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Cina's chapter 3 . 11/2
Wtf. He left Bella to marry Tanya... on to the next chapter.
Guest chapter 24 . 10/29
Your stories are truly brilliant! Thank you for letting me fall in love with Edward and Bella in each story. Could you ever write a story about nessie and jacob?
RoryCullen chapter 44 . 10/27
Now I see it a lot more clearly why Edward was so -to me anyway - disrespectful. I mean he practically attacks her and seems so full of himself thinking he could get a quickie in the woman's washroom with a woman who it appeared anyway that he just used for a weekend, made promises to which turned out to be lies and then abandoned her to go back to his fiancé. I get how he misunderstood her meaning, running to him in the washroom, clinging to him and kissing him with all abandon, as Bella being as overjoyed to see him as he was to see her. I didn't get why he didn't try to talk to her first, to apologize, to let her know how happy he was to see her, tell her he has never forgotten her and has missed her and to ask if they can get together to have dinner, to talk about everything. I didn't get why he didn't just hold her close and stop things from escalating into something that seemed seedy and the words they used, he used saying he missed her body and screwing her just seemed so far from how he really feels about her. He was blindly following her lead and saw what he wanted to see that Bella wanted him as much as he wanted her for reasons of love...not lust.
RoryCullen chapter 43 . 10/27
So he made it; Edward made it to President of the United States. That came as a surprise. I thought he would be governor of one of them but not the leader of all of them. I didn't think I would find he is the president because I didn't expect so much time had passed. You got me when you said this baby was number four. Great ending to a wonderful story. I really enjoyed reading it. This chapter, Bella's musings and Rose living in England having never fully been forgiven by Bella and without Emmett made me cry. This is the first time I felt so sorry for Rosalie. Looking forward to reading Nine Months, and all your stories. Thanks.
guineagoo chapter 45 . 10/26
This is such an incredible story! So beautifully written. I loved all your characters, their individual stories, and the way they came together. If you're a reader who is wanting to see if this story is worth it - it is 10000% worth every single word. Thank you so much for sharing this!
MyVesper chapter 7 . 10/24
Bella is really a revengeful... whore as E stated. The guy has no clue that they have a child together.
RoryCullen chapter 42 . 10/18
Happy ending for all of them, well all of them that matter to me anyway. I'm glad you had Jess and Michael find each other. I'm glad Rose and Emmett are building a relationship, and Esme and Renee have hit it off and become friends. Cool. I also love that he has been asked to fill the governor's position. How cool is that, to be sought out for the role. I don't know American politics very well, I wonder if he has to run for election or if he can be appointed since the seat has already been vacated? So happy that Bella is expecting again too. Edward is of course over the moon about that. The wedding on the beach under a pretty white tent and little lights sounds perfect. The honeymoon was lovely and the people they met were hilarious. Anyway great chapter. So glad everything turned out so well for them.
KDMCAM chapter 45 . 10/17
This makes me want to go back and re read the entire story again!
TwiSagaAddict chapter 36 . 10/17
OMG! this is an amazing story! I cant believe I just saw this! Okay, on to the next chapter!
RoryCullen chapter 41 . 10/13
Absolutely loved Edward's speech. I was smiling before he opened his mouth and throughout it all I was so excited and couldn't wait to hear every word. Sounded like it was written by an actual speech writer to me? I really like how he didn't directly confirm, deny, or explain what his father and Aro said in their press conferences, and yet indirectly and explicitly Edward pointed a finger at both men and confirmed everything. Excellent.

I'm glad Bella tells Edward everything now, her feelings for him, how much she believes in him and trusts him and stories about his daughter. In a previous chapter Edward was thinking about the fact he has ever stopped loving Bella, but he thought she had stopped for a while; that her feelings of love were replaced with hatred and hurt. So I'm glad Bella clarified that for him by telling him she never stopped loving him. Great chapter.
RoryCullen chapter 40 . 10/13
Very interesting speech given by Grandpa Carlisle. I wonder if it's sweet Ellie who has softened his heart? I noticed he didn't mention a pregnant Bella reaching out to tell Edward about his child being on the way, through calling him and asking for Edward's contact information which he would not give her. He knew Bella was expecting his son's child when Edward was still deployed and long before the P.I. was hired to mislead him. He didn't mention that he and President Martin released the false statement that Edward and Tanya were engaged while Edward was deployed. I know there was that other false statement he released too saying it came from his son in which he tried to impugn Bella's character. I understand why he didn't mention that though. After all he doesn't want to be seen as a perpetual liar who could be lying in this broadcast as well. Anyway, good for him coming forward with this speech. He probably thought Edward wouldn't do it so he needed to. He's wrong though...Edward will also. I guess Edward has no plans to leak the pictures of Tanya cheating on him. Now I wonder if Edward is going to say anything about Alice and Jasper? I hope not...yet.

So Michael and Jessica hmm? It makes me wonder if there is a Phil for Renee out there somewhere?
RoryCullen chapter 39 . 10/13
Edward will be livid when he finds out Carlisle spoke to Bella and Ellie. I hope he holds that press conference and spills the he knows it.
RoryCullen chapter 38 . 10/13
I read over the proposal twice because I completely missed it the first time what Edward was do worried about putting that fish back on the fishing line. I completely didn't get it when he said he would jump overboard to get the fish if it gets free of the line. But then I realized it is not the fish but rather what Edward used as the bait which had him tied in knots regarding the possibility of it being lost at sea. It was a cute proposal. If I were Bella though, I would have put the ring on right smell or not. Oh well.

The pictures of Michael and Bella I'm sure are lovely, now it's time to post some lovely pictures of Tanya and her father's former chief of staff and the lawyer she used to work with as well. I wonder though if Carlisle is behind this latest scandal, to nudge his son towards ruining the Martins? After all from his perspective why should he be the only one to be shoved under the bus.
RoryCullen chapter 37 . 10/13
I expected that reaction from Bella and Edward in regards to Alice and Jasper, but all in all I do think they handled it very well. Love the united front Bella and Edward are now.
RoryCullen chapter 36 . 10/13
That was riveting, the confrontation with Tanya. I was worried that Edward was going to agree to her demands in order to protect Bella and Ellie from further scandal. I wonder would he have if Bella was not in that meeting showing support for the truth? I wonder what the President will do now...lie to the American people, throw Carlisle to the wolves and say he had no knowledge of what his long time friend had done? Or does he have something else up his sleeve which he can use against Edward and his father too?
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