Reviews for The Cullen Legacy
RebeccaMCullen chapter 24 . 4/13
Okay, I've been trying to figure out what story this reminded me of because it did remind me of something back in when I was a teen, and only when Edward did the press conference did I realize it reminded me of the Amanda Bynes movie What a Girl Wants.

That said, Carlisle in this story sounds like a real weiner.
Guest chapter 45 . 2/8
Love it amazing, would love fic of if it all went right.
Guest chapter 41 . 12/4/2023
FYI, election day is not the first/last day of work for an elected official. I believe members of congress are sworn in at the beginning of January and the president gets sworn in late January. Edward is still a member of congress for a couple more months.
Shante17 chapter 32 . 7/18/2023
Wait, I'm re-reading this and seeing how scarily accurate the depiction of the american press vs the british press is, especially after the harry and meghan of it all. Wow and this was published before the press turned on her, crazy. You I might need to use Ed'ward's cel phone number as lottery numbers lol. Hope all is well 3
Kksmum chapter 42 . 7/1/2023
How many times have I read this? At least 3. One of my all time favourites.
Loving it all over again for my holiday reading. Thanks for such a great story.
ChrisDGoosey chapter 43 . 6/26/2023
An absolute masterpiece. I truly had forgotten how wonderful this story is.
ChrisDGoosey chapter 42 . 6/26/2023
O.M.G. I had forgotten just how beautiful this fic is, and so very clever.
ChrisDGoosey chapter 22 . 6/24/2023
This is just wonderful. I hd actually forgotten just how good this fic is
ChrisDGoosey chapter 18 . 6/24/2023
Yep, tissues were needed yet again!
ChrisDGoosey chapter 15 . 6/24/2023
Love this chapter. Brilliantly written.
ChrisDGoosey chapter 14 . 6/24/2023
There are words…
ChrisDGoosey chapter 13 . 6/23/2023
And there it is. No matter how I think about what Rose did, looking at her reasoning and everything else, I can never forgive her.
ChrisDGoosey chapter 8 . 6/23/2023
Then that happened!
ChrisDGoosey chapter 6 . 6/23/2023
Oh, they were so full of hope.
ChrisDGoosey chapter 5 . 6/23/2023
You have a very different view of tha scene with Rose in this chapter, when you know the story. Well written, of course.
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