Reviews for Just Right For Me
cheshire15 chapter 45 . 9/19
Great story! I love this
JNB29 chapter 50 . 8/6
I truly enjoyed this story. It was refreshing. I loved Edward's child like way of seeing life. He didn't hate or judge anyone. If only we could be as honest and straightforward as him.

Thank you for this awesome story.
EdwardCullengf chapter 50 . 7/19
One of the cutest and sweetest Edward ever.
I loved him and the story both.
IpsitaC77 chapter 19 . 6/6
Upto this point and I had to stop reading for a bit, and tell you that this is wonderful! I'm loving this Edward and the story so so much. Jasper is more evil than it shows, well I'm guessing that :)
okay... going back.
Kristie20 chapter 1 . 5/25
I just loved your story. It has everything I like to read in a story. I liked sweet clueless Edward. Thanks for sharing :)
dazzled eyes22 chapter 50 . 5/16
Is she going to bite me? That would be very strange. I am not something to be eaten! - LMAO

Oh, how I love this Edward. I have grown to like Bella as well. This wedding POV was really good and answered some questions, like his reaction about spilling his Coke on Jasper. Thank you for sharing this tale. Take care.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 49 . 5/15
Edward was just precious with his two ladies. I love that he wanted to take the pain away from his wife, as a good husband should. The name is beautiful.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 48 . 5/14
Thanks for Edward's POV of the day Bella landed in his bed and changed his life. It was great to see how acutely aware he was of her before he woke up with her there. I love reading his description of events. He's so innocent and sweet. Going to miss him.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 47 . 5/14
So fitting that Edward and Bella had a child as precocious as her father used to be. It was hilarious that they were left trying to understand what she saw. Oh kids! They are the jewel of your life and the payback for the hell you caused your family. LOL.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 46 . 5/13
Emmett's reaction to the snake was hilarious. It was pure genius that they involved Rose in their little prank. I still can't believe Emmett ran downstairs naked with the family there freaking out about the snake. I love how tickled everyone was, especially Mrs. Cope.

Edward's answer to that insensitive creep's question was absolutely perfect. I loved how he explained how precious Bella was to him and how she changed his life. I'm curious whether Edward ever addressed his memory flashes with his family and physicians.

Leave it to Emmett to put a bow on the whole occasion. He's truly been an asset to his life. I hope they never grow up or out of their kinship.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 45 . 5/13
Great outtake! Bella and Edward had quite the adventure on their honeymoon. I hope we get to see when Edward introduces Mr. Green to Emmett.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 44 . 5/12
Aw, Edward and Emmett were adorable praising their kids and challenging each other to find out who is more wrapped around their child's finger. It was good to see although Bella had some concerns early on that she was able to relax and enjoy their time with their daughter.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 43 . 5/12
It was great to see how everyone was doing after a couple years. I'm glad Edward and Bella branched out on their own into the big city. Interesting career choice for Bella. Good to see Edward is still successful and branching out abroad with his books. Looking forward to more future takes.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 42 . 5/9
I'm glad Edward and Bella got to reconnect and discuss the drama of the afternoon.

Never would have thought Jasper would have changed so much so soon. He seemed very confident in his skills earlier. I was surprised he asked Edward his opinion about his future and for Bella's help in asking Alice out.

I like how comfortable Edward is now when joking with Emmett. He has definitely evolved into a more confident guy. Kama Sutra...LOL.
dazzled eyes22 chapter 41 . 5/9
I didn't want Jasper to be evil incarnate, but I just wanted him to cool down, realize his mistakes and come back to ask for his family's forgiveness. He's a flawed character. Aren't we all?

I thought it was funny how Bella just took in Edward's gasp, watched him run into the house, come back with car keys and grab her to whisk off after Jasper. It was great stream of consciousness reaction to what was going on.

I'm glad Edward and Bella were able to save the idiot and Edward was able to get through to him. The punch to the face was well deserved.
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