Reviews for The Cullen Legacy
amna99 chapter 45 . 9/22
oooohhhhh. I'm so happppyyyyy, It's still so amazing
aelita48 chapter 45 . 9/22
I like this additional chapter!
Thank you for this excellent fiction.
TheGreenPanther chapter 45 . 9/21
It was good to hear fom these characters again. Those were some intense chapters.
Reader-many chapter 45 . 9/21
I miss youuuuuu! Thanks for this I love it
cullensrule chapter 45 . 9/21
That was so awesome.
vampfan173 chapter 45 . 9/21
What a very pleasant surprise. Thank you so much for the outtake . . . The Cullen Legacy is absolutely one of my all time favorite fanfiction stories and especially this scene!
nidszala chapter 45 . 9/21
Really really awesome chapter
Absolutely love it
Could you continue and a chapter about what happens next,how Edward meets her daughter...
You are a great writer.
ldroz chapter 45 . 9/21
Wow! I miss this Edward and Bella. This is my favorite of all fanfic. Thank you for another glimpse.
debnin chapter 45 . 9/21
you make me want to re-ready the entire story.
SunflowerFran chapter 45 . 9/21
amogle chapter 45 . 9/21
Loved it
kmfroggi chapter 45 . 9/21
Oh man... Having this look into his head makes me want more! Thank you for writing it!
MoniNP Monica Nopi chapter 45 . 9/21
Gaaaaah.. thank you.. and.. *ehem* wouldn't you add a little bit? Edward and Emmett's conversation.. perhaps..? hehe.. loved this story so much.. xoxoxo - M
dixiechickie chapter 45 . 9/21
I still hate Rosalie for what she did.
bettononalice2 chapter 45 . 9/21
Thank you more please...There is so much I would like to hear from Edwards point of view. From the moment he finally meets his daughter to find out how much a role his father really played in there relationship. To having more dialog with Emmett because he was there and help advise Edward more than anyone. Emmett played a major role and there should be more interaction with Edward POV. Emmett was his confidant, brother and friend as well as his sounding board. Just saying this I what I would love to see...LOLOLOLOL please...
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