Reviews for The Cullen Legacy
ChristyWIX chapter 35 . 4/18
Their time on the boat was absolutely magical. I love how intense they've always been in bed together. It seems to be more so now with the age and maturity they both gained over the years. Making it more beautiful this time around. Alice was about to tell Bella about Jasper, I think. Before Tanya so rudely interrupted their happy bubble. Yes, we knew the bubble would burst . . . actually no, I don't think it burst, merely deflated some. That age and maturity that made their sex life blossom, has also made them so very much stronger. Bella insisting they face Tanya together is perfect! I couldn't agree more to that. She had a perfect response too. She isn't there just to take care of their daughter and warm his bed . . . no . . . she's there to stand beside him. Together they are strength.
ChristyWIX chapter 34 . 4/18
That was beautiful. Her being there and noticing he'd had the night terror. Asking him about it and then comforting him. Talking about it. Instead of getting to the reason she was there and dismissing it happened. I loved that quite a bit, as it really did show how much she truly cares about him. Ah, the boat . . . freaking hot as hell. And, in his point of view, thank you for that. I loved all of the things, going through his head, that could go wrong and how much he just didn't care if they did . . . such a fun thing to put in a very hot moment. Then when she woke and was going through the same exact moments of their first morning together . . . brilliant! I loved that you had her doing that all over again. It was fantastic to have her having the same thoughts and reactions, he everything was different. Very, very good chapter. So worth the wait.
ChristyWIX chapter 33 . 4/18
What an amazingly fun chapter. The lightheartedness of it all, was wonderful. The flirting and the conversations. Definitely had some clarification in the Emmett and Rosalie department, from Emmett himself. Still not sure how they even got close, if Emmett was always around the others. He got her a puppy! Goodness. Oyster was a cute name for him too. It is kind of amusing that nobody is noticing the blooming relationship of Jasper and Alice. Just that they are missing here and there. Funny stuff. You cockblocking I can deal with but, cutting off his I love you . . . that was mean . . . boooo ;) This was very enjoyable to read . . . which makes me think you've lulled us into a false sense of security . . . YIKES!
ChristyWIX chapter 32 . 4/18
What an interesting little flashback to Edward's childhood with his parents. If he remembers that so clearly, he must know exactly what his father and mother were both trying so hard to portray then. Loved that Elizabeth told Carlisle to stop, he's too young. That really let you know how groomed this man really was . . . from early on, whether he ever wanted it or not. Poor Bella and her emotions right now. She must be just fried. Esme's reactions to Elizabeth were beyond adorable. Instant love there for Esme. Learning that Alice seems to be adapting so well, is good. Emmett seemed off, thinking it may have something to do with Rosalie. Not entirely sure how that would work out. Emmett's loyalty to Edward knows no bounds . . . how would Edward ever except that relationship? Would he view it as some sort of betrayal? Meh, it's moot right now, as they aren't even hinted at in this so far. I digress. Once again that passion and fire that these two have is fantastic. I love that they are talking through it. That they both understand why they are stopping. However, Eliie already asked why mummy and daddy weren't sleeping together, as that is what parents do. So, I think she'd be fine and perhaps, Bella is using that right now, as a safety net. Very sweet time together with him lying his head in her lap and her stroking through his hair. Love those little moments.
ChristyWIX chapter 31 . 4/18
Wow, so much happened in that chapter. Was wonderful of Michael to offer Bella the position she earned. One does question though, did he offer it in hopes to keep her in London. I'm thinking no. He was kind throughout the call, yet still persistent in his feelings for her. Gotta love him for that tenacity. Emmett complaining about the movie, then being fully enthralled with later was pretty funny. I love that Alice will get her year abroad with her sister and niece. What a great opportunity. I did feel sorry for Renee in this but, she was asked, repeatedly, if she wanted to join them. I don't blame her for sticking it out . . . she does still have one daughter there, Rose, who very much still needs her. It was really good that Rose came round to say goodbye. Loved the talk that Bella and Renee shared about it only being one year and Renee knowing otherwise . . . just like us readers know. Loved that he came to the airport to greet them at the gate. It was wonderful to read how excited both Ellie and Bella got from him being there. I loved that she made the decision to hold his hand and walk together. I hope that the press is nice to Ellie, as that would be very cruel of them not to be. Press can be both kind and evil. Eek!
