Reviews for Hidden Heart
countessofbiscuit chapter 1 . 6/3/2017
There seems to be a sort of silence around *that thing Rex comms* in Ep. 19. And I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve just been tiptoeing around S5 fics because I haven’t yet seen S6/The Lost Missions … or because we all kind of find that moment horrifyingly (or just lazily) OOC for Rexster. His words have been ringing in my head for weeks since watching that episode, prompting feelings of revulsion at unrealistic dialogue (given what we are led to believe about these two characters), sadness at Rex’s unusual carelessness, and/or pure pity at his lack of agency in those terrible few seconds, standing next to Anakin as he was and surrounded by shocked Brothers. It just… UGH.
But your suggestion of Umbara memories casting a momentary and injurious shade on his love for Ahsoka is simultaneously comforting, in that it sort of expiates his bad call… but also goddamn TRAGIC in that this guy can never catch a break.
Either way, it’s a plausible explanation I’m grabbing with both hands and holding close to my broken heart. So thank you.
YellowSpeedyNinja chapter 1 . 1/24/2017
I loved this so much
Queen Sound chapter 1 . 9/16/2016
Awesome story. So well written, it's amazing!
captainrexbest35 chapter 1 . 10/2/2015
loved it. II think Rex is going to run into a wall.
Sajuea chapter 1 . 2/27/2015
Ohhhh, that is a masterpiece! I really enjoyed reading it. You nailed both of them perfectly, in my opinion.
pronker chapter 1 . 4/30/2014
/caring can be an asset/ What a good phrase to take away from this fic - liked their jockeying back and forth for 'authority' and Rex's final statement.
Count Mallet chapter 1 . 6/17/2013
I swear I read this before, yet I didn't review it. I may as well fix that tonight. :-)

I still struggle with the events from the final arc. Don't get me wrong. I think Ahsoka leaving the Order was the best option for her character. However, I wish she had left on her own accord and not because practically everyone turned their back on her when she needed their support the most. I'd have much better preferred to see Ahsoka in a situation where she is torn between making a difficult decision or doing nothing and choosing to leave the Order in part because she's scared and still slightly immature in her decision-making, but also to resolve the issue of her not being mentioned beyond this time period and Anakin's issues in Episode III while allowing her character to return at a later time, such as the NJO years.

Since I wrote my own alternate ending to the finale, I found myself wondering what the fallout was immediate after the finale ended. So, I decided to accept the canon just long enough to write a one-shot that has events immediately after Ahsoka leaves. While we will never know for sure what happened - or why Barriss chose to mastermind the bombing - I wanted to offer my own thoughts and possibilities. But don't worry, I'd still prefer to act as if that last four-part arc never happened. I'd also love to rewrite that final arc as I hoped it would turn out, but I have enough on my plate and the possibility of writing a short continuation for another author's discontinued story.

Maybe it's due to unfamiliarity with the clones, But I always thought a Captain (Rex) outranked a Commander (Wolfe). So, seeing some of the conversation here was a bit confusing with Wolffe threatening to give Rex orders. If the opposite is true in the clone army and the GFFA, then it makes much more sense.

It's interesting to see Rex's changed orders stem from his experience in Umbara. When I watched the episode and saw/heard Rex at that point, I was agasp at what he said and wondered why. In my recent one-shot, I attributed it to Barriss stealthily using Force persuasion. Here, though, the idea of Rex thinking this might be Umbara all over again is just as plausible here and does offer a valid explanation.

I have to admit Wolffe's insinuation of something between Rex and Ahsoka was slightly creepy for me (given age issues), but I'm sure it does come up whenever someone thinks another person is biased. Interesting to see clones discussing attachment issues, something normally equated with Jedi.

I think the end emphasizes how Wolffe's views have softened. In S5E19, it appears he is actually *forcing* the stunned Ahsoka to stay on her knees (which is why in a previous fic, I had Anakin sensing some of the clones had a sadistic pleasure in seeing her finally stunned and captured), but now, he's coming to realize that just maybe she was only guilty of teenage immaturity and panic.

Another good job on your part.

- Count Mallet -
impoeia chapter 1 . 3/9/2013
This is an amazing fic. The contrasting points of view of Wolffe and Rex create a tension that very much mirrors some of the arguments that are going on in the Order about crossing the line between duty and ideals and the issue of attachment. It shows not only how close the clones are to the Jedi, and how similar, but also, how individual they are in their approaches to specific issues and not just from the experiences they make. For example, both Wolffe and Rex have positive memories of their respective Jedi, which makes them trust and care for them, but unlike Rex, who is more inclined to act from emotion, Wolffe attempts a more rational approach, one that is steeped in the laws of the system he fights for, rather than the ideals of the system, like Rex.

This can sometimes make Wolffe appear rather cold and cruel, as the last episodes in season five have shown and so I greatly enjoyed reading a story that portrays this character in a more human light. I love the memories that Wolffe calls upon in his debate with Rex, because they show just how capable Wolffe is of caring; not just for men he has lost, but also for his General. But at the same time, he is aware of his duty to those men and Plo Koon and the Republic, and he needs to find a balance point. Like a Jedi, he needs to set his emotions aside sometimes. But he is still capable of understanding a different point of view, and his compromise in how he sees Ahsoka after Rex's endorsement of her shows that.

This story portrays a character that is complex, three-dimensional, aware of his failings and how other people see him. I love that about this story, because it is something the TCW writers sometimes fail to demonstrate. In points of character insight and development, this is simply amazing.

