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debslmac chapter 21 . 5/10/2013
roxiegirl chapter 21 . 5/10/2013
Interesting. You've got the back story locked up. Ready for now! Thanks!
kimlostintwilight chapter 21 . 5/10/2013
Interesting backstory building to Bella's "plan", can't wait for more "now".
mommymac0508 chapter 21 . 5/10/2013
Well now I know why rose did what she did she has her own daddy issues and assumed it would happen to ellie but I see why Bella became a bitter woman she watch him get all he said he wanted but left her and their daughter behind now how can the fix all of this
Beans827 chapter 21 . 5/10/2013
While I can sympathize with Rose growing up in such a sad childhood, I still don't think it gave her the right to do what she did. She basically took Ellie's chance away from any relationship with her father much like her mother did to her. It also makes her seem extremely selfish in that she was trying to keep her family together to benefit herself more than Bella and Ellie. I don't know how she will be able to redeem herself. But I'm so excited to get to the NOW again. Gotta see how these kids handle this complete f up. Thanks for the update!
Judyblue95 chapter 21 . 5/10/2013
You put into perspective, with this chapter, just how Rose could do what she did and keep Bella from Edward when he returned for her. In her mind, dads never returned...hers never did. It doesn't excuse what she did but does explain it. Bella trusted her friend/sister completely and was betrayed. Not by Edward but by Rosalie. The other flashbacks here about Ellie and how she grew up are very sweet. With RL things for me now, this is just what I needed...I'm glad to hear that we are not nearly finished here with this story. I get the feeling that this is one I'm going to want to keep on my Kindle once it's done. It has the feel of a classic, an epic story. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. I, for one, am very grateful.
kikirev chapter 21 . 5/10/2013
Wow...I really feel a bit of whiplash from the last 2 chapters. Just loving the connection between Edward and Ellie and the love they are growing and giving each other. It's just lovely. And despite what a sea change it is for Bella, I know she loves seeing her daughter with her dad. She just can't truly enjoy and appreciate it until she can trust Edward. Otherwise, a part of her is just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I like that he is making plans and thinking everything through. I think he is really amped up to prove himself and his priorities...probably geared up to go overboard to prove himself actually. And Bella is going along with his plans at this point.

And then this chapter. I swing back the other direction, lol. I just can't imagine how hard it was for Bella to see Edward and all his exploits over the years. The constant fawning, gushing and lusting over a man who royally screwed her over. All his conquests or hook-ups front page news while he stands there grinning. Yuck. (and I'm thinking that if/when they get intimate again, Bella should be requesting a full std work-up on Edward beforehand). Just so hard to see/hear about that stuff in the aftermath of all her feelings about what happened...feeling used, rejected and made a fool of. I'm sure she saw herself as just one woman in the revolving door. He calculatedly did the political marriage for his own gain and then started sampling the city and reveling in bachelorhood again. You can see how the bitterness would develop, while she's struggling, worrying and raising her daughter and he's starring in a dog and pony show.

I also think it's going to really hurt when she realizes that despite his professed love (which I'm guessing will come), Edward chose not to even look for her after his divorce. He was free and could have tried again to track her down but instead chose to enjoy single life again. That's certainly his right. But that choice sure doesn't back up the notion that he ever truly loved her or wanted to be with her. When he had the opportunity, he didn't want to pursue it.

Yes, they were both lied to, but she was held back by real threats from a very powerful man. She wanted to protect her daughter. Edward just didn't want it enough, I guess. I'm just trying to get past or process the fact that when I read Edward pov, he "seems" so sincere in his love/feelings for Bella and yet his actions and choices in life NEVER seem to back that up. The only thing he's done is when he came to look up Bella after 6 months. He waits the whole 6 months (he had money/connections, he could have tried to make some contact before then) and then he gave up fairly easily without ever actually speaking to her and then runs off to marry Tanya. Eventually divorces Tanya and starts making the rounds of beautiful women in single life. And that's the extent of his effort or desire to be with the supposed "love of his life". With Edward, it's like talk is cheap, yk? It's hard to convince my brain to buy this deep love and connection he says he's felt for Bella since that weekend when his actions and choices over the last 7 years do nothing but prove otherwise.

