Reviews for Fool Me Once
cherrygurl1225 chapter 1 . 3/6/2013
I only know that Tess is Cassidy Freeman. I am not familiar with the actor who plays Oliver, but he does look cute! I haven't seen that much of Smallville (with the exception of the Eric Christian Olsen episode written by Doris Egan), so my comments will probably be less than satisfactory, but here goes.

You've said so much in so few words and the words haunt me. The way you set up their relationship in this short piece is haunting and seems very fitting for a "pre-series" world. I like how it's sort of the reverse of the expected, how it is Tess caring for Oliver instead of the other way around. (If it were me, I'd write it the other way around no matter who the characters are, but you are not me.) It heightens the emotion and the action and unspoken words present in this scene.

A few lines I loved:
"But her denial is a comfort and Tess doesn't question it." - This is perfect because I feel like I know a lot about her character from this (what she was denied, how she craves some sort of acceptance from Oliver and possibly others) and I haven't even seen her on the show!

"Pain is simple," he says back to her gently. "Love is more complicated." - I LOVE THIS! THIS IS GREAT DIALOGUE! It feels oddly manipulative, yet in some ways wholly truthful. It also feels as though it would reflect many relationships we love on TV, not just this one. I don't mean that in a bad way. There's just such an added layer of complexity with those two lines of dialogue and something that sparks the imagination within me. Something that sparks ideas and creativity for bits and pieces of my own writing and the way I have placed characters in relationships with one another.

Thank you for sharing your insight to these characters! :)
Guest chapter 1 . 3/5/2013
There's so much unsaid between them. This small glimpse into what their history might have been like fits so well into the people they have become by the time we see them in Season 8. Great job. Thanks for sharing.