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Guest chapter 36 . 10/20
(Please read everything before judging)Your stories are awesome and hard to tear away from, this is my personal review and my own opinion so please don't take any offense.
It was weird to read about harmony acting this way, I mean I get it, she loved Thor, but she acts a bit self centered, don't you think? I mean yah I get she doesn't want her brother to die, BUT COME ON, Ingrid was in freaking LABOR, and to be fair, her brother is a slave
And LITERALLY nobody else's concern, she asks too many favors to Loki, whilst she shouldn't have the right, and the whips she got a few pages back, she DESERVED them, she thinks way too highly of herself and acts like a bratty spoiled child when she is a teenager. I mean Thor was getting married, starting a family, and setting a bloodline, for the good of his realm even HE understood that, she acts too fragile and pathetic at times. Here's my take on what should happen next, you don't need to use it at all, just a suggestion, The king mourns over his wife and child for a while, He and harmony argue, harmony refuses him. Then, after a time, forgives him, allows him to heal her. Meanwhile, throughout Asgard,
Women are getting ready to propose and flaunt themselves to the King, trying to seduce him into taking a bride, all but one certain asgardian (whomever you'd like, even an OC)
He marries her, eventually, after constant pushing from his council. She is everything he could ever want or need in a wife, strong enough to sate him, controlled enough to calm him, beautiful enough to allure him, and also kind to everyone especially harmony, and not jealous like Ingrid. But even after everything she does for him. He doesn't love her as much ( obviously her cares do her a whole lot and so does Loki) because she's not harmony. Slowly but surely he starts falling for her, again harmony's heart breaks. She sleeps with another guy (again whomever you'd like or an OC).
And marries him instead. Breaking Thor's heart in the process, but she doesn't care he broke her too much, used her like a toy, from there take another spin to it, make Harmony and Thor have illicit trysts with them both being married and all, or whatever you want(again this is a suggestion)
Once again no disrespect to you just my own personal opinion
TheAmazingMaya chapter 36 . 10/19
Gah, cliffhangers are torture! Please update soon, I can't wait to see what happens next.
Guest chapter 36 . 10/6
I love this story so PLEASE up date again "ASAP" dying 2c how it ends...;)
AneeshaSonia chapter 1 . 9/27
Hey! I love your stories! Especially this one! However I was really sad about the last chapter, but I'm not saying it was bad, it was really sad in an emotional and creative way, and I was thinking on the next chapter, Harmony feels sick, and a week later, she finds out that she's pregnant and tells Thor. He first denies it, and then realizes that she wouldn't lie, and believes her. The next few chapters could be about them planning on their upcoming baby. If you want, you could create a miscarriage to spice the story up a bit. Even you can include an overjoyed Kistain in the next chapter. Sorry, that all probably sounded lame and vague. These are just suggestions! Thanks!
luvthedoors chapter 36 . 9/25
I'm happy you're writing again! Its been awhile. I think that Thor's going to be such an angry king for awhile. Hopefully things work out with him and Harmony.
canadice chapter 36 . 9/25
So the baby and his wife are dead? And he threw harmony across the room?! Omg update soon please!
anonymus chapter 36 . 9/23
Your story is great as always! But I think Thor is making Harmony suffer too much.. I hope he is going to regret the way he treats her ... It is really abuse!
thank you for your work )
Guest chapter 36 . 9/17
Thor is such a dick.
I can't believe he let Kristain die
Adela chapter 36 . 9/16
I love it but.I feel sorry for Thor and hamery
ArticAlphaFemale chapter 36 . 9/17
It would be a true romance to see both Harmony and Thor pitted against each other. Like if all of the emotions she had felt just snapped and it changed her love for him to hate. Have Thor Punish her for what happened in the birthing room to the point of almost death than have Loki save her and help her escape to earth where she can be free. Give harmony a chance to see what life is like without Thor, to grow stronger in strength and emotions, to be able to learn more about self and knowledge. Make it hard for Thor to earn her trust and love back. Because than he would value her more than just a slave. Maybe he can even pass a new law that frees slaves after a certain amount of time (like after 25-30yrs). This is just a thought since your genre was romance as well as hurt/comfort . A lot of hurting than comfort.
LarissaValentiMeedachi2613 chapter 36 . 9/17
Omg! I need answers I hope you update again soon!
123456789 chapter 36 . 9/14
heeeey! it's been a while.. so i liked this chapter but i thought that even though thor got married he still would be tender and loving with thats all
hope you will update soon..
CasAteDeansPie chapter 36 . 9/13
I love this story and can't wait for more! Keep up the good work and don't feel rushed to do the good work!
DCT Won't Forget You Now chapter 36 . 9/13
When I read your writings i get captured into the story. Almost craving the next chapter. I love this story. When I see the next chapter posted its like getting a present and when I finish reading it I continually retread all the chapters before it. Thank you so much for sharing your writing abilities!
reviewer chapter 36 . 9/13
Cause the emotions I feel are overflowing so much rn I need to vent it all out.
Just to make clear, this is not at all a flame or anything. Just want to let out my feelings lol. I respect that your story delves on these kinds of things. You did warn us about them, so don't feel attacked.
Sigh. Thor needs to understand Harmony's importance. I mean, I understand the whole SubDom thing going on but he's way too aggressive, and reckless. Throwing/Pushing her away like that just because he was angry and stressed about his child?
Since his wife and child are dead, is he going to come crawling back to Harmony? Or is he going to go farther away from her even more?
Honestly, I hope he crawls back, so she can shove it in his face how foolish and selfsih he was. And then, she can leave him and make out wit. Loki. Ridiculous, I know.
But I just CANNOT stand Thor's treatment of her. It's way too much emotional and physical abuse.
I don't think ANYONE deserves that. Harmony should just realize she's better off without Thor!
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