And he had a GIRLFRIEND both times he tries to (or did) hook up with Bella! Tanya during the original weekend with Bella of course, and then Irina present day. Having a girlfriend is cheating in my book. I just don't trust him at this point. He can seem earnest and convincing but his actions and choices are just highly questionable when I'm trying to relate them to his claims. Some men can be excellent fathers and horrible partners. They're able to compartmentalize somehow. And I'm not convinced that Edward is not one of those guys. I'm glad Bella is bewildered. I think she should be VERY cautious when it comes to herself and Edward. Support him as a father to Ellie, of course. But she should definitely keep the guard up personally, imo.

I'm of 2 minds about Rose as well. I think she was desperate to protect Bella/Ellie (and of course, everything Edward did after that visit just reinforced Roses conclusions about him!). But she was also selfish in that determination. I think a part of her didn't want to see them possibly move to the US and her lose a big part of her family as well. I think she'll eventually see the wrong in what she did.

Very curious to see what role Michael will play in the upcoming chapters. Even if her feelings for him are not deep, they are on the same page and have an understanding based on mutual respect and affection. He knows and respects her as a smart, desirable woman. She's never had that with Edward, for sure, with whom she's played the naive, virginal dupe. I hope she doesn't give up her relationship with Michael, even if it doesn't stay a sexual one. With all the upcoming chaos, I would guess she will want to feel grounded and independent and strong. His role in her life reinforces those feelings of self-worth. I hope she maintains that relationship/friendship.

Okay...more than enough rambling from me. Thanks for the chapters Pattyrose!

Can't wait for the next one :-)
distractedgirl25 chapter 21 . 5/10/2013
That chapter explained a lot. It was nice to see a bit of Ellie growing up. Rose is still on my shit-list. I can see were Bella's mind set (toward Edward) came from. The years of pent up anger and struggling with her emotions, wanting, needing to tell Edward about Ellie. Then Rose throwing in her constant negativity regarding Edward has only added to Bella's emotions. Glad this story is far from close to the end...looking forward to lots of 'now' time.
Thanks for the update.
reader83 chapter 21 . 5/10/2013
Wow, okay, so I understand that Rose did not have a father and a really crappy mother and she may have had good intentions. But if I were Bella, what she did, I couldn't forgive. Especially not from someone who claimed to be my sister. Not only did she send him away, she withheld that info and then continued to fill Bella with poisonous thoughts of Edward. And even after Bella kept her thoughts to herself about Royce. Grrrr! Yeah, I have no respect for Rose.

Now we know how Bella got where she is, and now I'm looking forward to see how this will all work out and fall together. See you next time!
Creampuf99 chapter 21 . 5/10/2013
What Rose did is even more unforgivable now, how dare she keep another child away from her father. I would never be able to forgive her.
After reading this chapter its makes me fell like the only reason Bella got promoted so quickly was because she slept with the boss, so sad that she chose to do that. She might justify that she never went there with Jacob but chose to sleep with someone that doesn't even know the basics about her life. I really feel sorry for her, her life has been really empty in a way because Rose felt she knew better.
cabal22 chapter 21 . 5/10/2013
To bad Rose felt that cause she had a shi*** up bringing she could make choices for Bella. Unfortunately this chapter didn't help Rose gain an sympathy but might have made it worst. IMO It did gain Edward more though, yes he f-up but he tried to fix it. 6 years of Roses negativity really did a number on Bella. Great chapter can't wait for Edward to confront Daddy C should be great!
Robsmyyummy Cabanaboy chapter 21 . 5/10/2013
I'm sorry that Rose had a pretty awful upbringing and a dead-beat Dad. Still doesn't come close to excusing her behavior and taking away that choice from Bella and in turn, Ellie.

Looking forward the rest of "NOW". Thanks so much.

XO, Jen
twichris chapter 21 . 5/10/2013
I really hate Rose for putting them ideals in her head because of her own upbringing with her deadbeat father. in my mind I don't think she can be redeemed as the trusted friend or sister that she once was. can't wait for the next chapter.
alisapay1 chapter 21 . 5/10/2013
Nice long juicy chapter! I loved it! Some stuff was cleared up too! Thanks so much for writing! Mwah!
michswan chapter 21 . 5/10/2013
Well, I can see part of Rose's reasoning for making sure Bella never contacted Edward - but it still wasn't right. It's going to take something epic to restore that friendship...
It's also going to take Bella some time to let go of what she's built up in her mind over all these years about who she thought Edward was. I'm sure Carlisle will continue to use this to his advantage (like already did)...thanks for the update!
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