Reviews for Of Lies and Deceit and Hidden Personas
Bookworm340 chapter 1 . 10/22
I can not wait for your next update! This was/is an amazing story. One I have definitely enjoyed. I await on pins and needles to see just what Dumbledore is up to.
Bookworm340 chapter 51 . 10/21
Awww. Tom's birthday scene was sooo beautiful.
jerk1squirrel4 chapter 7 . 10/17
The r rated scenes in this story got me losing my breath
Princesshannon20 chapter 57 . 10/15
Badass. Every chapter is an expertly placed shard among a plethora of others that creates the inevitable beauty of a stained glass window through which we will view the world that is being built. I love every onion-y

Brianna2015 chapter 57 . 10/15
I hope you continue this , it is such a fantastic story i NEED more .
Genevieve Brown chapter 57 . 10/14
Please continue. I enjoy reading this story and i want to know what happens next.
Fuchsia Blue Eyes chapter 57 . 10/14
I am so glad you decided to update again! I love this story so much and was very happy to come back and find another chapter when I decided to give it another random reread. I cant wait to see what you've got planned next!
hnb1998 chapter 55 . 10/11
For Chapter 57:

Would love for you to update. I have been looking out for updates in this story for quite a while, and love the plots. I would love to see the reactions of the students once they get a chance to really see the real Trio, especially the Slytherins once they have the full information.
Tony Moonstone chapter 57 . 10/10
Well I’d have to admit this is a great story, no correction a AWESOME story.
There were mistakes in words and grammar here and there and I say, it’s forgotten cause I loved the story.
You are the first author which gave me a Dark Trio, as well as a Harry/Voldemort.
The story is so richly detailed and there were some days that I stayed up almost all night til the sun rose before I could stop and sleep. Thanks for making me sleepless these past 10 days.
I’m overjoyed that you did something great with saving the werewolves the way you did as well as manipulative behind the scenes and keeping Dumbledore on his toes with all the articles from Rita.
The relationship with Harry/Voldemort was intense but also funny at times. I LOVED that you gave Ron/Blaise a shot which surprised me.
Also, Love, LOVE, LOVE! Luna.
The fact that she collaborated with Harry in the fashion sense stunned me, I’m not even a woman and I want a dress made by Harry for my Mother when she goes dancing at a ball.
I’m going to be eagerly awaiting the next chapter when you do release it, and in the meantime I’m going to convince my friends to read this AWESOME story.
Thanks for the memories.
Take care and be safe!
Tony Moonstone chapter 54 . 10/10
To see the look on Dumbledores face was PRICELESS!
Shocking blow to the Light Side, though Dumbledore had it coming.
Go Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville!
Onward I read.
Take care and be safe!
Cassiopaeia chapter 56 . 10/10
I honestly need an update. And I know I'm being repetitive. It's just that, this is my comfort Fanfic. Whenever I want to feel happy or inspired, I red this. And I really hope you'd update soon.
Shelleykids chapter 57 . 10/8
love the story, just again... No new update.
Tony Moonstone chapter 49 . 10/8
The Malfoy Ball was AWESOME, even the fight scene.
I especially love when they found out who did the cooking for it as well.
I’m so going to tell all my friends about this story.
8 chapters to go!
Take care and be safe!
Tony Moonstone chapter 45 . 10/8
Best chapter to date!
Loved it entirely.
Can’t wait for more
Take care and be safe!
Cassiopaeia chapter 41 . 10/8
My favorite scene ever. XD damn that was H O T
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