Reviews for Hear Me Roar
Charchar chapter 32 . 4/2
Love it! Thank you so much for updating it! :)
missy.carter.77 chapter 32 . 3/27
Awesome story
LoveInTheBattleField chapter 32 . 3/8
Cool chapters, keep it coming. Happy Belated Valentine's Day!
Inulover1993 chapter 32 . 3/5
dang! this is a great story i read each chapter and havent closed my laptop since i started. i greatly look forward to your next update!
OrihimeKurosakiInoue chapter 32 . 3/4
Awwwww D; * wipes a tear * They Grow Soo Fast ! Great Chap :)
Updatee Soon !
OrihimeKurosakiInoue chapter 31 . 2/27
Awww They Are Soooo Freakin Cute c; Greaaaat Chap :)
Updatee Soon !
Moriah chapter 31 . 2/18
I am so glad to see this update! I have been watching for the next chapter impatiently. I still love how these beloved, familiar characters at the same time have become new in the context of this story. Can't wait for the next update!
crazykenz chapter 31 . 2/20
Hahahahahahahahah! She all giddy! When will kagome get her own dragon?!

Update soon please!
arya304 chapter 31 . 2/18
i truly love you stories! i always look forward to them, you write them so wonderfully i just cant wait for the next!
arya304 chapter 10 . 2/18
aww i absolutely love this chapter (10) :)
Henhito chapter 31 . 2/18
Exciting! So much is going on. Thanks for the update!
Guest chapter 30 . 12/9/2013
of course were interested :) revolution was amazing and i was so sad to see it end, a pairing like that oooohh i cant wait!
GOTHIC FUNKY MONKEY chapter 30 . 12/9/2013
Would it be a one-shot or a continuation of revolution? I loved that story and would definitely be interested in that pairing. )
Shura Pirate chapter 27 . 12/6/2013
Oh my goodness, he did not! Naughty demon! haha!
Shura Pirate chapter 25 . 12/6/2013
The races! Yes! Oh, Sesshomaru...such a stinker!
Well, some chapters seem to jump and it takes me a while to get where I am in the timeline of the story-like if it's the next day or more time has passed.
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