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Saavik13 chapter 10 . 4/7
I love all the historical details you work in - especially from family details. Most of us writing these days are all under 30, and with few exceptions, nobody is paying much attention to the little things. I know I try, but being American, it's hard to get things right for a story in this era. Victorian is actually easier!
Rhonllor chapter 60 . 3/22
So good I read the whole thing twice!
hazeleyes571 chapter 60 . 3/16
Moving from humour to dip into tragedy, then move from romance back to despair. You certainly get your money's worth on this roller-coaster.

Very believable scenes, especially poor Griffiths. Although I also feel for Kiefer, I can't condone his behaviour, despite him obviously suffering from survivor guilt. I also feel sorry for CF losing a friend, he doesn't have that many that he can relax with, man to man.

Thanks for posting!
Wolseley37 chapter 60 . 2/19
Brilliant chapter, again, filled with exquisite moments skillfully drawn and phrased.
My favourite this time: "Foyle closed his eyes. There would be many such moments in his life - Samantha moments - moments when she cut through their dilemmas with her simple, unfussed insights while he struggled with complexities that need not exist. This was one of those." Indeed, the crux of their relationship!
Looking forward to Kiefer's change of heart and mind, and his reconciliation with Foyle (I hope.)
Griffiths is vividly portrayed, as is his mother.
Many thanks for continuing this masterwork!
AnneBronteRocks chapter 60 . 2/18
Yippee! A new installment to read. The interactions between Christopher and Kieffer are quite well done; looking forward to what kind of denouement you have in mind for all parties concerned, particularly Griffiths. Poor man. If I were him I'd probably rip the phone out of the wall permanently.

And your post-coital humor was fantastic; fortunately I've read enough Terry Pratchett to understand the joke!
cmee57 chapter 60 . 2/18
So delighted to see a new chapter, even more delighted to read it! At the top of your form as always. :)
Now on to the M version!
LauraRaposa chapter 60 . 2/18
Sigh. I do so love this story, GiuC. Thank you.
Sam still wants to do her bit, even if it can only be the special brand of comfort she can bring to her husband, a man heavy with responsibilities.
So much sadness in this chapter - the bitter and angry Kiefer, the near-suicidal Griffiths, even the lovelorn Georgie, who misses her Foyle flyboy. I look forward to you sorting this out, GiuC!
Jean Dee chapter 60 . 2/18
A gripping chapter, thank you. Been looking forward to news of Kiefer - can't wait to know how that will end - only know it will be a good read. Glad to see that Sam and Christopher are still enjoying each other in spit of her advanced pregnancy. As always you do it so well - don't know why you haven't been writing and publishing all these years, all that hidden talent! Hope to hear more soon.
Guest chapter 60 . 2/18
Welcome back!So glad to start the day with this sweet,lovely and well written chapter!Thanks for finding the time to write and share !
Kailin chapter 60 . 2/17
My dear, I have to take my hat off to you. You have sustained this story beyond any and all expectations, and it is still a delightful read. BTW, I just watched the last (sniff!) Foyle's War; I was glad to see that he'll be godfather to Sam's child. Who will be a boy that is named Christopher, right?
Lord PotterXXVII chapter 60 . 2/17
At last, an update to one of the best and most detailed Foyle fics on the website. More farm fresh juicy citrus and the plot thickens with Keifer, been wondering when that would happen. Question, are you going to set the python on him before or after you kill off Griffiths?
Shari Skye chapter 59 . 1/25
Started reading this about a year ago, then took a pause to pursue some other fanfic stuff. Just came back to it as I am rewatching the series, and the story has progressed quite nicely. Must say wish you had written for the show from the point that you started this story. Not a huge fan of Adam, a bit boring actually. Can't wait for an update from you. Hope your holidays went well. :-)
hazeleyes571 chapter 59 . 10/28/2014
Although I love the chapters that are completely original to you, I particularly enjoy those that interact with actual scenes from the show, so this was a great mix for me.

I wish I had their energy!
JacquiT chapter 59 . 10/23/2014
Oh gosh. I hardly know what to say about this story. As you know, the Foyle/Sam ship isn't one I sail, but you write them so clearly and so naturally, it's beautiful.

This is a really meaty piece of work and I think one of the things I love best about it is how detailed and well-rounded it is - it doesn't just focus on Foyle and Sam, but everything in their world - Andrew and Georgie, who I love, Sam's family, goings-on at the station (I really love Brookie and you write him so very well!), Foyle's continuing work, and Sam exploring her new role as a wife and mother-to-be.

You are a really gifted writer and I hope you will continue to share your work with us! Thank you!
Guest chapter 59 . 10/19/2014
Michael Brown might recognize another German name: Eisenhower.
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