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Guest chapter 55 . 12h
Awesome fic. .loved it!
weekaa1313 chapter 55 . 11/1
Brilliantly marvelous!

This story definitely should have more hundreds multiplied reviews than what's counted now.
Maxi gracias for sharing 'hon
Guest chapter 54 . 10/25
How about a little closure with Harry, Ron and Ginny? You're just going to leave Ron where he's at? Leave her relationship and Harry where you did? And leave Ginny with the dickhead Harry that can't see he's wrong? And I was thinking this was a good story. It is until you realise that you didn't resolve things that you spent way too much time developing. You developed the shit with Harry and Ron and now you're going to just drop it? Why bother with development of you just leave it where you did? And Hermione, while hurt by war and Her "friends", is much too strong of a person to take Ron's abuse (that's what it was) lying down with nothing to say in her defence (especially when she's feeling more normal). I really like this until I realised that you did nothing to resolve most of the plot.
Guest chapter 55 . 10/25
I can almost understand your view on the modern things vs. actual cannon. For fun, it is ok to go with that. However, you're just wimping out, on you and HP fans. You write in current times because you're comfortable with it but in order to grow and evolve, it's impossible when you won't get outside your comfort zone. Try might be hard but it's where this world takes place. If you want to cop out and stick with modern things, then don't do their 20's...try them at a later point in time where you can stay in your comfort zone. It doesn't work with stories that are decent.
SunMoonNeko chapter 55 . 10/18
I've read this story several times now and each time it's a pleasure. I look forward to reading it again and again.
DeyniraMalfoy chapter 55 . 9/28
Great work. I love how you integrated Dean & Luna. Feel bad for Luna though.
DeyniraMalfoy chapter 42 . 9/28
I've been saving the comments for last, but DAMN! Draco whipped the Weasel in this chapter! Great work!
Nana153 chapter 55 . 9/6
I've had my doubts after reading first few chapters, but then... wow it's great. Your characters are lively, the way Draco is introduced into Muggle word and it changes his view is imo realistic. I didn't like Harry's reaction, but it doesn't seem extremely ooc. Ron is a bit more fanon than canon, but than you're writing Dramione, not Romione, so it's explainable. Mr. Lovegood... your Hermione had it right - he hasn't been sane for a long time. Draco with artist's soul... I loved it, although I believe that Hermione didn't grasp the true reason why RR has shown her his sketchbook.
Thank you for a beautiful story.
Guest chapter 15 . 9/2
Do you think. Hermione would know about the particulars of a microwave regarding physics? I feel like that's a basic learning thing in muggle schooling.
Guest chapter 13 . 9/2
It's spelled Gandalf, not Gandolf. :) Also, Peter Jackson's. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring didn't come out until 2001 (again I'm guessing this is still 1999). But there are other versions of The Lord of the Rings books (the animated ones) out during this time.

Again, I'm enjoying your story and interactions between dramione. I just thought I'd let you know.
Guest chapter 9 . 9/2
Didn't Dirty Little Freaks come out in 2011 and this is set in 1999? I'm just going to pretend she's singing the lyrics to Prince's "1999" since that came out in 1982 and has apt lyrics like "party like it's 1999".

I like the story so far btw.
Leiyran chapter 55 . 9/2
Good lord, I need more!
Gapyeargirl chapter 55 . 8/25
Wow just wow, to be perfectly honest I was skeptical in the beginning. But I am so glad I did not give up. I had been hooked from the moment she gave up her virginity. It was brilliant. I read it all in one go. Beautiful characterisation of both Draco and Hermione. Seriously, you portrayed the conflict he was going through beautiful without the angst and that is wonderful. My god, you have a gift. Please write more Dramione. This is probably the second or third review I have ever written in my two years as a Dramione fanfic reader.
bellachaos chapter 55 . 8/10
Nice job, the story and the writing were really strong all the way through. I enjoyed the second epilogue much more than the first, but I would have liked a throwaway line or two about what happened to Luna, Dean, and the rest.
Gypsy London Rose chapter 55 . 7/15
I loved this story. You write so beautifully. I couldn't stop reading. Really liked the pairing you used. Hope to read more from you soon.
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