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Wolseley chapter 60 . 8/23
Y'know, the way you describe Christopher talking to the puppy has really stuck in my head - I often think of it, his very private, intimate, affectionate voice, part of the unseen domesticated Foyle. So lovely!
flutterbye52000 chapter 61 . 7/29
Let's hope your 'stiff breeze' comes quickly.

I've never written a review in my life, so, please bear with me. Your 'ship' is a beautiful vessel, worthy of wonderful voyages such as what you've created here. Your writings have lifted me greatly, and now I hang in mid-air, awaiting your strong wind to fill your sails again.
I myself have read this 'love story' about Christopher and Samantha twice over, and until you send more, I am most tempted to read again.
I'm not sure how to use the 'search-filter' settings yet, since I am so new to this site, but trying my utmost to figure this out.
Please, I plead, don't stop. Also, how do I find more of what you've written?

Your affectionate fan, flutterbye52000
Bookworm Kate chapter 61 . 6/25
I really like how you are developing Sara's story here; not only is it heartfelt, but her connection with John Anselm is quite intriguing! I know it's a story about Sam and Foyle, but I absolutely love the characters you have created as well (Georgie still quite my favourite). Glad to see an update, and I hope you continue. Always glad to see Brookie make an appearance too!
Wolseley37 chapter 61 . 6/24
Well, this is such a rich progression in several of your superb storylines, it's hard for a reviewer to do justice to them all. Sara's news and discovery and her improved future prospects are heartwarming, yet you invent the humour of Iain's inadvertent treading on her fortune! And the early morning exchange between Sam's parents is so interesting and so in character.
The tension in the Committee meeting is well-described, and then you carefully and, I suspect, painstakingly set all the characters in motion towards a much better culmination than canon provided. Thank-you for restoring Major Kiefer! I look forward to your take on his next encounter with Foyle. And I hope Griffiths takes this opportunity of redemption to restart his own life. Masterfully done, as ever!
AnneBronteRocks chapter 61 . 6/22
[Squealing with delight while bouncing up and down]

What could be more absolutely delicious than the image of Martin Longmate face down on the ground with a bloody nose, foiled in his attempt to kill Dr. Ziegler by half the secondary characters of "All Clear"! And making Griffiths the hero of the hour! And not killing Dr. Ziegler!

And how absolutely thrilling about there being a fortune in gems in Sara's teddy bear! And how sweet of her to be thinking of the people she can help with it in addition to her own future. My cup runneth over...

I just hope that Geraldine isn't getting Sara's hopes up about her brother (albeit in the most well-meaning way).
sherlock1921 chapter 61 . 6/21
Thank you so much for updating! up to your usual high standard complex story lines woven into each other with consummate ease! I always love the way your characters interplay with one another although I must admit I did miss the fission and warmth that Foyle and Sam engender. Hope you post more soon.

thank you
lauriehart chapter 61 . 6/20
Brilliant! What a concatenation of circumstances to prevent all the nefarious deeds at once! This is my absolute favorite Foyle's War fic, so I do indeed hope you will write more and soon. Thanks so much. The story has cheered me up over many months now, and I've reread the early chapters several times. Your characters are charismatic, storytelling dramatic and very well paced. Bravo.
Kailin chapter 61 . 6/20
Hooray! So glad to see you back! You do realize you've created a monster with this fic, don't you? I'm dying to see just how many chapters you'll have by the end! Oh, and excellent writing as always. I'm jealous...
Jean Dee chapter 61 . 6/20
Just great to have you back and such a lovely long chapter full of interest and suspense. I was shocked when it ended suddenly - I was so engrossed and can't wait for the sequel. Christopher put in an appearance but he needs Sam to bring out his character and personality. Missed her but she is probably commiserating with Geraldine on their advanced pregnancies. Please come back soon, your writing is such a joy.
Saavik13 chapter 10 . 4/7
I love all the historical details you work in - especially from family details. Most of us writing these days are all under 30, and with few exceptions, nobody is paying much attention to the little things. I know I try, but being American, it's hard to get things right for a story in this era. Victorian is actually easier!
Rhonllor chapter 60 . 3/22
So good I read the whole thing twice!
hazeleyes571 chapter 60 . 3/16
Moving from humour to dip into tragedy, then move from romance back to despair. You certainly get your money's worth on this roller-coaster.

Very believable scenes, especially poor Griffiths. Although I also feel for Kiefer, I can't condone his behaviour, despite him obviously suffering from survivor guilt. I also feel sorry for CF losing a friend, he doesn't have that many that he can relax with, man to man.

Thanks for posting!
Wolseley37 chapter 60 . 2/19
Brilliant chapter, again, filled with exquisite moments skillfully drawn and phrased.
My favourite this time: "Foyle closed his eyes. There would be many such moments in his life - Samantha moments - moments when she cut through their dilemmas with her simple, unfussed insights while he struggled with complexities that need not exist. This was one of those." Indeed, the crux of their relationship!
Looking forward to Kiefer's change of heart and mind, and his reconciliation with Foyle (I hope.)
Griffiths is vividly portrayed, as is his mother.
Many thanks for continuing this masterwork!
AnneBronteRocks chapter 60 . 2/18
Yippee! A new installment to read. The interactions between Christopher and Kieffer are quite well done; looking forward to what kind of denouement you have in mind for all parties concerned, particularly Griffiths. Poor man. If I were him I'd probably rip the phone out of the wall permanently.

And your post-coital humor was fantastic; fortunately I've read enough Terry Pratchett to understand the joke!
cmee57 chapter 60 . 2/18
So delighted to see a new chapter, even more delighted to read it! At the top of your form as always. :)
Now on to the M version!
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