Reviews for Of Lies and Deceit and Hidden Personas
Khaleesi1316 chapter 53 . 9/22
While the grammar is a little poor, I do love this story. I never thought I would like a Harry/Tom pairing but I was pleasantly surprised. I can’t wait for more.

And uneducated.394, you are a very hateful person. If you don’t like the story, then don’t read it. No need to be so rude.
uneducated.394 chapter 2 . 9/22
and you're blocked by the way I forgot to add that last time
uneducated.394 chapter 1 . 9/22
Your grammar is appalling
your spelling absurd
your style is inaccurate
your syntax even worse
and as for all the purple prose?

Attempting to read this gave me a MIGRAINE...

we're done here

and by the way I am doing the right thing and REPORTING THIS FOR LACK OF GRAMMAR... you agreed to the guidelines and even in the case that English isn't an author's first language, the site provides beta readers for sorting out INCOHERENT MESSES like this...
Venom Lady chapter 53 . 9/22
I really really love all your stories, but this one is a class for itself. I can hardly wait to read what you have been coming up for the Wizengamot. Until the next chapter is posted I'm going to be a nervous wreck which I am conveniently blaming you for.
Again, really great fantastic awesome story!
TheBloodDragon HQ chapter 53 . 9/21
Amelia230305 chapter 53 . 9/20
Love the story! Cant wait for more. Hate u if u dont update. Oh yeah... the twins one too if u would please
LittleLuna27 chapter 53 . 9/18
So glad I didn't get to this chapter beforehand or that cliffhanger really would have gotten to me.
Been binge reading this fic for a couple of days. Loved every minute of it! I really really cannot wait to read more!
tomboy8888 chapter 53 . 9/18

I just came over from AO3... one of the first reviews for the last chapter updated there said you had more here *\0/* The balance between action, romance, and politics is sensational! Can't wait for the Wizengamot!
AquilaCinereo chapter 53 . 9/18
I hate you so much
the way they went from acute emotional pain to deep comfort and straight to being just so domestic is so them
Harry and Tom, a domestic couple of Dark Lords casually plotting to take over the world

thank you for writing this! Im greatly looking forward to find out what will happen at the wizengamot

and again, I do hate you
kryptonianhallows chapter 53 . 9/17
I finally caught up...idk what to do now pls update by December ️️
Hadrian Riddle chapter 7 . 9/16
Erm... just some corrections to this chap:
Again, patients-patience
After speech, if it’s a ‘,’ then it’s not a capital letter unless it’s a name
A semi-colon is used to connect two sentences that can make sense alone together (when Ginny touches Harry’s side)
Last thing, if there is a ‘sentence’ after speech, it is always a comma-for example: “blah blah blah,” he said, looking around

Please try to avoid these mistakes in future (I’m doing this because a: I want to and b: because it’s annoying me
You’re welcome
Hadrian Riddle chapter 4 . 9/16
Hi jess I just noticed after reading this for like the 14th time that I never pointed out to u that it says ‘short patients’. It should be ‘little patience’. Sorry if this sounds a little rude, I don’t mean to
Hadrian Riddle chapter 3 . 9/16
Is it weird that this, Twins: A Different Life and Dark Repercussions are my favourite ffn stories?
farawisa chapter 53 . 9/16
I just spent the last week reading this story and i have to say that i loved it. thanks so much for writing and sharing! hope to see more soon!
Jostanos chapter 30 . 9/16
*sighs* I think that Harry should have cast a 'PROTEGO MAXIMA' or some other shield spell before or while he was going for the cubs. *shrugs* But that would have changed this stories time line wouldn't it?
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