Reviews for Last Second Savior
murgel chapter 10 . 9/12
Well, so far it is a really good story.
The character work is believable and sound.
I enjoyed reading it very much, so thanks for your work.
Osca chapter 1 . 9/1
Hope you continue this story!
AsynchronousTextureStreaming chapter 10 . 8/15
If you are not continuing to write this, can you post the outlines for the remaining of the 41 chapters?
Have a Little Feith chapter 10 . 8/11
huh. it's already been 6 years since this was posted. You still alive? Wait, never mind, you were showing up in other places online. I think I saw your username on QQ at one point, too.
Have a Little Feith chapter 4 . 8/11
So, uh, about those lessons Snape gave to Harry... That was apparently the right way to teach them, according to Word of God in a Q/A session she held. In all seriousness, Ms Rowling is troublesome when it comes to WoG statements about her Wizarding World.
l40s chapter 10 . 8/8
I devoured this fanfic and really wish you posted the next chapters anyways
l40s chapter 4 . 8/7
Great chapter with character development. This story doesn’t even need Harry x Multi. In my opinion, Aayla x Harry is perfectly fine and sufficient
Sterling-Ag chapter 10 . 8/3
Absolutely lovely story so far. I really hope you do pick it up again someday. Thanks for sharing your work.
Guest chapter 10 . 8/1
Greats story. Wish there was more!
Shadowdog11 chapter 10 . 7/28
I think I read the inspiration for this one. I like the dialogue and details for this though
storp930 chapter 10 . 7/14
I wish yiu would have posted them any way but o well good story sad to see it left out in the paster but thanks for writing what you did
noondark chapter 10 . 6/27
This has to be like the third or fourth time I’ve reread this whole story, somehow hoping I missed twenty updated chapters!
Creativenameok chapter 10 . 6/24
Are you writing anymore or just lurking on the site these days? I really enjoyed this and wizard runemaster and hope you update them :)
Spike-2416 chapter 10 . 6/18
Just read this from start to finish. I loved it! I really hope you continue it although given how many years its been I realize that's quite unlikely.
titclem chapter 10 . 5/24
5 years later, I discoverer that fic and am terribly sad that it hasn't move.
Hope it's still somewhere in the back of your mind

I really enjoyed it
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