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This is not a FanFiction chapter 17 . 9/5
I dont think this story will be updated but it has been an interesting read! Definitely different to the usual S.I/OC stories out right now. Thanks!
RyanRomero chapter 2 . 7/29
booklover41 chapter 17 . 7/27
Ness chapter 13 . 7/7
Loved this story...till now.
This chapter it actually drove me off the story.
Her automatic submissive behavior to aria is ridiculous as best.
Her unable to keep her abilities/secret a secret is teeth grinding stupid. You don't tell everyone your advantage. I get why she may stay on omega because of Shepard but she has over a year. It makes more sense for her to get out and get some experience and reputation outside of omega then come back. Her spilling her secrets to everyone and only training her biotic powers rather than her physical as well was driving me away from the story especially since she keeps thinking about her young (in asari terms) roommate. You didnt mark this as romance, let alone yuri or fem slash. Then the worst is after being badass she bows and cowers before aria without so much as a retort. It just doesnt add up. Then her spilling about EVERYTHING just sealed it for me which sucks cause this was so unique and awesome.
Guest chapter 13 . 7/7
Love this story...kinda hate how you have her bowing to Aria's whims and demands though. Hard to see her go from badass on the field to submissive. Not to mention her being a vamp should stay a secret yet she tells almost everyone she teams up with to those she works for. Hopefully she will grow a backbone in the next chapter.
thetitane chapter 3 . 6/29
there's something you could have included with the Vampire Powers there's an anime called Hellsing Ultimate where vampires that drink blood get the memories of the people whose blood they drink
thetitane chapter 3 . 6/29
I like the story so far and I really like the concept
larsdewit chapter 17 . 6/21
hope hou are still updating because I really like the story so far
Guest chapter 17 . 6/5
It seems you haven't gotten a review for quite sometime. Which is really unfortunate because I like this story. Guess i'm just writing to let you know someone is still reading!
lukas chapter 17 . 4/7
This story has been a very engaging read so far. Keep up the good work.
Darrkry chapter 17 . 4/2
Loving the story, was abit hesitant when you had people 'clued' in on her secrets but I liked the way you handled it. Good job and keep up the good work. Hope to see an update soon.
Archangel398 chapter 17 . 3/28
Started reading this story in 2015 and it’s still going great keep it up and can’t wait for the next chapter.
Jackal Antern XIII chapter 17 . 3/27
Keep it up Bruh, great work so far. any thoughts on more focused uses of biotics? say focusing a Throw/Pull on a single bodypart/bone(vertebra)? Biotic blade(ranged cutting force as knife/omni-blade usable for CQC)? Ignition technique(rapid compression of air causing combustion, look up compression shock heating. the reverse could also be feasibly used to rapidly cool objects, within reason)? you've probably already got your vampire lore down, any thoughts on using some of the other more common aspects like hypnosis/shapeshifting and how to implement?
shugokage chapter 17 . 3/27
Impressive job on this chapter!
artembesmiley chapter 17 . 3/27
Well, looks like it's not dead after all.

Your writing is improving too, way less mistakes now than in the earlier chapters.
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