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just1cause2im3amazing chapter 1 . 3/5/2013
LOL! Love it! especially the glob thing :P
and dedicated to me too! you know you're the best right?
I can envision it now, after Fred, Seamus and Cho leave to find McGonagall, George and Hermione discuss the newest things in Arithmancy and start daring each other to do outrageous things, (there's the George/Hermione :P) and Fred, Seamus and Cho walk to the office of McGonagall she tells them to be care full that it could have side affects. Funny things start to happen, like when Cho left, Fred had a funny urge to kiss Seamus, so they did. Then seamus came across Cho and had the same weird urge as Fred did, so he kisses Cho. Same happens to Cho and Fred. They gather to try and sort it out to find George and Hermione tied at the lips, they all explain everything to each other and they all find out that Cho still had a thing for Harry, Fred and Seamus end up becoming a couple and so do George and Hermione. They all live happily ever after. The End.

lol. I could so see that happening. Thanks for the story! 'Till next time!