ChristyWIX chapter 30 . 4/18
I'm quite happy they are still looking into this whole mess with Carlisle. At the same time it makes you wonder, how much are they really investigating, if it can complicate things for the POTUS himself? I'm guessing that it's the photos of Tanya cheating on Edward that he holds over her head and how he'll get his house back. I'm guessing the thing he has over Martin is the engagement announcement, when Edward never proposed in the first place. It was a maneuver he and Carlisle hatched when Edward dropped off their radar. One his very own daughter was fully aware of and didn't care. A way to ensure he doesn't get carried away and do anything that would stray from their plans. Assholes. I love the way you heat up the screen of my computer with these two! Yanking it back at the last minute is fantastic! They aren't ready yet. However, they are almost to the point that they won't be able to hold back any longer. It's brilliant. Love that you went the path I'd hoped for and had Bella suggest the move to NYC for a while. It was also wonderful that she put an end date of one year in it. His elatement over her choosing that, meant the world to him. She was essentially letting him know she was choosing him. It was beautiful.
ChristyWIX chapter 29 . 4/18
Good, I'm super glad the media now has Carlisle and Jenks in their sight, as expected. It's also quite lovely that both the president and his daughter are now being wondered about in the media. Very interesting meeting with Michael. Not surprised to learn either of these things. That he is going to go ahead with the article and the reason behind it. I liked that he felt the British tabs were being evil towards her and he wanted to set it straight by releasing the article. Very sweet of him. I can see Bella's point on this though . . . they won't actually believe that she wasn't going to out his daughter through the article. We know she wasn't but, they don't. I also agree with Michael, that the US readers will eat it up and they will believe it more clearly . . . that they will retain some of those readers in the long term. His other proclamation, his love for her, also not surprising. She's a very lovely woman, who is intelligent and kind. What man wouldn't fall in love with her. Advising that no matter the end result, he will remain her friend was also quite good. Edward being there when she returned was wonderful! I loved that he was able to get back sooner. They have such amazing chemistry and the hotness factor is through the roof. I really liked that they were putting uncomfortable things out there on the table this time. Getting that discussion out of the way. Even if they visit it again, they've got a start point. I'm very glad he stopped everything. He does know her and if she would've continued, she would've regretted it. Hoping your other readers understood that. I imagine you may have received some flack for that. Not from me. I know they'll get there eventually. Loved that he must've carried her to her room and then stayed on the couch. Swoon.
ChristyWIX chapter 28 . 4/18
I really love that they are talking through everything now. I pray they continue to do just that. Communication is essential in relationships, any relationship for that matter. It was very kind of her to let him know she's proud of him and how he stood up to everyone. Even though they are in quite the shitstorm right now. I knew that the American people would rally for him and want him to continue his way in politics. We're a smart bunch of folks here in the USA and if we smell bullshit, chances are someone stepped in it. However, when he showed such emotions in his speech, especially after hiding them for so long, I'm sure many have noticed that. Won't it be interesting if someone does find out that Martin help to hide this information? Oh that will be very, very interesting. We know he knew, as him and Carlisle have been planning this out for years. Way before there even was a Bella. So yes, that'll be very bad for him. Can't wait for the press to get wind of who sent the invalid press release out. Knowing Carlisle though, he's covered his bases. He's probably thrown some unsuspecting intern under the bus for it. Ellie is so very smart and I love that about children these days. It was wonderful that they still attended the game together as a family. That they won't allow the press to take that from them. I have a question though. Why don't Bella and Ellie go back to the states with Edward on this trip? She's not currently working and they can stay at the beach house . . . away from the press. They would come across some press from both airports but, it would allow Edward, Bella and more importantly Ellie some much needed time together. They'd have Emmett with them to help. Just a thought. Rose seems beyond destroyed about this whole mess. It really is a shame that she chose this road instead of doing what she should've done, all those years ago.
ChristyWIX chapter 27 . 4/18
This was a very necessary chapter. They've needed to sit down and speak to each other like this for a very long time. I'm glad that they both know that they need to take things slower this time. They may both want to jump right in but, not the smartest thing to do. Edward was right too, this may get worse before it gets better. It'll work out though. I know this because of your HEA promise ;) I did really enjoy that they kissed this cheater though. Baby steps but, I really liked it.
ChristyWIX chapter 26 . 4/18
I was so proud of how Edward spoke up to his father. Also, very proud of his stance with the president. Letting him know he is absolutely looking out for the legacy. Not Edward's fault if the president thought that to be the older version (vision?) of the legacy. Very well played Edward. Very glad that he's gotten the FBI and House involved into who put out that press release. Shady fucks thinking they can get away with this shit. Wouldn't it be lovely if you finagled Tanya into announcing that she knew Edward loved this other woman. That she knew they were not engaged at the time. Yet the press release came out announcing it anyway. That would wonderful. And yes, Edward really needs to get his damn house back from her! Don't care that she loves what it stand for and represents, it's not hers. She cheated her way out of that luxury. I don't think you an expose everything but, this reader supremely hopes that you will.
