Reviews for The Prince's Slave
jaz101 chapter 30 . 5/3
Loved it can't wait for more.
CinnamonBoo chapter 30 . 5/1
Does every story you write haver to be misogynist?
CinnamonBoo chapter 20 . 5/1
Sorry but "nearly pity" doesnt make sense and you have too much purple prose in this entire story.
"Odin observed, voice completely steady, and slightly to the relief of those who were cusious but to wary to ask themselves" WTF does this mean? Terrible wording!
CinnamonBoo chapter 10 . 5/1
How do you "smelt" a rose?
Smelt is a chemical change for ore! It is also a fish, but it does not mean smell...hahahah
Enjolras123 chapter 30 . 4/26
I love this story but Thorhas to repent for this. Please write more and soon.
Guest chapter 30 . 4/20
Please update pretty please
justsomeone2010 chapter 30 . 4/14
I feel so bad for Harmony :( It must really suck for her :( I hope he doesn't really get married, not that I can see how yet. I just want them to be together! Loved reading this chapter. Every time I get an update for this story, I get so excited! Can't wait for the next one! Please don't let Thor get married to some stuck up Asgardian! Please, please, please...
guest chapter 30 . 4/12
Okay Harmony now that Ingrid is here it's time to develop nerves of steel, you'll need them for all the troubles you will surely come to face! Loved it I may not like Ingrid but no one likes the antagonist, although I'm excited to see how this changes Harmony's personality rather than how it will change Thor's/ Harmony's relationship. Do have a rather repeating thought come through every now and then...what chaos will ensue if Harmony carries Thor's heir rather than his "queen" honestly I would boo-yah! all the way to the bank. I wonder how long the marriage will last and what exactly was Loki scheming when he made eye contact with Harmony during Ingrid's arrival? Only time will tell, happily excited and ready for the next chapter :)
wolviegurl chapter 30 . 4/11
Great chapter, please update again soon.
Loki'sdreamer chapter 30 . 4/10
I hope harmony isn't a slave for too much longer, I miss the old harmony. Don't like Ingrid, she just seems bitchy.
anon chapter 30 . 4/10
I really, really, really love your story and I was so excited to see you had updated. This chapter was perfect as usual and ingrid's arrival is sure to start some problems. I can't wait to see what you do next, please update soon (:
Guest chapter 30 . 4/9
Great chapter. Continue writing on this story it's awesome
twin268 chapter 30 . 4/9
finaly thank you for the awesome update i love it cant say much for ingrid i hate her already haha cant wait to see how the story will unfold with her terrible attidude towards slaves and what she will think of harmony keep up the great story
EgyptianAssassin chapter 30 . 4/8
i knew that the boy in the beginning was related to Harmony! called it! now there can be twinly bonding between them! the dancing at the end was cute, i can't dance to save my life. unless it's the tango. i can do a tango
luvthedoors chapter 30 . 4/8
Im so nervous and scared for them! Youre detailed writing is amazing and I can always picture the scenes with the amounts of imagery you use.
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