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Guest chapter 30 . 7/19
Please make it naruhina. oh and sasuke just I don't live on his self-centerd life don't care. Oh i wish it has a story like this for sasunaru but this time naruto mpreg. Pardon me if only you are a yoia fan.
DecrescentMelancholy chapter 25 . 7/11
I meant to say 'Sasori is lovely'. Please, do forgive the outrageous mistakes in my writing, I'm better on a board than the phone.
DecrescentMelancholy chapter 25 . 7/11
Okay, I'm starting chapter twenty-four at the moment but I wanna say something.
First of all, I'm falling in love with your writing. It is just, whatis the word? Exquisite. Second, I totally adore Hinata's interaction with Akatsuki and the Sand Siblings. My personal opinionis that Sasuke, forgive me for what I am about to say, can go and fuck himself or another woman for that matter. I seriously don't want Hinata with him again. Sure, I do like the pairing but not in this fic. Here I just despise him. I wanttosee her having a really strong and amusing friendship/relationship with all Akatsuki and Sabaku and I want the MGC to get out off of her life already. I do love Shikamaru and the rest but right now, eww. Too loyal to a scumbag for the moment. I'll try yo like them if they change but still, don't want Hinata and Sasuke together. I know that my wirds won't change the outcome of this pieceof art but I just wanted to het that out of my chest. is lovely, in his own way. Deidara is cute and Gaara is hot. Akatsuki, I worship them with the soul and heart that don't exist within me. Love you, keep on and you're doing an excellent job, thumbs up!
swiftkage chapter 30 . 7/2
gah! i really want to finish this story eversince i found it last year please update!
shivani chapter 30 . 6/24
You should finish this story.
Guest chapter 30 . 6/19
Hope you are doing well x
Your health is a lot more important than giving us another chapter.
This fanfic is just a piece of art and hopefully one day you will return with your fantastic writing xx
Guest chapter 30 . 6/6
Hoping on day you will update.
Herachin chapter 30 . 5/26
Wooowww great story!update soon please!
Guest chapter 30 . 5/25
Even after all this time I'm in love with this fic. It's a shame it's not finished, but I hope you're succeeding in your own life.

And if you ever cone back to fanfiction

...I am always eager to read
Lol chapter 26 . 5/24
Are you really like 'really' want to update ever again? Bc if you're not then i'll stop waiting for this story.

-waiting for your forever hiatus to end
MeoMuop chapter 30 . 5/24
This is an amazing fanfiction. I couldn't stop reading it. And I want to read more and more.
This fic brings many questions to my head.
1. Tenten doesn't love Neji. What? Who is Tenten in love with? Lee? Hm... It is seemingly easy to guess, so I don't think Tenten loves Lee. Shino?
2. In the chapter 7, I wonder who the janitor that night is. Shino? No, no, I'm not obsessed with Shino. But, we saw Sai, Yamato, Kiba... and heard about Kakashi. Where is Shino? A Hinata-centric story without Shino is too weird for me.
3. In the chapter 21, "Kushina listened to the woman as she stirred something in the pan, a blank look on her face", this sentence make me wonder if Kushina pretends to have amnesia. This is only my thought. Maybe Hinata will be Kushina's adopted child, right?
4. After reading chapter 5, I know Kin is not bad girl. Yes, she is a homewrecker, but she is satisfied with being a Neji's mistress, and she don't want to Neji to leave his wife (not like Sakura). She just chose the wrong way. I think she really loves Neji. And if Tenten doesn't love Neji or can't tolerate the adultery, I think NejiKin is ok. (Tenji is a strong boy, I think he will understand). Hm... Neji-Tenten-Tenji-Kin... This is complicated.
5. Who will Hinata end up with?
- Sasuke: He doesn't deserve a second chance.
- Itachi: NO. NO. ItaHana is the best in this fic.
- Naruto: I feel sorry for Naruto, but I don't want NaruHina in this fic. Can you pair Naruto and Hanabi together? *puppy eyes*
- Sasori: He is cute, but he scared me (read the chapter 13). Hinata and Sasori are just be friends.
- Gaara: He is mysterious for me, but I like him. His reaction when hearing Madara's advice about sex is adorable. I think GaaHina is ok.
- Kiba: *thumbs up*
I'm sorry about my babbling.
Guest chapter 30 . 5/20
This is really beautiful story. But i more interested with Tenten and Neji story,first i hate Neji after he cheated,then know about Tenten maybe in love with someone else make me feel sorry to Neji..and thats the answer for me why she still happy even knew her husband cheated on her.. And i hope Hinata always strong, i hate Sasuke in this story..
hoycahooy chapter 30 . 5/15
you deserve a standing ovation. *claps claps claps*

how bout an update tho? ;)
Hina Rin chapter 30 . 5/5
I hope Hinata and Sasori ends up falling for each other. I love them. Good luck.
Hoshizora Hina chapter 30 . 5/4
I really hope that Hinata ends up with Sasori . SasoNata-SasoHina-HinaSori I love them .
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