ChristyWIX chapter 25 . 4/18
Why Edward, Jasper and Kate hadn't figured out that by Carlisle being unable to contact for the last week, that he was up to this, is a bit mind boggling. Edward knows his father better than anyone. He also knows that he end game for Carlisle is his son as POTUS. Of course he would stoop this low. I'm actually more disappointed that Edward hadn't figured it out sooner. I did like that Jasper got the picture from Maria. I still firmly believe that Edward needs to go deeper than just his press conference and hinting that someone was nefarious in their actions. He needs to expose his father and Jenks to the public. How his own father knew, and selfishly kept it from him, about Elizabeth. All for his end game. A game I know Edward would've still won with Bella by his side. Loved Esme in this. She was really wonderful with Edward.
ChristyWIX chapter 24 . 4/18
Michael knew! Of course he knew . . . you don't make from nothing to billionaire without being intelligent. I really liked that he asked how much of the press release was actually try. He knew that there was truth between the lines but, no truth was in that statement. I like him. It was so extremely kind of him to forward Garrett's information to her. It was great to read that she would've fought too. I knew Edward would've never said any of those things . . . that he was once again being manipulated. His words were beyond magnificent! You rocked this chapter. It not only showed Bella that he's not fucking around with this anymore, he showed the world! Everything he just did and said has such far reaching repercussions. He's done and I love him for it. Well, I've loved each of them through this whole thing. I have a feeling the American public will not let him drop out. That they will allow the privacy he's requesting, but that they will want him back and climbing. Of course, we've never learned what Edward really wants . . . does he even want this career he's been groomed for? Perhaps, that is what we are to still learn. It's been hinted, sprinkled in here and there, that it may not be. With his weekend with Bella . . . conversations with Emmett. He's always recovered the 'mask' and said his trained words. Excellent chapter!
ChristyWIX chapter 23 . 4/18
It was one in the morning when this chapter's title popped up on my screen and I said no, I need to go to bed. I am so very happy I did, as this would've kept me up all night. Clearly the underhanded Carlisle orchestrated this whole thing before Edward could do his planned announcement. Carlisle did this to run Bella through the mud, like only he can. Wouldn't want to be around Edward when he first got wind of this. Let me clarify this. Wouldn't want to be Carlisle, when Edward got this news. I'm thinking Kate is now fixed as well, as she released this without his consent. I really, really want Edward to do what he does best and advise the public to his AND Bella's real situation. He promised he was done playing games, he needs to step up and put the truth out there. Not this cruel sick version of it.
ChristyWIX chapter 22 . 4/18
I'm glad she's set that meeting up with Michael, as she's right, he deserves that much. He's not going to be very happy with that. I'm hoping the article has already gone to print, so that he can't insist upon it being altered with all this new information. Or, retracted altogether. I hope he's nice about all of this. They've had a mutual agreement so, he shouldn't be angry. May be a little put out that she never told him about Ellie. They have been intense since that fateful night seven years ago when they met. With all the things they've gone through to get where they are today, it has to work out. Them all playing I the backyard together was really fun. Thank you for the visual of sweaty Edward taking his shirt off . . . glistening in the sun . . . eyes glowing . . . yummy! I liked that Edward was ready to throttle Rose at the game when he saw her. Bella staying him for the moment . . . promising a little tête-à-tête with the three adults, when he gets back into town. I loved that he took the time to remind her, that he flew to London to get her back. To fight for her. To do everything he could this time around. This was all before he knew anything about Ellie. That was something she needed to hear . . . whether she wanted to or not.
ChristyWIX chapter 21 . 4/18
Yes, I can see why Rose is so very devoted to the Swan family . . . she still didn't have any right to make that decision for Bella. She should've given them the opportunity to decode for themselves. She could've even guided her. She had yet another chance to come clean with Bella at the May Day event, when he came into the conversation. Instead she held it back and for what? It was interesting to watch him pop up here and there, whether she liked it or not. The Sun and the water cooler part was especially crunchy for her. Scary with the fever and her saying 'daddy' . . . yikes! Fascinating way that Michael popped into her life and their mutual understanding. It should really be interesting later, whence learns the truth. Michael's not a stupid man and he may very well remember her asking about the whole D.C. thing. He'll see it for what it was. He'll wonder why he never knew she had a daughter.
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