AWESOME! I LOVE YOU (en tout bien tout honneur mind you)!

Bye I need to see what happened next
Yukiko78 chapter 21 . 7/22
I like Dain in the movie. He's quite cool so I hope Billa'll change his mind!

(hope Bolg didn't do anything to Billa!)
Yukiko78 chapter 20 . 7/22
Hello again!

I must confessed, I didn't understood what was the problem 'till the passage with the creek xD
I'm thick-head!
I can't wait to see what Azog will do!
Also, you deserve every follower, your story is a gem! Bye!
Yukiko78 chapter 16 . 7/21
Well Ithur's great dwarve!
And, is that jealousy I see Thorin? :-p
I'm glad you gave us a pasdage with Billa, Thranduil and Elrond! It was so cool! Thank you very much!
Yukiko78 chapter 15 . 7/21
Melodyyyyyyyy! Yay I like her!
Fluff so much flufffffff! More! More! More!
Thorin is so screw up hihihi!
Yukiko78 chapter 14 . 7/21
Gorgeous as usual! And very very funny! One of my favorite chapter so far (with th dancing in the market and the poor woman in laketown)

Merci encore! (yeah it's my little touch of "originality" if I may say... ;-) )
Yukiko78 chapter 13 . 7/21
I forgot to mentioned it, but I'm glad you kept the company even if they haven't all the lineage to be with Thorin (is my sentence comprehensive? What I'm saying is they are mostly commoners and I don't think Thorin would have know them if Smaug hadn't come.)
Yukiko78 chapter 12 . 7/21
Oh gosh!
So far l loved every single inch(es?) of your story! It's brilliant! I didn't think I'd love a girl's Bilbo so much!
But well here I am, stars in my eyes, completely giddy at 2.00 am!

Seriously I nearly cried at the beginning with Billa and then I was dancing with her in the market and it was glorious!

I'll continue my reading now (sorry if it's incomprehensible, I'm French and well, not very fluent in English. But I do love reading fanfic in English.)

Thanks again!
Guest chapter 27 . 7/4
Guest chapter 27 . 6/14
Awesome read. Read from start to finish. Well done story, I was very happy reading it.
writer-of-bag-end chapter 1 . 5/22
I've read this fic before and absolutely loved it so I'm excited to reread it :)
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