Reviews for The Last Five Years
NarcissisticWriter chapter 4 . 3/13/2014
So many good things about this chapter. Brooke Davis Scott! Betty Meade! So many of my OTPs got a cameo!
rita777 chapter 12 . 4/14/2013
Um interesting story, but I must pause here. I had not prepared myself fully for the breakup of Serena and Dan or Chuck and Blair. I misunderstood your disclaimer, and thought it was about a Jenny and Nate coupling (with Blair and Dan interactions) and not a DAIR fic. My I do admit to shipping Chair, [I can understand and respect if others don't care for Chuck, to each their own POV]. I even didn't mind Chuck's lack of real presence in the story. I thought it was a unique spin, made it really seem more Jenny-centric which I enjoyed. Nevertheless, while I would have loved to ship DAIR, I keep feeling the only reason I never understood DAIR was due to Serena being Blair's best friend and being hurt in the process, and Blair removing herself from the NJBC (leaving Nate, Chuck and Serena essentially for Dan). With Henry involved it seems altogether worse. However, I love stories about Jenny and Blair's mentor/protegee relationship and Dan and Blair's friendship. BUT, what I also absolutely adore above all else and all SHIPS is the Serena and Blair's best friendship, so before it is dismantled in further chapters I will pause here and thank you for the fantastic Jenny and Blair interactions.
elizabeth.mary.stark chapter 14 . 3/7/2013
Wow - if Blair is Jenny's mentor, shouldn't we see more of her? I like Blair interacting with Jenny as adults - post high school and college and their drama with Blair banishing and dismissing Jenny. Your way of both women, cold as steel on the outside, yet still having a semi-soft spot for the other is amazing. I still can't keep track of everyone, at this point is Blair related to Jenny? As for the pairing -it is fine, I just love seeing the two interact.
Paperplaneschain chapter 14 . 3/2/2013
I don't understand why this fic doesn't have any reviews. It's really nice.

Update soon
MomentOfZen chapter 11 . 3/2/2013
I think it would be nice to put your end couples in an author's note beyond tagging the story Nate/Jenny (beginning or end of a chapter is always author's choice). Or even a note(s) that there are no set couples, even if it seems to be otherwise.

Because personally, I dislike Dair intensely as as a couple. Especially if it's them cheating on their otherwise nice spouses. So if I see a story has them, or later will be Dair, I'll avoid it or stop reading when I read the note they're coming. As I don't want to a.) relive their utter craptastic couple days b.) won't feel compelled to comment negatively on their craptastic couple ways c.) won't exhaust myself cackling about Dair fans bitterness about not being endgame and their pathetic attempts around it in fanfic. Though granted, the last one is actually fun, and their tears of resentment ARE delicious. So there is that, so point to you.

As it was, your story wasn't tagged as Dair and had no notes about it in any chapter I saaw, so it just surprised me in a story I had otherwise been enjoying for Nate/Jenny -a couple I can enjoy reading about. Instead I had to read about Dair as some twu wuv (though selfish jerks while doing so, so at least that part fits), and thus am commenting on them. Which I wouldn't have done otherwise, because I don't read Dair stories to avoid doing just that.

So sure there is nothing that says as an author that you have to tell which couples are coming if you don't want to. I'm just saying it's nice when authors do, so people like me can avoid those stories, and no comments about it. So win-win :)