Reviews for L'Aimant
Merwy chapter 63 . 7/14
Still so very satisfying on the second readthrough too ;-) thank you.
Jilly chapter 63 . 3/22
You know a brilliant writer when you can see the characters so clearly. As always, a beautifully rich chapter. Lovely reference to the late Alan Howard too.
hazeleyes571 chapter 63 . 3/18
Happy sigh. Words fail me, but not you, thankfully.

Worth the wait.
Jean Dee chapter 63 . 2/28
Brilliant chapter. So worth waiting for. You never use a cliché, everything is so original and exceptionally good. It amazes me how you can continue to produce such colourful and interesting phrases. Even without the Foyle/Sam love affair it is so worth reading. Look forward to more.
Crazee19 chapter 57 . 2/26
I have recently discover fanfic and have devoured all the Foyle/Sam stories - yours are the best! Thanks. I never realised how many people out there are dreaming/fantasising/writing their own scripts! Well done and thanks
Wolseley37 chapter 63 . 2/20
"An ocular conspiracy took place over the top of Longmate's head." Just one of my favourite descriptions in this chapter, among many! Seriously, your way with words is always delightfully surprising, and rather humbling to another writer. You've said you have no ambition to publish a book, but I think you really are depriving the larger world of a brilliant wit! Anyway, lovely to see Guy conspiring with Christopher, Sam kanoodling and cogitating with Christopher, and Georgie complaining. And then you offer the immense satisfaction of Beck's reappearance in Hastings! *sigh*
sodacityscribbler chapter 63 . 2/17
Once again, the reader's patience has been amply rewarded in every way! Thanks so much for sharing your writing gift with us!
AnneBronteRocks chapter 63 . 2/16
Very exciting for you to "resurrect" Beck at the end of the chapter! But is he going to be defending Longmate or his associate?
flutterbye52000 chapter 21 . 12/27/2015
It's lovely to be re-reading this, so long after the first time, and I still say yours is best. German measles is otherwise known as 'Rubella', and my mother switched from calling it German Measles to Rubella as soon as Hitler raised his horny head.
hazeleyes571 chapter 62 . 10/24/2015
Given how much you have on your RL plate, I am (as always) in awe of the quality and consistency of your work. You have spun a wonderful variation of the original episode, reworked into an original story in a very satisfying manner.
I'm not going to leave quite as long a review as 'Dances...', but would definitely write a large 'ditto' in the appropriate place!

maryjoeh chapter 10 . 10/16/2015
I am enjoying this story quite a lot. I'm also enjoying the little 'back stories' you are sharing in your notes too! Thanks.
Wolseley37 chapter 62 . 10/5/2015
Everything in this chapter is so well executed: the unwinding of the scene between Kiefer and Griffiths, the winding up of the tension in the case against Longmate, the dashes of humour with Guy and even Davis and his dog, and then the lovely tease of domestic bliss at Steep Lane. I have to second all the points made by dancesabove, as those are my feelings, too! The chapter reads wonderfully, all the voices so well presented. Especially Foyle's voice, which you pretty much own in the world of FanFic. No one captures the nuances of his speech - or silence - as well as you do, dear GiuC! A superb chapter.
flutterbye52000 chapter 62 . 9/28/2015
Not so hard to have patience here, it's worth it.
sherlock1921 chapter 62 . 9/24/2015
Wonderful just wonderful! I am in awe of how you keep up your high standard of writing. It's clear that you love your characters and you always do them justice. Especially liked the way you slipped in a small cameo of Guy. A pleasure to read from first to last word and i didn't really notice the lack of "smut". mind you looking forward to the next chapter!

Thank you
dancesabove chapter 62 . 9/23/2015
This was such a pleasure to beta and consider as an altogether fascinating (and to me, preferable) alternative to canon. Though our dear Giu fretted about not getting to the smut this chapter, I was sure readers would enjoy this almost as much. Some of the random comments and choice bits I as I read (if I quote it may at times be unedited versions of text):

How I love Brookie in this!
“Brooke’s foot pressed harder. ‘Nah. You tripped, Mate. Seems to me you want to watch your step. In lots of ways. You’re nicked, so stick a flag in that.’”

This brilliant description of Kiefer:
“Ironically, although his uniform and rank made him the logical choice for honorary deputy, he was in fact the fox guarding the henhouse.”

The entire amazing sequence in which Kiefer loses control and scares the hell out of Griffiths. Masterfully written, so well capturing the characters. I’m also impressed by the back story you’ve created for Griffiths.

Having worked for many committees, I loved “In more sardonic mode, it niggled Foyle that members of a small committee couldn’t plan a peacetime celebration without one man trying to carve a piece out of another. But then, that was committees for you.”

Literally lol'd at “Paul looked up from his paperwork. His boss’s face wore a jovial cast that Milner hadn’t witnessed since the day that Mr Reid had nearly lost his index finger to a confiscated ferret.”

And this was SOOO Foyle:
“Iris extended her hand to Paul, then addressed Foyle. ‘Mrs Foyle fully recovered, I trust, Chief Superintendent?’
Foyle’s face spelt pleasure. ‘Yess—and blooming.’
Iris nodded with wryly suppressed amusement. ‘So pleased. What brings you to my door?’
Dipping at the knees, Foyle curved a shoulder into the request. ‘Hoping you can grant us the authority to search a premises.’”

This sentence made me comment: Ack! Wish I could write like this! :
“Foyle watched her try to brazen out the lie. Wide-eyed, she had the look of prey when neither he nor Milner could reasonably be cast as predators. Smoothly, Foyle turned away to halve the perceived threat, and Paul took his boss’s cue to soften the atmosphere.”

Thought Davis guileless apologies for his dog were hilarious, especially as it was just starters for comeuppance for Longmate. Also the interweaving of Wolseley37’s unscrupulous lawyer.

You sure have me eager for the next chapter, but to say there is no sex in this one is inaccurate… by the time Sam is admiring, then enjoying Our Hero’s “delicious, fascinating, mobile mouth,” my insides are swooping before we even arrive at “Sam’s insides swooped as he enveloped her finger…”

And a lovely and touching notion, having Christopher sympathize with Georgie’s plight.

Entirely satisfying return, dear GiuliettaC! Please follow up soonest!

[Please excuse typos/inconsistencies; writing rapidly after working 11 hours straight and packing, and before embarking on a trip!]
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