Also, the scene with the flask made me smile. Such a wonderful new side of Wolffe and the way you tide it in with Plo Koon and the loss of the original Wolfpack just made so much sense. It was both sweet and very much belonging with the image of the hard soldier. Just goes to show you that there can be many sides to a character you never thought of.
Eregnar chapter 1 . 3/8/2013
Bad Wolffe! Alcohol and medication do not mix!

Very nice. Deep, but with an uplifting ending. I like your characterization of Wolffe. Harder than Rex, but not a complete and utter jerk.
Queen chapter 1 . 3/4/2013
This was brilliantly done. I still have so many mixed feelings over the ending of season 5, I'm not sure how to approach some of the fic that's been coming out the last few days. But seeing Rex and Wolffe discussing the implications of Ahsoka's possible betrayal...really a very good take on what the clones might be going though, believing one of their Jedi has turned against them.

Love the references to Abregado. I'd almost forgotten that Wolffe owed Ahsoka his life at least once as well, and bringing that up here adds so many layers to Wolffe chasing Ahsoka down. So much of the chase after her feels like a preview for Order 66. And Wolffe asking Rex about his feelings for Ahsoka? If any of the clones know her, it's Rex. Though Wolffe seems pretty certain through most of the story that Ahsoka is responsible, I like how he's begun to think things through after talking to Rex.

Wonderful job!
sachariah chapter 1 . 3/4/2013
So I have only recently learned (lame I know) that there is apparently a *very* strong Wolffe fanbase around here, and that in fact not everyone shares my own - admittedly cold - assessment of the scarred Commander. Which explains my initial reaction to this (fantastic, by the way) one shot - which was to think Wolffe was *totally* OOC. XD

I can't say I've changed my mind about Wolffe as a character, but I'll freely admit this is a refreshing way to look at him. It certainly feels better to think that Wolffe has been affected by the way Jedi like Master Plo and now Ahsoka have treated him, and the fact that he's willing to actually take Rex into confidence like this speaks to a man much less arrogant than... how I usually think of him. ;)

At the same time, you didn't sacrifice Wolffe's "hard liner" mannerisms or his grim qualities (his comment about "caring" was incredibly poignant). I could definitely hear Wolffe's voice in this.

The discussion about Ahsoka's guilt or lack thereof was so well done. Rex's conviction that it wasn't her who had commited the crimes was strained just the right amount, showing that he was indeed affected by the things he saw, but that his faith in her still remains. And of course, the extraordinary issue of the casualty count is a clincher for Rex - and a pricking point even for Wolffe.

Again, I have a different take on this character, but I did find it interesting - and enjoyable to read, in a way - that Wolffe seems to take an "older brother" approach to Rex. Cody seems to have had this same role in the earliest episodes, although personally I feel that with Rex's resume by now even most higher ranking clones will regard him as an equal. But it was a nice touch nonetheless, as was Rex's stubbornness and yet his apparent deference for his senior brother.

Fantastic writing, and a truly great take on these two characters. :)
Guest chapter 1 . 3/3/2013
I love this. :D Yeah, it's nice to see what Wolffe is thinking, here. Sure, he's a real jerk, but he's not evil or anything, so all you can do is imagine slapping him upside the head and laughing sometimes. Honestly, ever since I saw the episodes with Wolffe and Threepio, I thought Wolffe was an ok guy. Honestly, him hating that droid is hilarious.

Loved the conversation he had with Rex, and what he said about 'protocol' when going sans-bucket around Jedi. :D
LongLiveTheClones chapter 1 . 3/3/2013
Absolutely loved this scene between Wolffe and Rex! The tension in the beginning fit in so well with what happened in the show. I loved Rex's coolness, almost bordening on insubordination. Wolffe handles it so well. You do a beautiful job betraying him here. Wolffe really comes across as the better of the two here. And, the moment when he pulls out that flask is just a great moment. I just adore Wolffe in that moment. It adds a whole new element to his character.

I had forgotten about Wolffe and Abredego until you brought it up again in this story. Or, more specifically, I'd forgotten that Wolffe would not be alive if it wasn't for Ahsoka. What a great point and a fantastic way to add conflict and confusion for Wolffe! It was great to see the evolution of Wolffe's thinking as the conversation progressed. And, the ending line was great where Wolffe admitted he could be a real shabuir, sometimes. Maybe he can be, but just the fact that he could admit it really sort of defies the fact. (And, I love Wolffe all the more after his confession of how much he cares about Plo Koon. If Dave Filoni can rewrite the fate of Barriss so radically, then he can rewrite the fate of Plo Koon and the WolfPack and have Plo Koon survive Order 66... Hey, if we are totally messing with and rewriting canon...)

"Copy that, sir." I love Rex when he is being cheeky!

Thanks for this one shot. It made my day!
SerendipityAEY chapter 1 . 3/3/2013
Loved reading these two men, soldiers, with so much intensity really hash out this massive conversation. I'm having trouble finding words for it, but the testosterone on the roof was evident, and I loved it. Intense, is the only word I can think of :P But great job capturing that.

Ahhh, love this: "At the time, he told me 'some things are meant to be shared, Commander,'" he said with a slight shake of his head. "And we shared a drink."

And really, really love this of course!

**A better man than Wolffe would have resisted the urge to roll his eyes again, but Wolffe was just himself.**

I love Wolffe's way of just getting to the point, his blunt honesty and the direct truth - I love it and I can really appreciate that.

It's a joy to write and read these conversations that really pick apart, build up and explore just down and dirty character. Great job with that
Just a Crazy-Man chapter 1 . 3/3/2013
Love it.