Reviews for The TIMEPOD
Lu Phantom chapter 8 . 7/12/2015
Hyper-Blossom Z chapter 8 . 8/11/2014
This is a great story, I hope you continue it.
Hyper-Blossom Z chapter 4 . 8/11/2014
YAAAAYYY! ! ! ! It a was a joke! ! ! 5x2 and 1x362 are in this! :) Thank you! But I'm not thanking you for that freakout moment I had at the thought of 2x362... seriously? why them, they are just aquantences... anything else at least would have made sense, heck if it was 2x86 I would've belived it... I may or may not slightly ship those two... Wow off topic review... Well Great Chapter!
Hyper-Blossom Z chapter 3 . 8/11/2014
WHAT THE?! Darn it I wanted Hoagie and Abby to be together and Rachel and Nigel to be together... So who's Numbuh 5 with? I hope it's Maurice. (numbuh 9)
Undead Prowess chapter 7 . 8/7/2013
Nice! I love Chapter 2. Probably my favorite. xD

Thanks for favoriting my story and if you do plan to update this, I'll happily read it!
laura ashley chapter 8 . 7/28/2013
pikachufan1336 chapter 2 . 6/21/2013
4 got busy
sorry but
7 kids
wholly shit!
Da Darkest Knight chapter 2 . 6/20/2013
My reaction to when the future operatives introduce themselves:

I'm Emma Beatles: Okay.
Rose Beatles: Okay.
Jenna Beatles: ...Okay.
Kate Beatles: Wow.
James Beatles: Damn.
Dillon Beatles: DAMN!
Ethan Beatles: GOD DAMN!

SEVEN KIDS! DAMN WALLY, why did Kuki let you DO that to her?! How do you have enough kids to make up almost two sector?!
Guest chapter 6 . 6/10/2013
this is epic but one thing I don't get in this story has numbuh four already told kuki how he feel's about her cuz if not then she know's now 3 good story btw
MegaBoxer chapter 7 . 5/10/2013
You need to update faster, and make the chapters longer.
Gamewizard2008 chapter 7 . 5/8/2013
:O They're Delightfulized! !
guestperson chapter 6 . 4/14/2013
Things just got interesting.
Guest chapter 6 . 4/13/2013
Very good!
odetowords chapter 4 . 4/14/2013
I really like how the story is shaped! I also really like how you update often, instead of taking forever ;) I think my favorite of all the future kids is Penny. Also, I like how you added description to all the kids!
I really like the story overall! I hope you can update soon!
Gamewizard2008 chapter 6 . 4/13/2013
:O They've been Delightfulized... as their past selves. SO THEY'LL BE DELIGHTFULIZED IN THE FUTURE!
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